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  1. I really like Serial, Radiolab, This American Life, and StarTalk.
  2. Post.
  3. Pray to Ullr for snow. It is supposed to be in the low 60s at the base of Aspen today.
  4. I use a bill fold.
  5. Marching band.
  6. Fixt. I told you what the real advantage to these cars is. KEEP UP!
  7. Why, hello there, Friday, you sexy beast!
  8. Happy belated birthdays!
  9. Thanks, everyone! I had some good BBQ (yes, RG, it was true BBQ, complete with pulled pork) last night for dinner. I'm starting my 40th trip around the sun, and so far it isn't too bad.
  10. Went to my first daddy/daughter dance with miniBuff #1 (who is now 9) on Saturday night. I'm not much of a dancer, but I wanted to get her in the dancing mood, so I made a fool of myself (and had fun doing so). I mad it through five rounds of limbo, too!
  11. Ah, Everclear. The college alcohol that made me question if it was worth it.
  12. lemonparty.org