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  1. Nope! The Pink Panther Strikes Again
  2. Best holdings right now: Starbucks: 250% of purchase price, NVidia: 335% or purchase price, Cognex Corporation: 407% of purchase price. Best one in recent memory that I cashed out of was Smith & Wesson. Tripled my money on them in a relatively short time but sold them right after the election (Trump isn't nearly as good at selling guns as his predecessor.). My biggest was that I managed to walk away from the '98-'00 tech bubble with a whale of a capital gains bill and an airplane. I don't expect to see 400+% gains in under 6 months ever again.
  3. Happy belated birthday!!
  4. The latest one I've encountered is a thing called a Bemer. It's being marketed as an electromagnetic field therapy machine to improve blood circulation. The damn thing costs $6k. My wife got invited to a presentation by a friend at church and I tagged along 'cause my BS detector was going off and I was curious. The presentation was a lot of "We can't tell you some of the great things it does because we're waiting for FDA approval. However, if we could tell you, you would be astonished." Pretty slick presentation until the guy said you could store "energy" (he couldn't specify which type) in a pitcher of water by setting on the Bemer pad for a few minutes. They also claimed that it wasn't a MLM scheme and then went on to diagram a MLM scheme. Everybody in the room (about 50 people) were pretty much eating this stuff up. I just watched quietly and kept my mouth shut so as not to hurt any feelings or anger the wife. I swear the logic they are using is that they wouldn't be charging that much for something that didn't work.
  5. My wife tried selling Pary Lite candles for a while. With having to buy samples of that stuff for the shows and other expenses, she barely broke even. There was also a lot of pressure to sign up other suckers women to expand the network. She gave it up after 6 months or so. After 12 years, we still have a shelf full of those damned candles in the basement.
  6. Nice! Keeps the GFI from tripping like it did when they clamped it to the building steel.
  7. Happy belated!
  8. I'm uncomfortable in any aircraft seat that doesn't have a set of controls and basic flight instruments. Even discounting that, those look pretty damn uncomfortable. Hope it's a short flight.
  9. ^While I can appreciate the raw performance and the technology, I still prefer cars like this:
  10. Season 13 of NCIS. I'll wait for the current season to be available without commercials. He probably was unpopular in DC. The 49 state electoral landslide he won in '84 would seem to indicate the disdain was somewhat localized.
  11. And you were expecting to see exactly what in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin?
  12. #NotMyGroundhog
  13. It's been a couple of years but we stayed at the Great Wolf lodge a couple of times. It ended up being pretty chilly while we were there and having the indoor water park was pretty nice.