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  1. 1. Based on the information stated at the top of Section 2 of the civil engineer application, I would suggest only listing the references and experience that is applicable to the license that you are applying for and which correspond with the included engagement/reference forms. In another manner of speaking, make sure that each engagement/reference form submitted is listed in the Section 2 summary. And then in the Remarks space at the bottom of the same page say something like "After graduation with MS until MM/DD/YYYY, I was employed by a construction project management firm and I'm not claiming engineering experience." It at least shows you were involved in a peripheral industry. 2. Based on what you stated, I would advise you to include all 18 months in one engagement under that supervisor in responsible charge and then the remaining 3 engagements can be for the same time period claiming 0 months with a different reference listed. And that reference would need to clarify relationship on their portion of the form such as 'Co-worker/Associate'
  2. SF94133, please email me at
  3. link to reference list for California Civil Seismic Principles:
  4. Just to clarify what Eg24 said...the notification from BPELSG to schedule for state exams is NOT linked to the NCEES schedule whatsoever. Approved applicants will receive an email about 4-5 weeks before the exam date with information to schedule with Prometric
  5. Technically approved means your education/experience was approved for the requirements of the license that you applied for. Your application can not be fully approved until you meet all requirements. I'm guessing you still an exam or two to pass first.
  6. Its too early, prepare, and r-e-l-a-x
  7. Well, I'll offer up my thoughts on this...technically speaking, the requirements "to become licensed" speak to include education, examination, and experience. One cannot qualify to become licensed having met only one of those requirements. The exam is designed based on an occupational analysis of the actual practicing licensees...hence how important and frequent each aspect of the discipline is actually practiced. The exam is not changing. It is up to the individual to properly gauge their own strengths, weaknesses, and readiness in preparations towards being successful with the exam. California statistics from decades of test takers (read this as 10's of thousands of people) easily show that more experience correlates to being successful in the exam and in practice.
  8. Ah, I understand now, thanks for responding. There is no perfect time to implement changes. BPELSG is always communicating with the group that hasn't applied yet but has questions while simultaneously communicating with the group that have already applied but the application hasn't progressed all the way through the review process...ALSO while simultaneously communicating with the group that has an application already approved but haven't completed all exams yet. Whew! The first message is intended more for those that haven't submitted an application to BPELSG yet (or the application hasn't progressed far enough to know) as it is anticipated that pathway will become the norm. The second message was much more specific and direct to you because of the status during the transition. Hope this helps to clarify.
  9. Good questions fireguy. individuals seeking multiple licenses in states like California that license by discipline will encounter this. NCEES is aware of this situation and is attempting to figure out a way to handle in the best way possible. However, until that time, you will need to let BPELSG know when this occurs with your name and NCEES ID number so NCEES can be alerted to allow you to register. Whether the transcripts are available and can be used again is more a matter of how long its been since you originally applied/supplied that material. If older than 5-6 years, your file is most likely in archives and we would need to request retrieval. Once you've taken the PE take home exam, you do not need to take it again (unless you failed it). I would advise you to contact with your question on the transcript. He is the one that would be reviewing your application and the education and may be able to answer that question in the detail that you would need.
  10. Please elaborate on why you find these two messages contradictory so I have a better understanding of what you mean by that. Thanks
  11. Ah...sounds like you need to visit again at these meetings Watch for the occupational analysis coming out soon for the civil exams.
  12. Hey ptatohed, It looks pretty up to date as far as BPELSG-related information goes. I will say that the CA Civil Engineer results are generally available 30-45 days after the "last day of the 3-week administration" but held up to coincide with the NCEES PE-Civil results so the letter is more informative. Expect that process will transition pretty quickly to only pertain to state results, maybe even with this next administration, since BPELSG is expecting potential licensing candidates to register with NCEES without BPELSG intervention. (introduce yourself sometime when I'm in your area)
  13. For quite some time now, BPELSG has stated that the goal is to eventually move the two CA Civil Engineer exams to year round administration and currently the plans are to do this beginning January 2018. A new occupational analysis is scheduled to begin this week which will result in the development and publishing of new test plan specifications for those two exams. The results of that analysis will provide final confirmation for when these exams will change to this process. Monitor the BPELSG web site and board meeting agendas later this summer.
  14. Please understand that the requirements are related to becoming licensed, not to simply take an exam. Does this help: ? If not, please let me know. Please understand that some aspects of the linked document may not reflect the recent changes in national exam prior to applying but the overall requirements are still the same.
  15. $125 is the application fee just like it has been for 4-5 years now. That is based on the actual cost it takes for staff to process initial applications and refile applications. The Board is in the early stages of a planned evaluation of it's fees and felt that it was more important for the application fee to be more directly attributable to the initial application due to the recent changes to the application processes. $150 is the state exam fee for all/any state exam just like it has been for 4-5 years now. This is based on the actual cost to develop and provide the state exams to the candidates. Now that the Board is further along in the process of transitioning all of the state exams to CBT and building item banks for each exam, this fee will also be re-evaluated in the study. The Board stopped posting NCEES national exam fees simply because the fee is paid directly to NCEES and no longer goes through the Board. Same with the Prometric fee which only pays for the seat time which the Board negotiates with Prometric for the best possible rate it can get. The Board's web site only posts fees that are paid directly to the Board for expenses incurred directly by the Board. The Re-examination form is only for those candidates that have previously approved applications with the Board and intend to sit AGAIN for the next state exam. This form has nothing to do with the NCEES national exams. There is a separate form used to notify the Board of successfully passing the NCEES national exam ONLY for those candidates that have previously approved applications with the Board. It is likely that as time progresses, more and more individuals will pass the NCEES exam prior to submitting an application with the Board thereby lessening the number of notification forms actually being submitted. It is simply a transitional form.