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  1. A friend asked me about the what is the stong stud and the weak stud, the strong is where the shear stud welded in the middle of the deck rib the weak is when is it on in the middle shiffted towords the center of the beam and not the support.
  2. The PCA and AWS may also be needed but I did not even took them to the exam
  3. Yes the NDS I used as well the tables will be needed for almost any timber qestions
  4. I attended the PE exam last year, I have a friend who will also sit in the next exam and I am trying to help him. I also would like to assit any else I am located in Egypt Ciaro. The advise I would give now is to study to be a good engineer if you take it this way you will pass, I used the following beside my practical experince The CERM for structural Breadt and Depth The ASCE code The 6 minutes and it was helpfull The NCEES exam sample this is very important The AISC The ACI The Exam cafe was also very good I hope you all good luck
  5. From this I understand that the refence should not be PE which will make sense I can contact my previous employer and ask him to fill up the documents
  6. Khalid, What are you trying to do? Basically any state would accept proven engineering experience from any country along with required appropriate references. NYS requires three references (not necessarily PEs) Are these references should be resident in or may be in anywhere , I contacted the American university in Cairo and the said we can contact Washington, Florida and Oregon . They did not mention that we need a PE reference seems each state have there Owen rules
  7. Dear All does any one knows which state of board accper Engineers from outside
  8. Does any one know which state allow the overseas PE to apply
  9. Congratulation for you all Passed PE Civil
  10. No reaction
  11. Passed PE Civil
  12. Hi all I Passed AUC Egypt PE Civil Khaled Eid
  13. Does any one know when will the AUC Egypt will relase the results
  14. It should be some how between 50/80 to 60/80
  15. I agree with this. My gut feeling is the score required to pass is in the low 60%'s. Waht does the meaning of the cut off score ? is that relative to the no of people they want for example 30% to fail ?