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  1. My sons both do. The car they used for college was a stick. 24k miles and I had to put in $1800 worth of clutch. hmmm, maybe they don't know how to drive one.
  2. Not predicted, I belive it's fact. Many kids today have no idea how to drive a manual transmission.
  3. Truthfully the place for this technology is in crowded urban areas. If vehicles could be programmed to run like "trains" there would be a lot less congestion and traffic jams. Picture a line of vehicles with tight spaces between them all traveling at the exact same speed. Vehicles could enter and exit the main roads at the same speed with minmal changes to allow vehicles to simply occupy an new sapce in the train. Vehicles would then be free to be manually controlled or guided in open non-urban areas. This technology is at its infancy but I think it's goignt o continue to progress. Using a common alogorithm would put all drives on the same level and eliminate disaprities between rod hogs/sheepish drivers/speed demons and crawlers. This would significantly reduce the resulting congestion when the group traveleing at 80mph hits a snag in the road where the speed is reduced to 50mph. And of course it would be Blu-ray porn everyone will be watching.
  4. if you don't have to drive it, then you're free to drink, text, do your hair and make-up, watch movies, etc. while your traveling. I know people do all this stuff now while driving but it should be easier if you don't actually have to pay attention to the road.
  5. let us know when the sand is installed and we'll all come over for a beach party!
  6. so you prefer Dallas girls?
  7. time for a palette cleanser
  8. sports floors like a basketball court are wooden floors that have some bounce/spring to them. If one constructs and elevated wooden floor on "sleepers" or vertically oriented 2x4's on the concrete floor spaced and aligned the same as typical joint framing and then installs a wood floor on the sleepers, the only difference between that configuration and a "wooden floor with a crawlspace" is that the sleepers are continuously supported where typical floor joists span from one side of the room to the other. Cheaply framed houses have some spring in the joists where the whole floor moves. I don't see how that really softens anything from foot falls. A less stiff floor is usually a nuisance because foot falls will now cause everything on the floor (tables, TVs. computer monitors, etc.) to vibrate with each step. To simulate that then put a single board around the perimeter of the room and then frame and install a floor elevated above the concrete. No offense to your friend but this seem really silly. Maybe she should try some of these:
  9. they're only hotter because they're in a tropical setting.
  10. Guess it's up to me to fix this thread. Go Pats!!!!
  11. Don't have to be a fan, but never underestimate your opponent.
  12. Depends on the definition of the word resounding. I'll admit preventing a touchdown with 1st and goal at the end of the game was fantastic defense, but the point total was a single touchdown so not exactly a rout. Pats should've tied it or won, but they did not. Seattle is a good team and a great opponent. I don't hate them for winning the game, I give credit where credit is due.
  13. FWIW, Buffalo was one of the Pats two losses this year. I'm not seeing your point. Belichick runs a tight ship and Brady has consistently proven himself. Not too mention numerous other standout players that provide significant depth so that the team can handle star players on the injured list wthout collapsing. Haters just gotta hate..
  14. I don't necessarily see the job market looking significantly differently at either program. What matters would be the quality of the internships or coop assignments. If you get a temporary position at a firm and they like you it might lead to a full time position. If you do challenging work for the internships then that experience will help. The co-op route offers more opportunities to try different places but one also needs to support his/heself for another year as opposed to getting a real job.
  15. No new bed, but I got a "mypillow" as seen on TV