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  1. funny pic thread

    The fathers never say they're babysitting their kids, so yes.
  2. Everything Happens for a Reason?

    I'm always down to...wait...are you still talking about dumplings?
  3. Everything Happens for a Reason?

    And this goes to show that everything does indeed happen for a reason.
  4. The Running Thread

    I bought some Newton's for cheap and have been trying to ease into them.
  5. Share your InspiroBot quotes

    Careful, InspiroBot. You're going to get your Twitter account reported.
  6. I have watched 3, 4, and 5 in full binge mode. Three was like the reward for surviving 2.
  7. funny pic thread

    That's the riverboat finale from Fantasmic, which happens right in the park. They aren't 200 miles at sea. They're smack dab in the middle of Satan's Taint Southern California.
  8. Share your InspiroBot quotes

    Whoa. I feel like Inspiro-Bot really knows me.
  9. I've recently made it through S5 of OINTB and the premiere season of The Handmaid's Tale.
  10. The Automotive Thread

    All of those things are also in my washer after the kid does laundry.
  11. Everything Happens for a Reason?

    I've had to think about this one for awhile and I'm going to go ahead and admit I believe it. I think things like, "Thank goodness I left a little late to miss that weather that caused that accident!" or "Maybe next time I'll get the job." Yeah, it's fantasy, but it makes me feel better. Don't let Dex know or he'll crush that dream, too.
  12. Everything Happens for a Reason?

    My eleven-year-old is still attached to his stuffed dog. That sucker made all the difference in surgery last month being smooth sailing.
  13. Everything Happens for a Reason?

    I'm mostly baffled on why Dex's 10-year-old isn't allowed a binkie at bedtime. I'm assuming it's a blanket or some sort? Not like an actual pacifier, right?