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  1. I was just thinking about my 3 coworkers in the middle of suffering through it.
  2. Definitely agree, and good luck! I was 11 years out of school, and wish I would have done it sooner. So, this is the first test cycle in NC where decoupling is in effect. Our 3 EI's are at 1, 2, and 3 years out of school. I think the youngest just got her EI on the last exam cycle. We were talking the other day and wondering how packed the testing place will be compared to past exams since just here we have 3 that wouldn't have been able to sit for it under the old rules. I'm sure there are many more.
  3. Just curious if it was a trend. We have 3 folks here in our office taking the PE exam Friday, and none of the 3 have met the experience requirement yet. With decoupling being a recent introduction at least here in NC, are there a lot more people sitting for the exam in the decoupled states these days? At some point, I think the number would return to past levels.
  4. Among other things my GF got for me- a bottle of Makers Mark 46 and the latest Penthouse...
  5. It's kinda mean that they can post numbers and pass rates while some are still waiting on results.
  6. I passed in April and took the online course through ASCE. They had afternoon specific classes that really helped and overall a very good course for prep. It wasn't cheap, but my company paid for it. I used the binders from the class for almost everything. I hardly looked at the CERM or other references, except the OSHA manual was a must on a couple problems for Civil-Construction. Passed on the 3rd try. Get back on that horse folks! You can do this!
  7. Congrats on passing. I took the FE in 2012 back before NCEES switched to CBT. I took the PE in Raleigh this past April and passed. I'm still celebrating passing that mofo when the mood hits me. I passed this past April and still celebrating, too. Took the test in the same room Dan. Just had to come back here to watch the spectacle.
  8. I passed on the last cycle, just had to come back and see how the party is this time around. I know it sucks waiting. One of my co-workers took it in Oct and swears he's not anxious about it at all. (cough, BS) Good luck to all!
  9. Finally got mine this past Sat, 8/9.
  10. Still nothing here yet. And since I never got any letter as mentioned above, I'm starting to wonder what's up. I did change my address with them right when the results came out.
  11. She does come home with some interesting stories. I tell her all the time I wish I could follow her around for a day and just see what she has to put up with. She works her ass off sometimes though, like the last couple days she was on-call, she worked about 40 hours in 2 days, delivered 6 babies, and saw about 30 gyn patients.
  12. I got my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube the other day. A while later I started hearing an occasional noise, checked the oil level and it was 3-1/2 quarts LOW. Not good. It holds 6-1/2. No leaks or anything, they just didn't fill it up. Hopefully no damage done. They were very apologetic, as if this must be a regular occurrence. They said they would take care of any issues that came from it.
  13. Not to sidetrack this completely, but I think you're the first engineer/doctor couple I've heard of on the board. It is nice to be with a vagina expert. are you a tunnel engineer? Ha. No, but I do perform test borings and site explorations.
  14. Not to sidetrack this completely, but I think you're the first engineer/doctor couple I've heard of on the board. It is nice to be with a vagina expert.
  15. I'd guess it didn't take them long to figure out they stepped in some big doo-doo.