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  1. Absolutely. Also. are the bearings on the end restrained from rotation? If so the midpsan deflection would realistically fall somewhere between a simple support and a fixed support. The deflection for a fixed end condition is 1/4 of the deflection of a simple beam for the same concentrated load at the midspan.
  2. Happy Bday Krak. Hope it's a good one and best wishes for many more.
  3. I believe the majority of boobies were in the John Candy mud wrestling scene and that was it. I've never seen the version where they parachuted. Sounds pretty lame.
  4. x2!
  5. my checked bag doesn't affect the cabin capacity like an overhead bag does. Why should I let you have my allocated overhead storage just because I checked my bag?
  6. Bingo. I think it's a pretty cool made for TV movie.
  7. no one has seen Martin sheen driving the flamed 32 ford deuce coupe pursued by the local sheriff (played by Vic Morrow)? Here's a hint...The name of the movie is painted on the car door.
  8. If you're into that sort of thing, I guess. I'd recommend a privacy fence around the yard first.
  9. Fast Times at Ridgemont High "I hope you had one hell of a piss, Arnold!"
  10. My neighbor is moving in couple of weeks. He's giving me his mower. I too will retire my trust craftsman with the "ding toed" front wheels. He won't rust out back though. There's a guy on our local "freecycle" group that constantly posts looking for running gas-powered anythings. I'm sure he'll come and take it away.
  11. Now I'm not a world-class traveler with a huge frequent flyer cache/profile but I'd estimate that above 95% of my air travel has gone smoothly and I did in fact reach my destination as planned with all of my belongings. Airline staff (including the flight attendants have been very nice. Whenever I get on a plane I don't figure on moving in, I just want a ride from one place to another. If that happens I'm happy and on the infrequent occasions where there was a snag, well I don't expect a free ride and a lifetime annuity.
  12. I;m in that camp too. Most weekends have been rainy and then out of a complete lack of desire to rake/spring clean-up I called the landscaper to come and do it. Still waiting for his visit.
  13. the cake story is a money-grab if you ask me. Yeah, let's take a family trip with two small kids to Vegas? for mommy's birthday and we'll take a cake with us. Freakin' idiots. Mommy has to wear her b-day blinking light tiara on the plane, too. "Family plans to sue" Imagine that.
  14. X2. Happy mother's Day all you mothers....