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  1. Happy bday DK. I hope it's a great one.
  2. Dee Snider from Twisted Sister had Counting Cars customize his Tesla S. They gave it some nice paint graphics and new wheels. They admitted they had no idea about the mechanicals of the car and during the show Dee was screwing with them by making the car do things using the cell phone app while the car was in the shop. It was likely staged but pretty funny.
  3. that's some scary s$%t! somebody's gonna die!
  4. With only the steel guide at the front I can see it being helpful but not not too much better than one could do unaided and being careful. However I do endorse that once they're in position to satisfaction some 5 minute epoxy will keep them there. I believe there are some Cub packs that have done just that.
  5. He's out of uniform and there's a rocket on his pine wood derby trophy. Was that the "special" PW derby? NJMike: The axles look illegal and I'm not clear on how the axle tool works to assure 4 wheel alignment.
  6. Single's Awareness is real!
  7. they've been aorund for years called tennis dresses.
  8. So did you "use" it yet?
  9. I'm long gone out of the PW Derby but I'm curious about the axles and alignment tool. Can you post a link so I can see what they look like?
  10. I watched JW on cable a few week ago. IIRC, they show the russian creep doing the deed in blurry background scene (through JW's hazy eyes after they had beat the hell out of him). Pretty graphic, as is the violence in the rest of the movie. not for the squeamish. Seeing as JW1 ends with him taking a pitbull from a veterinary/rescue shelter it doesn't surprise me that the dog is part of JW2. I'll watch JW2 but I knw better than to ask my wife to go.
  11. did you polish your axle?
  12. you've taken it ponce, so you have an idea of what you're going into. You also have an assessment of what you need to focus on from your last test. Therefore, you are your best resource of whether or not you can improve those areas in time for the April exam. Lastly, what is the deadline to register for the exam in your state? that alone might make your decision for you. All the other factors you list are personal reasons for procrastinating. Either give into the excuses and wait or go for it. We can't answer our questions because it relates to your ability to improve on the specific areas that are flagged in your test report from the prior exam. If you're just looking for a pep talk then my vote is go for it and get it done.
  13. fixt. Sorry I was just speaking from my experience.
  14. This one is pretty funny, it's a local place. Prior to last night the commerical just had the four rings. Then during the playoffs Brady answered the "any more?" question with "No, that's all.......for now". Immediately after the final of the game last night they showed this version, with the subtle "Roger that" at the end. Oh, those marketing guys, what a bunch of cards.
  15. Unbelievable end to an unbelievable season. Haters can hate all they want. Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots organization have done it again! It didn't look good for awhile there. Damn what a finish!