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  1. The Automotive Thread

    I'm not sure about all the differences between the Sahara and the Sport, but it has body color fenders, side step rails, standard Uconnect, 18" wheels, etc. The body color hard top is now an upgrade and the standard hardtop is the black.
  2. The Automotive Thread

    No, I didn't spring for the Rubicon. I got the Sahara.
  3. I wasn't planning on anything special, but I was looking forward to watching it. We're supposed to be around 97% coverage here, so almost a total eclipse. At least the kids will get to see it.
  4. Well, my chances of seeing the eclipse just went up in smoke. I have to go to Maryland for a design review on Monday and I'll be in a conference room going through drawings all afternoon... That sucks!
  5. The Automotive Thread

    ^Yea, my dad sold cars for a while and he's coming up to go over it with me. Based on what I've been told, the ship date of the Jeep was mid-July 2017, so it shouldn't have many miles on it from test driving, but you never know. I'll be making sure everything is good prior to signing anything.
  6. The Automotive Thread

    I drove one pretty much identical to the one I'm getting except it had the navigation radio in it and I'm not getting that. I've already joined wranglerforum.com and I'll look into the other sites you listed. Thanks!
  7. The Automotive Thread

    Duly noted. I'm getting the 4 door. Still want to have some family hauling space and the ability to take it for a camping weekend with everyone in tow. Also going for the soft top because I live in the south and would probably not use the hard top that often.
  8. The Automotive Thread

    Just got confirmation that the dealer trade was approved and I should have the Jeep by Saturday at the latest! I'm not going to know how to act in a new car, much less a Jeep!
  9. Same thing for our kids' school.
  10. The Automotive Thread

    Final price he's giving me is 5% below MSRP OTD with all-weather mats thrown in. Looks like I might be putting a deposit down today...
  11. The Automotive Thread

    So I'm currently negotiating via text with the Jeep salesman from my test drive on a Wrangler he found for me at a different dealer. So far I've got him down to an OTD price of about 3.5% below sticker (includes taxes, tags, etc.). I'm still planning to see how much lower I can get him to go and see if he'll add throw in any options. Wish me luck!
  12. The Automotive Thread

    Honestly, I'd probably not be doing a lot of mods right away, but it's great that there is such a large amount of stuff that I can do. I'm getting the salesman I test drove with to look for what I want and I'm going to see what he comes back with. There's a high volume dealer just outside of DC that has very good deals, so if they can't get close here locally I'll drive up there if need be.
  13. The Automotive Thread

    So now I've almost decided to just go with my wants and get a Jeep Wrangler. The problem is there are just way too many builds and accessories sold with them that push the price up to a ridiculous level. Not to mention I want a soft top and almost everything on the lots around here are hard tops. Might have to travel a bit to get what I what whenever I decide to pull the trigger.
  14. I just sent you an email with a copy of the letter that told me not to contact the board. I am in the process of getting the necessary information together for the application to be complete, but I don't want to sign up for an on-demand study course for this fall if I'm not going to be able to take the exam until next year. Thanks for your help!
  15. Ok, here's a question for our resident experts @ptatohed and @CAPLS. I applied to take the CA seismic and surveying exam in October and I just received a letter from them telling me my application is incomplete due to my work history no being sufficient. I know this is not the case considering I have my PE and SE and have been working 15+ years, so I evidently didn't present that information properly. I'm in the process of getting the required forms filled out, but I wanted to know if this means I can't sit for the October exam? The letter states that I can complete my application by submitting further paperwork within 90 days, but it's unclear if that means they would review and approve me for October. Of course they tell you in the letter to not contact the board in regards to this because all the information I need is provided. I just want to know before I spend the next two months studying for nothing. Thanks!