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  1. When you applied to the CA Board, you applied for licensure. The CA Board has chosen, and notified NCEES, that anyone registering under the CA Board for the PE exam is approved as long as it can be verified that the FE exam was previously passed. That FE verification can be very quick if the results are currently in the NCEES registration database. If the FE exam was passed prior to 2010, you will need to request a verification from the board in which you registered for at that time. For the most part, boards now provide those verifications through the same NCEES system so it is quicker now. If someone had not previously passed the FE exam, that person would need to apply to the CA Board first requesting an FE Waiver before the CA Board will approve in the NCEES system. So, in effect the CA Board is STILL approving you registration for the national PE exam, the process has simply changed. Your application for licensure may still be pending technical review and once it is approved, you will be notified. This has no impact on the registration or administration of the national PE exam or vice versa.
  2. Isn't this a valid approach in the real world working on your engineering projects? Maybe that's why this approach works well for the exam. Just saying...
  3. Technically speaking, since the CA Board began using CBT over a three week window in the spring and again in the fall, and the NCEES exam is only offered on 1 day twice a year, no one is taking them all at once. Once NCEES begins testing the PE-Civil in a few years on a continuous basis, it will be all about scheduling times. Taking everything all at once is a thing of the past now.
  4. Just to clarify...I wasn't referring to the practice books. I was referring to the test plan specifications that NCEES publishes on their web site.
  5. All the tests and quizzes you took in college were knowledge-based which is similar to the FE. The PE exam is practice-based. Definitely NOT the same rationale.
  6. You "registered" for the April 2017 Power PE through NCEES and are waiting for Board approval. After two weeks, its most likely due to trouble verifying your FE exam. Can you email me your name and contact info at including when you passed your FE and what state and I will check into it.
  7. Yes, that is generally the response and honestly speaking there are many, many inquiries on this. And BPELSG does completely understand the reasons why everyone wants to know. If you are wondering whether the money should be spent on a review that case the applicant is the best judge of that and wondering if your application will be approved shouldn't be a decision maker. If you are waiting to register with NCEES for the PE exam...don't wait. You no longer need to, ESPECIALLY if you applied for an engineering license which is NOT civil engineer. Go ahead and register with NCEES now and if you had previously passed your FE, you will be approved regardless of the status of you application for licensure in California. Of course, you may have other reasons to inquire...
  8. If you've already completed the Laws and Regulations exam (commonly referred to as the Take Home) for engineers, you do not need to submit it again for subsequent engineering disciplines.
  9. Very good response Maji. megs19 - With all due respect, NCEES is not in the business of teaching you what your strengths and weaknesses are with respect to whether you are ready to practice engineering...on your protect the public. The exams are based entirely on the test plan specifications which are available to anyone on the NCEES web site. Those specifications are determined by the an analysis of the results of an occupational study (NCEES refers to these as PAKS studies) of currently practicing professionals. Those specifications not only inform the test taker what to expect on the exam in terms of content and how much, but it also dictates to NCEES the content that must be included when compiling and publishing the exam. NCEES is bound by those specifications just as much as the test takers are so it is fair and appropriate for everyone and they cannot simply change policy on this. One suggestion which I have found works very well for people overcoming their deficiencies...obtain a copy of the test plan specifications and have two highlighters ready. It works best to use a blue one and a yellow one. 1. Using the blue highlighter, go through each test plan category and highlight every topic that you ONLY have obtained education (i.e., class, seminar, self reading, etc.) on. 2. Using the yellow highlight, go through each test plan category again and highlight every topic that you have ACTUAL experience in doing at work. It's in your best interest to be truthful to yourself on these. Anything highlighted by both, essentially now green, is your strength and most likely requires less of your attention than other topics. Anything highlighted only Blue indicates that you may have the basic concepts down but have not had the opportunity to actually apply it in practice. This may had worked out fine for the FE exam, but the PE exam is venturing into the practice-based and having actual experience greatly increases your chances of being ready for the material. Anything highlighted only Yellow represents your actual experience which can be good, but you should brush up on understanding the why you do things the way you are supposed to. Anything not highlighted any color represents your weakest areas and which require your utmost attention in being fully prepared for the PE exam. That may be more experience, more education, or both. This helps you address your strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly just like you will need to do when you are practicing.
  10. You should be careful and verify that would meet the requirements for licensure as a SE in whatever state you eventually seek that license. While the examination requirement has become more standardized, that doesn't mean that everyone will accept your experience as SE experience regardless of whether you have passed the SE exam or not.
  11. As the link above on the BPELSG web site states, "Please watch for more detailed information to be posted on the Board's website sometime after the Fall 2016 exam administration." BPELSG has recently posted the latest edition of the Board Bulletin in which "more detailed information" is now available, more specifically that not all national exams are treated the same way in this recent change. See page 3-5 at the following link. Link:
  12. I know some have reached out and received responses. Have you tried (916) 263-2193 or
  13. Certificates were mailed out about a week ago.
  14. What sort of update are you hoping for?