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  1. Anyone else subscribe to this? (& I don’t mean in a religious sense like the phrase is often used) I used to think this phrase was utter BS, but now I am starting to become a believer…. For example does rejection of a job you thought you really wanted lead to a better opportunity 6 months later? (or relationship, etc) Or does life just always balance out in the end?
  2. post em if you got em...
  3. Anyone else watching this? I have to say its fairly decent and even though I think its a little over dramatic it defin gives you some insight into the teenage world. If you have teenagers they are most likely going to watch it and I would recommend you watch it also. My 16 year old daughter said it resonated with her. Not the part about being considered a slut but just the social media aspect of HS where you feel like shit when you see people you think are your friends hanging out and not inviting you and such (I tried to tell her that still happens in adult hood)
  4. OK trying a new one out.. Your objective is to ban the poster above you.. for example Post 1. Game Starting Post Post 2. Banned for starting the stupidest thraad known to Post 3. Banned for spelling thread wrong Post 4. etc, etc, etc, and you have to quote the previous thread.......
  5. in the spirit of movie threads.. what yah playing? Yes Vt we know your better than us, dont watch TV, play video games, or celebrate thanksgiving my daughter got an xbox for christmas, for myself I picked up left 4 dead, its been a pretty cool time waster during the cold winter months so far.. last night I wasnt paying attention and when I stopped playing it was 1:30 AM, so I need to "be more mindful" of the time... I havent played many video games in a while, last one I enjoyed was star wars battle front for the playstation 1.. my parents (who didnt know any better) got my son (11) Call of Duty Black ops, which is a cool game for me, but I dont want my kids playing this game, I think they say the word motherfucker about 10 times in the first 5 minutes.. I was going to let him trade it at gamestop for Halo? Does anyone know if the lnaguage is quite as fould as Call of Duty and is it less gore (like not stabbing a guy in the throat?) anyways, the zombie killing game has been excellent so far..
  6. I guess I should always trust Red
  7. yeah no thanks.. I'm done with all the school bullshit, little league, cub scouts, boy scouts, HS sports, HS Band, etc...
  8. I used to work with a guy who went to HS with one of the JETS "dudes" kids
  9. the wife did comment that we have drank a 2L bottle of tequila in 3 weeks..
  10. how are you a jets fan again?
  11. no its not quite as bad as a 43 year old having a baby! jesus Christ even the thought of that.... ((shudders)) I don't want to jinx it, but I have been doing some major strategizing to get a new job and running into a bunch of dead ends in jobs that I should have been a slam dunk for and then it turns up there may be something worth staying here after all..
  12. I really don't think that unless you live above 10K FT there are any real benefits of living at 5K or 6K ft and running uphill at high elevation (shit its hard enough just walking uphill at 10K feet and above)
  13. I'm game- my travel ability is limited to being drained financially by 3 HS kids for a few more years but snowmass I can do!!
  14. I've finally gotten back to doing an honest 20 miles a week for the last month. its pretty amazing how much better I sleep, eat, etc when I have this constant in my life.. It does take up a significant amount of time If I don't get it done in the morning though!
  15. too much weed last night...
  16. I will put it on the calendar leggo! (I can crank out a 10 min mile :D) )
  17. I would just spray all the wires with that plasti dip stuff
  18. congrats! I just found out my company had a team that placed 23 out of 400? on the same course (maybe I heard the total # of teams wrong) of course they didn't invite me to be on the team! (Damn skinny young people)
  19. I cant figure out how to download a FB video, but this is a screen shot of one of my wife's cousins feeding a bream (fish) to a gator while they were fishing over the weekend....
  20. 1st Summits you have to drag a piece of cardboard so you can write the summit name and elevation on it so you can add it to your log book
  21. I know, I came down to my normal office (after being in the field a week) mainly to be "seen" and guess what? Aint no one fucking here!
  22. Happy Friday to all! This time next week I will be on A1A, mile marker 79!
  23. CSB- did your truck come with doors?
  24. Manuals are the way to go! No tape deck though