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  1. loannie

    When Can I use PE in my signature?

    Yes, I noticed that as well. Texas grants the license number right away, but I'm not even talking to my boss untill I have something in hand.
  2. loannie

    Texas PE Results Out!

    Just got my official Pass from NCEES.
  3. 8...I just passed Yay!!!!!
  4. loannie

    Texas PE Results Out!

    NCEES is all bogged down as far as I can tell. Just can get results from Texas Board. I passed!!! Chem E
  5. loannie

    BME in trouble, need advice

    Personally, I am a ChemE. It is definitly a chemistry and math based field. However, you need to look into other factors, such as where do you want to live. When I have been looking for a job, it seems Houston is the only place I find one. Currently I am in Houston and working in the Oil & Gas industry. Very employable, with plenty of room for advancement. There is a serious gap in the engineering workforce I have noticed. Everyone is 60-sothing or 20-something. I have advnaced very quickly and don't have near the education clout you do. I also see plenty of room for movement into other industries, therefore more stability. I've worked on a solar power plant, chemical plants, and oil production platforms. There is a wide range of things you can do as a ChemE. I haven't tried polymers and pharm yet. Who knows, maybe I'll do those too.
  6. loannie


    Whoo hoo loannie, FE, Chemical, Texas 12/18/09