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  1. Countdown to Star Wars

  2. Master's Degree Credit

    I think the reasoning is if you claim a "year" for two different things, then you probably were "half-time" for each. Perhaps if someone could show that they were working full-time for a year (2080 hours) and also earning a masters at night, Louisiana might be willing to allow it.
  3. ncees hasn't approved them or hasn't received them? if that's all you're lacking, they should be able to tell you if it's in house and just not reviewed yet or what.
  4. Am I eligible to sit for the exam?

    Wow! You might want to think about getting a hobby! Just curious - were you looking for something particular or just interested in seeing how things work?
  5. What's my Chemical PE Good For?

    I don't think the part I underlined in your comment is necessarily true. A consulting firm I worked at did a lot of process work so the PFDs, P&IDs, equipment specifications, etc., all had to be sealed. So if in the future you ever work for or as a consultant, you'll be glad you took care this now.

    All states review your education, experience, references, etc. Some do this as part of the application process in determining whether or not you'll be approved to sit for the exam and some do this review after you pass the exam before you get your license. It sounds like NY might do the latter. Or some combination of both.
  7. Club of people who failed April 2015

    I think those scores were for the practice exams......
  8. Raw score

  9. PA Results?

    I think it was posted the other day that only MA, NJ, PA and PR are left as PCS states.
  10. WI results are out

    Not according to their website - https://www.pcshq.com/?page=engineeringandrelatedfields It looks like they're only administering MA, NJ, PA and PR now. Click on the other ones on that page and it says they're no longer affiliated.
  11. TX results out!

    OK. No worries. It's reminds me of that old joke about med school - What do they call the guy who is last in his class? Doctor.....
  12. Indiana Results are Pending

    Hmmm. Gotta go with SAP on this one. Typically, ncees doesn't have the grading session for the "show your work" questions until June. Hard to believe they could move it up that session that much and already get the results out.
  13. TX results out!

    Why? Does it mean someone who got an 80 is more "minimally competent" than someone who scored 70? I don't think it's the type exam you can use to differentiate above the passing score - you're either minimally competent or you're not.
  14. A redneck road trip west....

    PIT maneuver?
  15. Emerging Engineers & Surveyors