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  1. Calling @ptatohed, we have a grammar situation here sir. Please advise further.
  2. Sorry for your loss. Condolenences
  3. In what subject?
  4. Grad school?
  5. Wow, how tragic. Sorry Supe.
  6. Operation "Improve KF Home Efficiency" is nearly complete. Done so far: Most lighting changed to LED (even under-cabinet puck lights and my 4ft tube lights) with the exception of the backyard flood. The LED flood replacement just can't quite put out the same amount light (w/o a complete retrofit). All faucets changed and added H2O efficient shower heads All windows replaced with the exception of the patio door (planned for this year) New high efficiency 2-stage furnace installed with Aprilaire humidification system (Nest controlled) Nest fire & CO protection system installed Phew.....
  7. Anyone ever take any classes with them? I used them once to fulfill my 2-credit ethics PDH requirement. Anyway, I received the following announcement via email:
  8. Good guess, that was going to be one of my next ones as well. Or some variant.
  9. Easy fix with a pellet gun. Not supported by Apple.
  10. Yes. Engineering consulting and computer building/repair business.
  11. I only shop online.
  12. But those dream lounger reclined chairs are so comfortable!
  13. We also went and saw Beauty & The Beast with a screening of the old cartoon version at our place beforehand. It was pretty good! The screen play was pretty epic IMO.
  14. You should listen to him. He's pre-med.
  15. ^ Mad Max?