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  1. Perhaps if there was a city in California called California you would understand and wouldn't let this bug you?
  2. What is an RLS exam?

    I think it's all the same exam, but different states use different designations. There may be others, but these are the ones I've seen over the years. P.S. - Professional Surveyor L.S. - Licensed Surveyor P.S.M. - Professional Surveyor & Mapper P.L.S. - Professional Land Surveyor R.L.S. - Registered Land Surveyor
  3. NFL 2015

    If the San Diego Chargers move as well, heaven help the marketing person at Dodge who doesn't close the deal for naming rights to the new stadium......
  4. College Football 2015

    Big tough Bama guy getting in the face of Clemson's QB after the failed 2 point conversion attempt...... https://vine.co/v/iMvv3KQ7EPK  
  5. NFL 2015

    Minus 6 degrees yesterday and 88 year-old former Viking's coach Bud Grant goes out for the coin toss. Heard to be muttering under his breath? "Frickin' wussies!"
  6. October SE Exam Results

    I remember reading somewhere that the test is set up so that you can't pass by just doing really well in either the morning or afternoon. You have to show a minimal effort on both parts.
  7. I always think of it as reciprocity is like a drivers license - you can use the one issued to you by your state and it's recognized by all the other states without having to register with each state individually in order to drive in those states. Comity is when you do have to register with each state to perform engineering work in that state.
  8. NCEES Registration Question - Pass/Fail?

      Unless you took it before four years experience and then you try to go to Ohio - they'll MAKE you retake it.....
  9. Pennsylvania is out

    No idea. "Mike in Gastonia" was an obnoxious caller to a sports show in Charlotte a while back. The show was franchised around - I just thought it would be a good name for a message board.
  10. Pennsylvania is out

    You guys have a long way to go..... The April thread for PA was 11 pages long before results were released......
  11. PPI and ASCE emails fortell anything?

    I think it's a public record thing for your state. If you go to your state's licensing page, you'll probably see where you can "verify a license" and most have where you can download a file with all of the data. NCEES itself isn't a government agency, so I don't think they have to comply with FOIA requests or anything like that.
  12. COME ON CA!

    So something sounds fishy here. Both of you talked with the board. And you're both saying different things?
  13. Cut Score revealed

    Agree. Think of what an attorney would do with this in a courtroom. "Well, the expert for the prosecution only scored a 71 on their PE exam while our expert for the defense scored and 87! Clearly, our expert is better than theirs!"
  14. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    Isn't that what we engineers do? 
  15. 2015 Oct Exam Rumor Mills

    Not exactly true as you stated. They send out a survey that all licensed engineers in a particular discipline can take - regardless of how they did on the exam. And it doesn't appear to be targeted to certain people - they send put the link out there for everyone. I'm sure they remove the data from non- eligible people (non licensed engineers) during the analysis. Here's a link to a news release for one on the architectural engineering exam http://ncees.org/about-ncees/news/ncees-seeks-architectural-engineers-professional-expertise-and-advice/