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  1. Good Luck to those lucky Friday the 13th examinees! Also by the time you finish the exam I will close most sections of the board down until the weekend - done so for your safety Please don't discuss the exam details, specifics, questions, answers, things that look like questions or answers here Try and enjoy the weekend with some cold adult beverages.. unless your British then enjoy the warm adult beverages... The "General Discussion" form will be open, where you can talk about non exam stuff...
  2. (just looking for ideas) Colony ( 5/10 meh's worth watching)
  3. the woman who was also on House of Cards (cant recall her name - but the congresswoman who was always working with Frank -early in the show before I gave up on it)? She seems to be in a ton of Netflix shows and movies, they must be giving fairly exclusive contracts out - starting to see the same people retread in a little bit of everything.. (I liked her better in HOC)
  4. first episode was pretty good - haven't watched the 2nd one yet
  5. The Automotive Thread

    this doesn't look like the kind of person who actually "coexists"
  6. April 2018 15K SPAM thread

  7. The Automotive Thread

    drinking too much water from the Rocky Flats area.....
  8. The Automotive Thread

    me too! I guess with new vehicles in the $40K range they are a bargain. My Tahoe has over 200,000 miles on it and aside from the "stuff" breaking like the cables that retract the seat, and the push buttons which control things like the 4WD, sunroof, etc needing to be replaced, I still drive it up to the mountains in the heavy snow and don't give it much of a second thought about it breaking down on us. I plan to let that be each kids "first car" and keep it until something for real $$ breaks, like an engine - only bad thing about it is that my younger kid went to get his French horn out of the back of the Tahoe from school and found his older brother making out with his girlfriend in the back of the Tahoe (while at "lunch") - so now I make sure to keep the 3rd row seats in the vehicle at all times!
  9. April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    that's why most places did away with sick leave and just have PTO - corporate genius!
  10. The Automotive Thread

    I think that is it - I think the owner told his car salesman buddy he could sell it as long as he got $X and then the sales guy is just trying to get as much extra as he can. It has 150K miles on it, when I ran it through KBB it was at the middle end of what we offered for the private sale. Both Inline 6 jeeps I had went to 225K miles before any issues - so I wasn't too concerned about the mileage. Now he has it listed at $9K - & there are lots of Rubicons in the lower 100K mile range in the $12,000 asking price, even with just soft tops In the end a jeep with 33 IN tires probably not the best vehicle to go back and fort to Rapid City, SD from Denver a few times a year , 5+ hours.. JR is going to pony up some money so I think we may just find a stripped down Tacoma, from the value section of car max (cars with 100K+ miles) but at least Ill feel a bit better than dealing with the craigslist folks..
  11. The Automotive Thread

    Dealt with the car salesman over the phone/text and met the owner at his house - I stalked him via the city GIS database and the name checked out. But still glad I walked... Anyone else want to harass the car salesman via fake text number?
  12. The Automotive Thread

    so we have been on the lookout for a slightly less piece of crap for RG JR #1 to take to college in August. wasn't in a hurry to do it this soon, but the lady I cohabitate with saw a nice jeep on the craigslist so we go check it out. its a 2004 jeep Rubicon, I6, Automatic, hard top, lift, etc - been really well taken care of - we pull up to the house to check it out and there is a pretty nice old school Harley and a 60's something chevy truck completely restored to the max, I take that as a good sign (gearheads) take it for a spin, runs great. then I learn the guy selling it doesn't like "confrontation" so he is letting a buddy of his sell it for him - wonderful - learn the buddy is a car salesman. These things, even with 150,000 + miles here still sell for decent money, they had it listed around $8800 - which I though was not bad but offered like $7500 just to get the negotiations started - we ended up agreeing to $8K, which still seemed a little high but the thing was in excellent shape (probably too nice for an 18 year old). it had probably $2 grand in new tires on it ( which I was thinking of putting on my jeep to be honest) - so I kept asking the guy for the VIN # and started to get a weird feeling, he said he would send me the carfax, I told him I didn't mind paying for it, says he will send, then it never comes, delays all day Sunday, delays all day Monday, never sent either vin # or carfax (I should have gotten when I drove it) I was supposed to meet him today at lunch and just got a weird feeling Monday morning so I get one of those "text free" apps and text him to see if the jeep is available and the guy tells fake me (doesn't know its me) yeah I still have it available but now wants $9500 for it & sends me a link to a new craigslist ad where he added some stuff to the description.. fake me also says I want to come look at it tonight, very interested, fake me offers $9500 sight unseen if he will send fake me the vin # - then crickets, can't meet tonight, maybe tomorrow... long story short real me figured something was going weird so I just dropped communication with him Monday morning when he wouldn't give me the vin#. I am currently texting him from 3 different fake text free numbers just to seem overly interested and see what shakes out - currently asking if he will meet me about half an hour from the dudes house with cash & title... figure I can at the very least waste some of his time.. Also weird he keeps posting the ad on craigslist for like an hour and then removes, and them reposts it? very strange.. Not sure if something is wrong with the title but I got really weirded out when he wouldn't give me the VIN# ? Claimed to have the title but never saw it.. defin strange... and what a total waste of my Sunday!
  13. April 2018 15K SPAM thread

