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  1. Anyone want to feel old?

    ^^^ It was actually good to see all the names that I remembered from way back when still on here.
  2. Anyone want to feel old?

    Here's one for's been EIGHT YEARS since I passed the PE exam!!!! lol   I was just talking about this site today, and thought I would drop in and say hello.
  3. funny pic thread

    ^^ ok, slightly different.
  4. MARCH MADNESS - Bracket Challange

    I can't believe that I LOST to someone that had TEN LESS correct picks than I did!! WTH!
  5. MARCH MADNESS - Bracket Challange

    One thing I know for SURE....I will NOT finish last, and have a little ability to trash talk, at least until tonights games are done. FIRST PLACE for now!!! woohoo!
  6. Happy Birthday, DVINNY!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Mary

  8. Happy Birthday MudPuppy

    Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Opening Day

    I can honestly say that being a Braves fan, this past season may have taken the most excitement out of a sport for me than any other season ever!
  10. What would you ask Santa for?

    ^^^ That's odd....I'm guessing you're past one age, and so far from the other, the clothes would be dramatically out of style.
  11. about the same time I quit using it...... oh...and cancelled netflix
  12. What would you ask Santa for?

    I would have a house at the beach with water access and a lift out back for my if that's too much, I would settle for an Onslow Bay 27' offshore boat!
  13. $20 Per Gallon

    I think most leftist leaning "experts" that think that would be a good thing forget the whole trickle theory. They believe this is a way for them to control whether or not wealthy people will gain more wealth, or power....and it's done in the name of environmental protection. The facts are the more the price of oil goes up, the more it drives a divide between the haves and the have nots. It's the one thing that we all need on an equal basis regardless of wealth for the most part, and it's much more expensive to the little guys than the rich. When they realize that, and start to do things to actually bring the price of power down, then you'll see the country thrive again. It's the single most important item in growth in my opinion, and the one the environmentalists use to do more harm to thier group than good.
  14. NFL Football 2011

    On the other end of the spectrum is Cam Newton. They all didn't think he could make it, then after week 2 they thought he was a superstar, but yesterday seemed like they figured him out. He looked totally confused. I guess the only thing worse would still being a Redskin fan.....aaarrrrggghhh!
  15. Thank you to our Veterans!

    I know we have several veterans that are a part of the EB family and I wanted to say Thanks to all of you for your service. It's a big deal that you dedicate so much of your time, and put your life on the line to keep this country the greatest place on earth to live. Thanks to all of you!