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  1. Red Light Camera Vigilantes "Red Light Robin Hoods"

    Here's another guy http://redlightrobber.com/index.html Make sure to watch his youtube video all the way through. Not sure whether it should posted here or under the Star Wars thread......
  2. Too many References!!!

    I'm sure they're not naive enough to think that doesn't happen. I just don't think I'd be admitting it.... On a message board...
  3. Too many References!!!

    So you agreed not to share exam information, but then on a message board you admit to discussing exam questions and you use what looks like your real name as your name on said message board? OK.......
  4. Maryland Exam Information

    Here's what it says in the candidate agreement in the examinee guide (emphasis is mine): I guess since the proctors can't tell the capabilities of every type, they just don't allow any of them?
  5. April vs. October

    Yeah, good point. So, I guess if the exam is harder, you just need less points to pass? Or if it's easier, then you need more points to pass. That seems fair. I took it back in the "old days" when you had to get 60% to pass regardless, and if you had a harder exam, you were SOL.....
  6. April vs. October

    According to the article in PE magazine about the exams, that's a myth. - See more at: http://www.nspe.org/resources/pe-magazine/march-2016/the-ultimate-test#sthash.yqS2N3I1.dpuf
  7. Looking for books for Petroleum PE exam

    What? There was a petroleum exam even back when I took the PE - back before electricity. Or do you mean the exam topics were updated two years ago?
  8. Question about the diagnostic example

    PE magazine had a pretty good article about how the exams are developed. It also had a section about exam myths that cover a lot of your ideas. http://www.nspe.org/resources/pe-magazine/march-2016/the-ultimate-test
  9. funny pic thread, the be mindful where you read version..

    For some reason, I keep thinking of the line from AC/DC's song "You Shook Me All Night Long"....... "Knocking me out with those American thighs"
  10. Movie thread

    Was originally scheduled for a 2/26/16 release but then got pushed back to August. No reason given.
  11. California(CA) Application April 2016

    ncees website says, "NCEES will email instructions on downloading and printing exam authorization notices 2–3 weeks before the national exam dates." Three weeks from the exam is this Friday and that's a holiday for most places, right? So probably not until next week at the earliest.
  12. Movie thread

    I'll call your Top Gun 2 and raise you a remake of Ben Hur...... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2638144/?ref_=nv_sr_2
  13. How I Passed the Thermal / Fluid PE exam

    I have some great advice for you - if you show up on April 16th you won't do very well. You'll do much better if you show up on April 15th......
  14. Any last minute advice??

    Looking at the sample diagnostic in the ncees examinee guide, it says, 􀀇􀀃􀀉􀀆􀀘􀀋􀀉􀀄􀀔􀀖􀀄􀀎􀀐􀀄􀀃􀀒􀀎􀀗􀀍􀀐􀀃􀀃􀀄􀀈􀀐􀀄􀀗􀀆􀀘􀀋􀀍􀀅􀀘􀀃􀀄􀀎􀀋􀀋􀀃􀀗􀀅􀀋􀀉􀀙􀀄􀀁􀀂􀀃􀀄􀀅􀀆􀀇􀀈􀀃􀀉􀀄􀀊􀀋􀀄􀀌􀀆􀀃􀀍􀀎􀀏􀀊􀀅􀀍􀀄􀀐􀀊􀀆􀀄􀀑􀀅􀀍􀀒􀀃􀀉􀀃􀀓􀀄􀀔􀀊􀀉􀀉􀀃􀀔􀀎􀀕􀀐􀀄􀀔􀀑􀀅􀀅􀀊􀀎􀀄􀀈􀀃􀀄􀀓􀀃􀀎􀀃􀀉􀀇􀀏􀀅􀀃􀀓􀀄􀀋􀀉􀀊􀀇􀀄􀀎􀀂􀀏􀀍􀀄􀀍􀀔􀀑􀀕􀀃􀀓􀀄􀀍􀀔􀀊􀀉􀀃􀀖So I'm not sure if you really go by what you've calculated based on their statement....