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  1. At one of our office parties we had mac and cheese stations with all kinds of varieties of mac and cheese. That was pretty cheesy!
  2. My ;point on being aggressive is the idea of coming within a car length of the rear of another car at highway speeds. I believe the safe rule of thumb is 10 ft for every 10 mph. Not too many 20 ft cars around that I know of and certainly not 70 ft cars.
  3. Do you drive NASCAR and are you trying to slingshot? You've got 4 or more lanes and you come within one car length before you move out to pass? Sounds rather aggressive. Do you draft semis to save gas too?
  4. force yourself! You can do it!
  5. All the cars need to be pretyy in line and no adjacent vehicles in order for that to work. I calling BS. I think it's staged.
  6. Supe: that's just awful. Audi: condolences on the passing of your grandmother.
  7. how many outlets for 221?
  8. Superman: The carribean vacation.
  9. Dogs can be trained to not bark constantly. Actually all they want is attention, so if these dog owners cared about having a dog at all, they'd pay some attention to them. My neighbors keep ther dog inside but the thing barks whenever anyhting moves (inside or outside). Whenever I go in their house the dog barks at me for a least 3-5minutes. F'k that.
  10. The past few years we've gotten the beef tenderloin for holidays at BJs butcher shop. It's been excellent.
  11. BS. that's the same as saying everyone can become president if they work hard enough. It sounds great in a motivational seminar, but it's idealistic. There are real limits based on age, gender, etc. but I do believe the limits are not as wide-spread and "limiting" as all of the special interest groups claim them to be.
  12. I took the PE in 2004 also and it was all multiple choice. The essay format was back in the 80's.
  13. I find that's true of all the variety packs. I think the manufacturer uses the combos as a means of getting rid of overstock on the less popular flavors. One needs to check if the bargain price is good enough to trash the crappy flavors and still come out ahead of just buying the flavors you like separately.
  14. three kid...definitelt time to buy in bulk. The savings are great but I pretty much just buy water, Gatorade and paper goods, the food packages are just way too big for two people. Even with my minimal purchases I definitely save the annual "fee" If you don't pay for parking then you must never go to any major city.