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  1. post em if you got em...
  2. I like how fucking excited that guy Was to be a fucking falcon! Also it will be enjoyable to watch John Elway fuck up another draft fucking d bag
  3. Any degree or license only gives you an opportunity, it doesn't automatically grant you fatty money, of course it did for me though Now Dex remember that I only like one sugar in my coffee from now on
  4. I think masters degrees are great! Most everyone that works for me has one
  5. So I was at a transportation conference and one of the less boring speakers had done some research on the effect of uber vehicles on the road. I will summarize without any links cause I don't have them but it was pretty interesting. The "study" was from some recent phd's who also drove as uber drivers for a year while they did some of their research. These were Denver Numbers: Average Drivers are making (gross) $15 an hour in Metro Area. After you factor in wear and tear on your vehicle, gas, etc they are making $7.50 / hour (less than Colorado minimum wage). Like a lot of people they are not factoring in the true cost they are experiencing. Uber is converting trips that used to be walking / biking / transit trips to vehicle trips resulting in increased traffic on roads. Basically the study said the main people benefiting from uber are people out to drink, people not wanting to drive to places where parking is expensive / dangerous, or for trips to the airport... look for the transit police to kill these companies of soon
  6. OK trying a new one out.. Your objective is to ban the poster above you.. for example Post 1. Game Starting Post Post 2. Banned for starting the stupidest thraad known to Post 3. Banned for spelling thread wrong Post 4. etc, etc, etc, and you have to quote the previous thread.......
  7. At this point in my career there is very little I can learn from someone who likely has never worked outside of some academic world. Now I spent some time with an old guy who built Glenwood canyon a few weeks ago and I actually learned some things. But PDH's are worthless unless you just feel you need them... If you are still working on relevant work you will be kept up to speed. If you are doing home inspections as a structural engineer then you may need to keep abreast of the latest..
  8. I think its kind of an over reach myself, but then again are Traffic Engineers real Engineers anyway
  9. Most are using it as a job / supplemental income and not as a "ride share" - If you check out the app you will see there are tons of these drivers just hanging out waiting to give you a ride, probably idling and further polluting the environment. We should be thankful the unions are standing up to these rebels!
  10. Not sure why but this is funny to me.. However This Sec Defense is a pretty good pick up I think..
  11. PDH's are not really intended to "keep you up to date" they are more of a result of someone who sells those classes takes the right politician / government schmuck to the right vacation / dinner until they convince them that we all "need" to buy their worthless PDH / CEU classes, books, etc.. Its basically welfare...
  12. This is Fake News / Intellectual Dishonesty on the part of NCEES In my experience things like this only come up in states that are trying to use this as an example of why other professions should be licensed, A common one is Residential Contractors (basically a form of life lower than Real Estate Agents and Defense Attorneys) - Its usually some "legislator" that has had a bad experience with a home builder and finds their is no recourse (no license in most states) so they come up with some argument, well if the guy that built my house doesn't need to have a license then why should the people who design our bridges? - Without much real attempt to do away with licensure.
  13. You have found the place you need to be!
  14. Is it the one where he said the only way to save the planet was to only eat plants?
  15. The Mary Jane Side of Winter Park is open through April 30th. If the snow is multiple days we will defin go up Saturday for one last day. I think 5 resorts are still open this weekend and next. But yes Breck, Keystone, Copper, etc are all closed. I've never found any food that was "all that great" in any of the mountain towns. It seems most people at the end of a day of skiing or mtn biking just want something like burgers, pizza, or chicken fingers.. But I do think most all the local beer places are above average (but sometimes the service is typical of a mountain full of pot smokers)
  16. lol - yes these make the phone call I got from my 8th graders principal about him yelling "bye Felicia" to her in the auditorium after an assembly not so bad
  17. keep these stories coming, been a rough few weeks in teenager land so these are good reminders of what I don't miss!
  18. so were still talking about finger rings?
  19. hmmmmm what to do next weekend.....
  20. it looks like it's going to be three bannings in three consecutive days
  21. The droid carried the movie and the last 10 minutes really make the movie...
  22. I could trade you a pissy 15 year old for a few days!