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  1. Be sure to save that photo to show her date on prom night.
  2. Interesting..... There's your motivation for Hernandez killing himself. His family will get his cash and not the "victims" a/k/a other d-bags that he killed. I'll bet his lawyers told him this and likely helped him do it, because after the criminal cases finished they were starting the civil suits.
  3. the local news coverage of this is acting like it's the death of a little boy gone astray. Reality is he was local thug who made it big and then f'ked up his life and is now dead at the ripe old age of 27. To quote Monty Python. "society's to blame" move on.
  4. I thought the engineer ring was a Canadian thing.
  5. P-E Can you bring me back a case of Heady Topper? Of course I'll pay a delivery surcharge.
  6. what's the vector, Victor
  7. Anyone ever hear of natural selection?
  8. I believe it has to do with gate scheduling. They can hold you on the plane but the plane can't stay at the gate.
  9. I believe that this is the intent. this viral incident was a "perfect storm"
  10. "I hope it does result in more positive change in the industry. " the only change will be that more people will feel "entitled" and "stand up for their rights" when they're not really "entitled" anything and whether or not they have any "rights" in the situation. Also this further propagates the American "sue 'em" mentality and the juries awarding outrageous sums to "teach the big companies a lesson" when it isn't deserved, warranted, and just doesn't make any sense.
  11. that's pretty good. We bought my son a $200 carbon fiber hockey stick for Xmas one year. It came with a 30 day warranty. My wife bought it early December and specifically asked that if it was an Xmas present can the warranty start on Xmas as he wouldn't even see it until then. The sales guy said sure. Like the second time my son played with it just after New Year, he broke it and it was more than 30 days from the initial purchase date. The sporting goods shop reluctantly gave us a replacement but it was a struggle to get them to honor their word.
  12. Absolutely. Like I mentioned before I bought my kid catcher's gear. The other kids would use it and stretch it out so it didn't fit him correctly anymore. "no dent warranty". Wow haven't heard of that before. I recall the one I bought was a light aluminum bat that would (and did) dent with abuse.....
  13. Sounds about right. Get him an equipment bag and tell him to put his stuff in it when he's not using it. Even then kids being kids, if they know it's there they might just go and get it. If he leaves it out in the open near the bench, the other kids will use it just like any of the team common equipment. One hates being a dick about it but that's kind of just the way it is. i hope he can just focus on playing the game and doesn't have to be distracted worrying about his stuff. Fun times.
  14. My Science Project Here's a new one. (hint both of these people became famous years after this movie)