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  1. Yes, they are. I just saw mine. Exciting! They probably haven't entered all of them yet.
  2. So, so far only Pomona got the black/white pencil? mhhmm...
  3. Yup. That's what I got. it's definitely black, not dark green. Kinda wish we would have gotten the green one, looks nicer.
  4. I can only assume by his username that he took the test in TX, where they give you an actual score.
  5. Same. Morning was ok. Afternoon crushed me.
  6. Yes, can confirm this. I took the TF depth on April and this time around as well. Last cycle's afternoon depth was way easier, this one was very challenging. I was feeling great after the morning section, expecting the afternoon to be similar (difficulty wise) to last cycle's, but it wasn't. I also wrote a list like that back in April, and trust me.. it didn't help me at all this cycle.
  7. Green? odd. At the Pomona Fairplex we got white/black, same as April's color.
  8. Question. I am also applying for the CA P.E. I am applying In Mechanical tough. I also only have one engagement that has been supervised the whole time by the same P.E. Are you planning on listing all your engagement tasks and basically having the same letter four times? (Just signed by four different people) Or are you breaking down your tasks into four parts? And therefore having four different letters, signed by four different people. Hope you understood that I'm just confused as to how I should list all my tasks, since I only have 1 engagement. Thanks!!
  9. One of my eng. professors, who also teaches a course in statistics, suggested we pick one letter and stick to it. That way we'll get about 25% of them correct. wvgirl14, the way you suggested should work too. Btw, I'm guessing you re-took the FE this April? good luck with that! I remember we both had taken the FE a few times and were really close to passing. Hope this is your time!!
  10. Yeah, I think so too. Perhaps around 55-60% to pass. I failed with a 52% in April 2010, but this time I passed. So keep trying, you are close!
  11. Thank you all! the PE is still some years away thankfully!!
  12. I finally passed the effing FE!! can I be in the banner? pleaseeee. Either way, I feel for all those PEs that are still waiting for the results. These last couple of days of waiting have been so stressful. Good luck to all the peeps still waiting!
  13. You are right, we should never give up on trying to pass this. Congrats!! I also passed this after 3 times.
  14. I'm just over the moon right now! LA finally released the results today and I passed!. Thanks to people in this board for giving great advice last time I failed, it was really helpful. And if you didn't pass this POS, don't worry, just keep trying and you WILL pass it! after 4+ years of engineering classes we can all pass this. Congrats to all the other EITs out there . Let's celebrate!!
  15. Hopefully, it all depends on your state board. They already have your scores, they just haven't released them yet. A lot of other states have gotten their results. We, here in LA, haven't gotten them either