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  1. I believe all of the boards are switching over to examinees paying the exam fee directly to NCEES
  2. Since BPELSG is not in charge of producing/printing the paper cards, there is only so much they will listen to in terms of asking for improvements. BPELSG sidestepped this agency to produce the plastic cards and certificates ourselves.
  3. If you have a Board-approved BS degree (ABET) in the discipline you are seeking licensure for and you are claiming that degree for work experience credit, then you need to provide evidence of a minimum of 24 months of experience in the discipline for which you are seeking licensure, performed under an appropriately licensed person. It doesn't matter which part of the submitted experience is used to qualify as long as a minimum 24 months is accounted for. In your described case, if 24 months of the submitted 29 months is deemed qualifying "<discipline> engineering" experience, the other 3 engagements will serve as the remaining required 3 references.
  4. leggo PE is correct. Prometric doesn't know who you are or which exam you are approved to sit for until BPELSG provides them with an approved list.
  5. The "wallet-size" paper card is issued by the Board's umbrella agency and will be reissued each renewal period. BPELSG themselves also issues "wallet-sized" plastic cards without an expiration date that is intended to last longer. The large certificate is paper.
  6. What you have described here is one way that will work. Ref. 2-4 will not receive any additional work experience credit since those dates are all encompassed within the overall dates in Ref. 1. Overlaps are referring to two different engagements that have conflicting dates/places of employment or work experience that overlaps with dates under education credit.
  7. Well, once your application for civil engineer is approved, you can refer to this Otherwise, I'm sure others on this forum can give you ideas.
  8. Did you submit an application to the California Board and notified that you are approved?
  9. It is preferable that you use the term "Licensed" by BPELSG since "Registered" began to be phased out over a decade ago.
  10. You're seeing one of the reasons why the California Board is moving away from final filing dates for licensure and separating the licensure process entirely from the examination process. This is really a question for what board (or boards) you are applying for licensure with. The experiences others had were unique to their situation and likely may not apply to yours. I know in California, our regulations speak for what experience can be counted twice and what cannot. Based solely on what you have stated, it appears that once you hit the simultaneous education/working full-time point in time, things become more complicated.
  11. You two are not as unique as you think you are. Approval probably occurred because 1) California does not require a BS degree to apply for licensure, and 2) the additional information you provided most likely satisfied the unknown for BPELSG staff.
  13. I think you're looking too much into it. It's like your GPA from doesn't mean anything in the real world. Once you've passed, that's all that matters.
  14. That statement was just updated this morning to say within "...the next two weeks". This additional time was only done as a precaution because the Board was informed that systems will be updated department-wide overnight sometime this week just in case licensing won't be completed prior to that action.