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  1. we had one of these that accidentally got deleted.. here is round 2! these don't have to be engineering related, but can be
  2. Forum Banning Game

    OK trying a new one out.. Your objective is to ban the poster above you.. for example Post 1. Game Starting Post Post 2. Banned for starting the stupidest thraad known to eb.com Post 3. Banned for spelling thread wrong Post 4. etc, etc, etc, and you have to quote the previous thread.......
  3. Whatcha Playin?

    in the spirit of movie threads.. what yah playing? Yes Vt we know your better than us, dont watch TV, play video games, or celebrate thanksgiving my daughter got an xbox for christmas, for myself I picked up left 4 dead, its been a pretty cool time waster during the cold winter months so far.. last night I wasnt paying attention and when I stopped playing it was 1:30 AM, so I need to "be more mindful" of the time... I havent played many video games in a while, last one I enjoyed was star wars battle front for the playstation 1.. my parents (who didnt know any better) got my son (11) Call of Duty Black ops, which is a cool game for me, but I dont want my kids playing this game, I think they say the word motherfucker about 10 times in the first 5 minutes.. I was going to let him trade it at gamestop for Halo? Does anyone know if the lnaguage is quite as fould as Call of Duty and is it less gore (like not stabbing a guy in the throat?) anyways, the zombie killing game has been excellent so far..
  4. elliptical machine

    yeah but what about the times I tell the old ball and chain I am going to the gym but really go to Rock Bottom Brewery for nachos and beer?
  5. NFL 2017

    Bledsoe definitely wasn't terrible (like Kapernick)
  6. NFL 2017

    I am pretty sure the Pats were 0-2 before Tommy boy that season.. & you may be the only one still pissed that Bledsoe didn't play in that SB!
  7. NFL 2017

    It's not that hard of an offense, I throw and you catch. What's so hard?
  8. elliptical machine

    For what its worth we bought one when my kids were too young for me to leave them to go run outside or at the gym,(wife was working nights so there was not much time to get away from the minions) I do not recall the brand but we paid around $1000 bucks and it didn't last a year. When I went to bitch to the commercial vendor we bought it from they basically told us we "used it to much".. I paid $150 bucks to get it fixed and then practically had to give it away to get it out of my garage.. If you want to buy one I would try and get a good used one - I think on our neighborhood site nextdoor there are always at least 3 on there for sale or nearly free
  9. NFL 2017

    so if Kap could carry Bradys jock strap he might be a backup somewhere?
  10. elliptical machine

    we went and looked at this new gym called Chuze fitness (not sure where else they are located) but they have nearly full size movie screens and tons of cardio shit (bikes, treadmills, elliptical, rowers, etc) and you can choose between a couple of movies but it looked liked a cool setup
  11. NFL 2017

    they defin were not any where near the favorite, but can you name anyone else on that team without looking it up? lets let a Patriot Fan chime in and see if they remember that year? If Kap hadn't been extra greedy he would be a Denver Bronco right now. & I would bet a backup to one of the other existing shitty QB's they currently have..
  12. NFL 2017

    When Brady came up through the patriots they basically sucked at the time.... Maybe they should call Vince Young too? I just saw him at Krispy Kreme.
  13. elliptical machine

    Plus the scenery is usually not bad
  14. elliptical machine

    I would honestly just find a cheap gym, YMCA, etc and pay the $30/ month and let someone else maintain them...
  15. The Running Thread

    They are almost as comfortable as my ugg boots
  16. NFL 2017

    Something tells me if teams were willing to play Mike Vick and face the wrath of soccer mom animal lovers across the US they would sign Kap if they really thought he could help them..
  17. NFL 2017

  18. NCAAF 2017

    I live in the void of college football so I have like no news on what's going on? All I know is that this is usually the highest USC is ranked during the season..(that's usually all that's accurate on these things)
  19. NFL 2017

    I am hoping this past weekend was just Friday the 13th weekend for the NFL...
  20. NCAAF 2017

    I'm not a bama person but this dude is hysterical..
  21. we did suffer through the whole SOA series but I had just forgotten most of it.. was trying to find something else to watch but doesn't seem to be too much out there ----- gave up near beginning of season 2 I heard they are making a mayans spin off? But I think SOA had a major chic following... well see if they can recreate that.. Also LOL I saw a dude on a motorcycle wearing a SMACRO leather jacket. Occasionally well see a real MC club passing through rural CO and I imagine they wouldn't take too kindly to that?
  22. (just looking for ideas) Colony ( 5/10 meh's worth watching)
  23. NFL 2017

    Here is another joke... Brock is back in at QB for the Broncos.....
  24. I got 15 min into Gerald's game and changed it - been meaning to finish it but just haven't yet- it was an interesting book
  25. Meme Battle

    Reply only with a meme