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  1. That building kinda looks like it's made of legos.
  2. Not when it's 80F! Back to running- ran 3.8 miles for my 38th birthday. Had five other suckers friends join me.
  3. Not that she's unattractive, per se, but that model kinda looks like she's going to go pick up her kids from day care, hit the McDonald's drive-thru, then kick back with a Natty Light and watch Teen Mom OG.
  4. A sad one, now that VTE is gone. Thanks, everybody! I ate so much cake that I might be sick of cake for a bit. Like two days or so.
  5. Happy birthday!
  6. That you are certain to get your tender underarm flesh stuck in at least once.
  7. Too many and approximately one is easy to open and the rest are barbed wire contraptions that require using your body as a lever.
  8. You mean gate bitch? (Never call shotgun in a ranch truck. Always call driver or middle. Shotgun means you have to open and close all the gates.)
  9. I am a tentative yes. Snowmass is close enough and the loop option means we don't have to chase people in a van, which is what has put me off of other RAGNAR events.
  10. I've got our shirts started:
  11. I can crank out a 12 minute mile and I live at 6100' ASL. Can I come?
  12. Is that a parking ticket on your hood?
  13. Looks like someone just lost his college internship.
  14. Yeah, I was speaking from experience.