  14. Basement 2.0

    ughh.. so wife mysteriously found some $ and wants to do some work on our basement. Her reasoning is that our same model house with a finished basement just sold for $100K more than ours appraised for. I don't really want to deal with this but it would be nice to have some more room & my daughter has said she would be interested in staying home for the 1st year of college if she had a "suite" in the basement.. Still not sure I am going to go through with this again, but this time around I am going to contract out some more stuff like framing and sheetrock to save some time.. anyways... Here is a link to my previous project if anyone wants to hire me out? I have two areas in the basement that have plumbing and I am trying to figure out if both are set up for a full bathroom or maybe one is for a small kitchen / bar? These areas are close but not close enough to be the same room. The one picture that has two pipes the same size the pipes are 4 IN and the other photos one pipe is 4 IN pipe and a 2.5 IN Pipe. I am thinking that the first photo is the one set up for the bathroom? I haven't looked at the codes but I am assuming a 4 IN pipe is required for the toilet and shower? Or can you get by with a smaller drain pipe for a shower? I just did this 5 years ago but cant remember!
  15. April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    Probably just can't handle an 8% beer
  16. The Baking Thread

    Solid effort so long as it doesn't involve peeling a label of a can
  17. Basement 2.0

    But did the bulb light up?
  18. Basement 2.0

    The tamper resistant outlets have a layer of plastic behind the prongs and when you place pressure on both or all the "holes" it releases the plastic so you can plug in your lamp/ tv/ etc... Can't see that it's a totally flawless setup as it seems like they are fairly flimsy. I had ironically bought a couple without knowing until I installed them.. I know this is how the code works for new construction but seems kind of stupid since the rest of the house doesn't have them- guess I should be glad they are not requiring all of them in the whole house to be replaced - can see a government applying that logic..
  19. how do you do a second season to that show?
  20. Basement 2.0

    so had my final inspection on the basement Friday - FAILED! LOL I guess I didn't read the large print note on my permit that said all the outlets have to be "tamper resistant / child proof" major PIA to rewire them - but my fault... They did give me a temporary CO so I can move furniture down there , which is what I needed.. if its the current code they shouldn't even sell the "non child proof ones" oh well... On a positive note, this area of the Country doesn't use the standard molding for windows, instead they finish the sheetrock and then put a nice custom made window sill on the bottom (if that's what its called) - I had never done much with a router but I bought a cheap one and made 4 of these for the 4 windows in the basement, I burned through some cheaper wood until I got the hang of it, the glare from the sun makes these hard to see but I though they turned out pretty cool - wife was worried I would lose a finger or two in the process (still have all 9! )
  21. PE Civil Transportation APRIL 2018

    I am going to assume they were joking - but thanks for locking this down before it got out of hand
  22. We watched all of that one, except the final episode, we heard her suicide was shown very graphically and we just figured we didn't need to see it - we watched it with our teenage kids and used it as a way to enforce that you just cant worry about what other people think, and to try and point out that the girl in question also made some bad choices in trying to make friends / be cool etc.. I don't think the show was trying to glorify suicide - but I did get the feeling that it left me with a sense of "I'll have the last say over all you people"
  23. It's Friday!!!!

    Happy it's still Sunday Day...
  24. Random Topics 3.1

    so I was making a pit stop on the road this morning and I literally watched this swerving 82 Honda drive up and I think this girl (maybe?) got kicked to the curb and the dude drove off fairly quick like, she took off a show and threw it at the car... I went into Target and she was still standing there when I left - maybe some dude just got sick of her shit?
  25. Possible playhouse assistance for inclusive park

    We did a similar class at a government I worked at (Excel by chance?) where we did a group and individual project. Anyways our parks department would basically order these pre designed play ground structures (but 100X nicer than the standard one you would put in your background or a subdivision playground) and then would assemble them themselves - sort of like buying a "tuff shed" or similar where someone has already signed off on the design- there is so much liability in a new playground facility these days- especially one for all users. But they are pricey - may be worth looking into but I believe they are pricey - you could achieve the same result but not have to worry about the liability part. Just maybe more fund raising?? Either way good luck! I believe there are enough standard codes available if your proposing to Build something out of wood I don't think it would necessarily need to have a PE stamp it. I'm also assuming second story for a play ground is only going to be 6' off the ground?