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  1. So many jokes, so little time.
  2. And here I thought Dex had moved out of the US to get away from intolerance and bigotry, but it seems to have followed him across the world.
  3. x2. And don't forget the beer on your way home.
  4. Happy belated birthday!
  5. Happy birthday!
  6. And here I thought @leggo PE was a woman all this time...
  7. Surely you're not letting her read the drivel that you post are you?
  8. This is Calabash: And it originated here: Calabash, NC.
  9. Poke will be missed greatly, but at least I'll have some proper Calabash seafood again!
  10. I'm out, my employment in Hawaii is officially over! Aloha!
  11. Made it!
  12. Keep going!
  13. Keep going!
  14. Keep going!
  15. Keep going!