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  1. ^ Non-natural born citizens can't be president. Sorry, Arnold.
  2. Most engineering programs allow you to start in a general sense and then you can select a discipline. That way you don't have to worry about ChemE vs. MechE vs. whatever that first year.
  3. There's a guy at work who pretends I don't exist everyday. That's because he's an asshole.
  4. Hey, I'm not the surgeon.
  5. My mom had a Scion. Her tattoo is on her upper back. She now drives a Jeep Renegade, which I think tried marketing itself to millenials, but I mostly see grandmothers driving them around.
  6. A friend of a friend was one of the surgeons. He had a stroke they couldn't bring him back from.
  7. I've been invited to a few of those and they always tell you, "There's normal stuff, like sheet sprays!" 1. Anything floral makes me sneeze. 2. I'm married. I don't need to freshen the sheets to get him in the mood. 3. You guys aren't going to be demoing the sheet spray. It's going to be the ThunderStick3000 all booted up and roaring as everyone giggles and the "consultant" tries to talk over all of that.
  8. A high school friend was on facebook selling her ViaONEHope wine and she said, "I just need to sell 100 more bottles and I get a free trip to Mexico!" It was $2400 worth of shitty wine she needed to move and she did it. That's basically guilting your friends into paying for your vacation. How is that okay?
  9. I believe my rant on this topic is well established, but I recently got hit with another party, so here it is: LADIES. We can hang out and not have to spend money on overpriced products. We can just hang out. I'll even bring snack! No dudes are sitting around another dude's house being pressured into buying some crap so RG can have free crap and NJMike can be a businessman. STOP MAKING US LOOK LIKE FOOLS. YOU'RE BRINGING THE GENDER DOWN. Ahem. That is all.
  10. It takes two disgusting ladies to do the work of one VTE, kinda like 1C2G. Miss you, buddy.
  11. I bought a raffle ticket for a car.
  12. Is this helpful? https://dumbrunner.com/ask-dumb-runner-blog/2016/12/14/can-running-in-cold-weather-freeze-my-penis
  13. I could not drink Watermelon kool-aid, a personal favorite, for a very, very long time.
  14. This kinda makes me want to crawl around on the floor, questioning my life decisions and promising God I will never, ever drink again.
  15. Did they have more than 5 songs?