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  1. a nice pair is all that's really needed.
  2. Enjoy it. It's only a matter of time until your kids start pushing you around.
  3. Watch where you're running. I assume you heard about this: just an awful thing.
  4. Yeah. It was a deal I couldn't pass up. Good luck with the Range she's a beaut!
  5. Nice. Good luck with it. Me too.
  6. Happy B-day CSB. I hope it's a great one and best wishes for many more. Did you get a birthday spanking?
  7. Happy Bday Audi. Hope it's a great one.
  8. just saw this thread. this made me LOL
  9. nice job. Electrical bugs can be a real PITA.
  10. Have you seen other Camaros over there?
  11. Adam West was the only true Batman. I'm not a fan of the Dark Knight version. 88 is a pretty good run. RIP.
  12. Recently, I've been driving my kids '09 Chevy cobalt with a 5-speed manual. Reaffirmed why I do not want a manual for my daily driver.
  13. One of the auto commercials here: auto guy #1 - It's got a nice "rumble" to it. auto guy #2 - "rumble"?!? that's an exhaust leak.
  14. I like to climb the 0ers here in MA (i.e. climb a bar stool at a bar overlooking the ocean and have a few beeers).