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  1. I always use my own. Also check as the credit card might cover it too.
  2. Is that good combination? Happy Anniversary and bye bye paycheck! Congrats to the Buffs and best wishes for many many more.
  3. I think he looks good for 70 yo. He's been pretty quiet for the past 9 years and I don't think he represents any threat to society, so why not. I'll bet he keeps a low profile and tries to stay off the grid (but the paparazzi will make that difficult for him).
  4. Happy B-day. I hope it's a great one.
  5. It absolutely sux and sorry to hear about it NJ. My brother and SIL just out their 14 yo samoyed down. The dog was a mess. At the end the dog couldn't even stand up on her own. They did that dog no favors by letting her go that long. Personally, I think it was pretty selfish of my SIL and my niece who held out on putting her down so long.
  6. I think Snick may have been referencing Howard Stern's discovery - Denise Miller. a/k/a the Keibasa Queen.
  7. my son was asked to be on the swim team when he was ~9. I'm glad we didn't do it. My buddy would tell m stories about spending the entire day inside a pool when his daughter had maybe one competitive event which lasted a couple of minutes. If you're a swimmer and like the environment, why not? Otherwise you may find yourself becoming an unwitting pool rat.
  8. and does this friend live in a basement and play a lot of video games?
  9. Happy Bday Tex. I hope you have a great one.
  10. might have to bail myself. I'm taking monday and wednesday....vacation!
  11. Is this new installation? Yes new sewer lines are typically tested under ~5psi pressure to check for tight joints. What is there to "inspect" on a 2 in. line. I would think a pressure test is in order but when the water service is turned on it'll get "tested" anyway.
  12. I'll let @Freon post the next one.
  13. Is it from 1971?
  14. I'll bet it's one of these....(Google search led to John Wayne's 84 westerns) 1930 The Big Trail 1931 The Range Fued 1932 Two-Fisted Law Texas Cyclone Ride Him Cowboy Haunted Gold The Big Stampede 1933 The Telegraph Trail Somewhere In Sonora Sagebrush Trail Riders of Destiny The Man From Monterey 1934 West of The Devide The Trail Beyond The Star Packer Randy Rides Alone The Man From Utah The Lucky Texan The Lawless Frontier Blue Steel Neath The Arizona Skies 1935 Westward Ho Texas Terror Rainbow Valley Paradise Canyon The New Frontier Lawless Range The Desert Trail The Dawn Rider 1936 Winds Of The Wasteland The Lonely Trail The Lawless Nineties King of The Pecos 1937 California Straight Ahead 1938 Born to The West Santa Fe Stampede Red River Range Pals of The Saddle Overland Stage Raiders 1939 Wyoming Outlaw Three Texas Steers The Night Riders New Frontier Allegheny Uprising Stagecoach 1940 The Dark Command 1941 Lady From Louisiana 1942 The Spoilers In Old California 1943 A Lady Takes A Chance 1943 War of The Wildcats (In Old Oklahoma) 1944 Tall In The Saddle 1945 Dakota Flame of Barbary Coast 1947 Angel and The Badman 1948 3 Godfathers Fort Apache Red River 1949 The Fighting Kentuckian She Wore A Yellow Ribbon 1950 Rio Grande 1953 Hondo 1956 The Searchers 1959 The Horse Soldiers Rio Bravo 1960 The Alamo North to Alaska 1961 The Comancheros 1962 How The West Was Won The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1963 Mclintock! 1965 The Sons of Katie Elder 1967 El Dorado The War Wagon 1969 True Grit The Undefeated 1970 Chisum Rio Lobo 1971 Big Jake 1972 The Cowboys 1973 Cahill-United States Marshal The Train Robbers 1975 Rooster Cogburn 1976 The Shootist
  15. I watched Pete's Dragon on Netflix last night. What a lame movie. 90% was the kid pining for the dragon and the dragon pining for the kid. Waste of time. Not to mention that at the beginning of the movie the parents die in an accident and the 3 year old is the only survivor left in the woods by himself....typical Disney "family" movie fare.