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  1. Zombies....mmmmmmmmmmmm
  2. Surprised this thread does not have a 1,000 views already.
  3. Wondering what did he do. Maybe put a milk crate in the driveway and sand the national anthem to celebrate in front of a rocking multitude of 3.
  4. Tijuana Flats >>>Qdoba=Chipotle Is a shame you cannot find them out of Florida.
  5. Not impressed with that. Have seen that b4.
  6. Stats say that 90% of people receiving those PE Exam Prep be4 getting results did not pass the test. (It is not true but I bet it scared you)
  7. ^^^ Hell yeah! F'ing awesome.
  8. Forget about it.Y'll are going to carry my Buckeyes' equipment. National Champions in two seasons. You will see.
  9. Firehouse. Ordered a sub that is called the engineer. Damn good.
  10. <------- I do not drink water, Only beer for me.
  11. <----Worked with dead people every day
  12. <------ 18-0
  13. huh? wheres the fudgeman?
  14. college football is everything.We are #18.Expect us to be out of the rankings by week 4. But we don't have to deal with TP anymore. Thats the only good news.
  15. Was out for a long time. Whats new around here?Too many pages of unread posts and I suffer of intelligent laziness.