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  1. Also, our household only has manual vehicles. My parents only drive manual vehicles. My kid is going to have to learn.
  2. http://www.denverpost.com/2016/10/25/self-driving-beer-truck-colorado/ This is already happening. The first step is connected vehicles, which exist. Three transportation agencies have pilot projects for connected vehicles (http://www.its.dot.gov/pilots/). A car doesn't need to see a sign, but it will need pavement markings. Dow is already working on a marker that can go in paint, rather than an expensive transmitter under marking tape (like 3M will try to sell), that can be "seen" under snow. The old saying in traffic engineering is that the you can't make the road totally safe because of the nut behind the wheel. Autonomous and connected vehicles remove that nut.
  3. That is such a thoughtful gift! Thank you so much!
  4. I see you joined a month ago.You must not know that trolling isn't forced. It must flow through you.
  5. Sunday is our anniversary. Aaron Rodgers better not dick that up. It's our twelfth, so I'm expecting No. 12 to come through.
  6. I yell, "HEY BEAR!" every once in awhile for an authentic experience.
  7. Pssh! It's my Snow King training plan!
  8. Good news! I now own a treadmill and I wasn't murdered! Bad news- I own a treadmill. Hopped on and did an incline walk this morning. I have a stair climb coming up, so I need to get my endurance and strength up, along with my comfort level with tasting blood in my mouth.
  9. Edit: #startFATromo
  10. #startromo
  11. I had an elliptical and I sold it. I despise that motion.
  12. I can turn Snick's last post into a gif.
  13. We only close those if some jackwagon from the south has wrecked his car trying to drive 80 on an icy road.
  14. Satan's Taint claims another team.
  15. I either purchase a treadmill from an ad on Craigslist tonight or I've orchestrated my own murder. Either way, it's time to start running again and I'm not riding my bike to the gym.