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  1. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Fried chicken, mac and cheese, yogurt, cheese stick.
  2. The Automotive Thread

    I think that back-up cameras are standard equipment as of the 2016 model year.
  3. The Automotive Thread

    I'm leaning towards the VW Jetta. I test drove a stick, and really like it. The automatic has an acceleration lag off the line. Plus, there are some crazy good lease deals on the Jetta right now.
  4. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    Yup...mostly filmed in NM.
  5. The Automotive Thread

    I test drove a Civic (not the Si), and it felt cheap to me. I liked the Accord Sport a lot.
  6. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    I'm glad that someone else on here has watched Longmire. Ferg is a personal acquaintance of mine.
  7. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    We need Publix in Colorado. I went into one when I visited my parents in May.
  8. I'd check with those specific state boards of licensure on what their requirements are. Good luck!
  9. The Running Thread

  10. The Automotive Thread

    I put less than 10,000 miles per year on my current personal vehicle, so the mileage restriction doesn't scare me. I drive my work vehicle almost every day. The Accord Sport that I test drove last week is still on the lot. It's a 2016 model with only 11k miles on it. I'm thinking about lowballing the dealership and see what they say.
  11. The Automotive Thread

    This is the boat I am in, too. I am ready to turn over my '01 Blazer (S-10 frame) for something newer. We also have a mom-mobile (minivan), which we use as our main family hauler. I have a work truck (4-door Tacoma) that I use for the occasional camping trip, so I can't really justify another truck in the driveway. We want something that gets good mileage, for trips to Denver and back, and for when we don't have to haul the dogs around. I'm looking at leasing a new vehicle, and so I'm looking at some sedans. I test drove an Accord Sport, and liked the way it handled. My problem with the CRV is that you can't hardly tell one SUV apart from another these days...they all look the same. I'm also going to test drive a Jetta, and see what I think about that, but from what I have read, the interiors of the Jettas are pretty sparse. The Accord was bigger and more plush than a Civc.
  12. WI State Fair Food Checklist (2017)

    I haven't been to the WI State Fair, but I have been to the MN State Fair. It amazes me what they can put OAS.
  13. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Wait...what? WTH happened to the PB&J? I thought we could count on you.