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  1. MiniBuff 1 is almost done with the entire series. She started them in January, and has been plowing through them.
  2. "Talking with" and "talking to" are two different things.
  3. Those are awesome.
  4. Now.
  5. I thought we banned future boy from posting in here. If not, we should.
  6. Build a miniature trebuchet, so that you can launch peas at the interviewers.
  7. I just can't catch that damned roadrunner.
  8. I really like Serial, Radiolab, This American Life, and StarTalk.
  9. Post.
  10. No.
  11. Pray to Ullr for snow. It is supposed to be in the low 60s at the base of Aspen today.
  12. I use a bill fold.
  13. Marching band.
  14. Fixt. I told you what the real advantage to these cars is. KEEP UP!