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  1. I was drunk by the time I clicked all the way through to the last state.
  2. So you're subscribing to the csb School of Parenting?
  3. I know what to go yell at my boss right now.
  4. This one is a standard plan. Cinnamon Rings
  5. Call me when it's coming out the neck hole and we can talk diaper explosions.
  6. It's Friday! Who's watching the kids?
  7. Who do you think wrote on his forehead?
  8. They can't haze our new guys! That's our job!
  9. But now they have to pay his $6M salary.
  10. Best wishes to everyone! You've done the studying, so take these days to make sure all your references are ready to go and to select your post-test beverage of choice. I used milk crates and enough margaritas to put down a sorority.
  11. I was issued mine at graduation. I believe I lost it about a week later.
  12. Your kids don't fly in those?
  13. Roger, Roger.
  14. Typical government worker- slacking off during work hours, charting sunken treasure.
  15. Good Friday!