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  1. @blybrook PE thank you for suggestion. May I know which edition you are referring to? He has 2nd and 3rd edition (latest) on foundation design.
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for a great design book for foundation/footing designs. My work requires me to design footing, foundation and retaining walls occasionally, and I need a good book that I can learn both soil and structural mechanic to refer some good examples to design. Your suggestions are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi All, I'm taking EET Breadth Spring 2017 On-Demand class. In video, i saw the link that was posted to join study group on Breadth Live Class but when i tried to join, it says invite only. So if any of you can please invite me to join study group, please PM me or let me know here. I'll provide my gmail. Thank you very much.
  4. Correct. 10 questions won't be counted toward final total scores. But since they don't identify those 10 problems, it's safe to assume you need to answer 70 (70% of 100 questions) to 77 questions (70% of 110) correctly. Good luck.
  5. I'm interested to buy item 1, 3, 6. Please let me know.
  6. I'm on the same boat as you. I also got an emil from board last week regarding to my application was received and currently in review. From what I heard, if your check was cashed out, you will be notified about a month before test date to sign up for exam. Don't worry you are not alone.
  7. @Triggers or anyone who got into the study group, I'm taking both breadth and transportation depth. Please add me into your group.
  8. I believe TI 89 is approved for CA specific exams (Survey and Seismic). But you are correct that TI 89 is not approved for NCEES 8 hour exam.
  9. @Arjay Sorry for my late reply. Please don't get confused between Webinar and On-Demand version. Webinar (Live) is a live class and On-Demand is the recorded videos from previous term (it'd be the recorded videos from last class which ended in Nov.). I took On-Demand class which fit my schedule. Instructor Sameh responds your questions very prompt, and he's a very knowledgeable teacher. The class isn't focused on the theories, but more on practice problems. I can't speak of School of PE since i've never taken their class. But if i were you, not only i'd take a review class, but I'd also buy 2 books (Review Manual and Practice Problems) from Michael R. Lindeburg EET review covers almost all the materials that you need to know, but i felt like it was good to see more practice problems to have fully understanding on some concepts. 2 books from Michael Lindeburg would take care of it. Another resources i'd like to suggest is 'Google' and 'Youtube': there are tons of examples on subject matter if you are not clear on one topic. Bottom line is EET course to get you set up on a structured review course with an instructor who you can ask questions anytime. But you also want to do extra study materials from outside of class notes. Good luck! Don't give up you can do it!
  10. @Michael Denteh sorry for the late reply. NCEES never release the passing score. But according to my research, you are most likely to pass with 70% (77 questions out of 110) with 65% would be a very close to either pass or fail.
  11. @ptatohed what do you think of newly offer EET's survey class? 32 hours of both on demand and live seminar. Thanks in advance.
  12. " there will be changes to the application and examination process coinciding with the opening of NCEES's examination management system scheduled for December 12, 2016. After that date, licensure candidates in California will be able to register at NCEES for the national exam required for their intended discipline without having to apply to the Board first." ^ There.
  13. The way i understand is we can take 8 hours NCEES Exam in April 2017 without applying to CA Board and having 2 years experience. On NCEES website, the registration opens on December 12th.
  14. Thank you Maji. I estimate that i would need 200-250 hours for 8 hour exam and around 100 hours for surveying. I plan to study 10 hours a week from mid November to January with 2 hours on weekend and 1 hour everyday on weekdays. I'll increase my study hours to 15-18 hours a week in Feb, March and April. Total estimation come out around 300-330 hours give or take. I wanted to try all 3 exams to have experience on both survey and seismic, but knowing that i wouldn't be able to study enough for all 3, i think i would be a waste of trying all 3 in same exam cycle. I look at both practice exams from survey and seismic, and survey seems like a harder exam with less study time needed while seismic seems like a bit easier than survey exam but more study hours are needed because it's foreign to me. I called Mr. Reza last friday, and he said he will come down to SoCal for survey review class in February. EET's survey class will be a very new class and i want to wait until they start offering survey class and see how it goes ... Again, Thank you for your help!