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  1. The Walking Dead

  2. Results are out

    Surprised this thread does not have a 1,000 views already.
  3. USA wins another Olympic gold medal

    Wondering what did he do. Maybe put a milk crate in the driveway and sand the national anthem to celebrate in front of a rocking multitude of 3.
  4. McRib returns

    Tijuana Flats >>>Qdoba=Chipotle Is a shame you cannot find them out of Florida.
  5. DIY Rain Barrels

    Not impressed with that. Have seen that b4.
  6. Stats say that 90% of people receiving those PE Exam Prep be4 getting results did not pass the test. (It is not true but I bet it scared you)
  7. FBI Job interview

    ^^^ Hell yeah! F'ing awesome.

    Forget about it.Y'll are going to carry my Buckeyes' equipment. National Champions in two seasons. You will see.
  9. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Firehouse. Ordered a sub that is called the engineer. Damn good.
  10. I am a Badass

    <------- I do not drink water, Only beer for me.
  11. I am a Badass

    <----Worked with dead people every day
  12. I am a Badass

    <------ 18-0
  13. Old Video Games

    huh? wheres the fudgeman?

    college football is everything.We are #18.Expect us to be out of the rankings by week 4. But we don't have to deal with TP anymore. Thats the only good news.
  15. Earthquake Anyone

    Was out for a long time. Whats new around here?Too many pages of unread posts and I suffer of intelligent laziness.