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  1. we had one of these that accidentally got deleted.. here is round 2! these don't have to be engineering related, but can be
  2. I watched the first two episodes "on demand" last night, pretty cool show, I do typically prefer zombie movies to have a little more of the Mirana whatserface from resident evil,,, but so far the show may have me hooked (since weeds, dexter, and SOA have really sucked this year!)
  3. It sure has been different around here these last couple of years without you man....
  4. so far I've got 15 days in this year, Id say maybe half of those days I actually had a really good time. Most of those were the week before Christmas and few other scattered days. Yesterday we had gotten so sick of the lines in Steamboat ( snow was terrible too) we decided to snow shoe some and then we rode our boards back to the car (very vanilla type back country riding) but 100 X more enjoyable than the day before.. plus I felt like I got some honest exercise.. Here if we leave around 0630 its a 2 hour drive, worst I have ever had was 3.5 hours (around 100 miles) I hope the broncos do well next year because when they do well it makes a 20 % dip in the amount of traffic.
  5. so as someone over 40 I am not supposed to like "new things" but I was needing to change the oil in the jeep and they have the new "euro style" oil filters that you change from the top of the engine and you don't have to play the game of unscrew the hot oil filter and turn it right-side up before it all spills over the driveway game.. have to say If I could find an easy way to rotate my own tires I may never have to go back to have someone else change my oil ever again, it was "easy peasy"
  6. I am giving serious thought to taking a year off skiing- or maybe just buying a 4 pack and not getting a season pass next year.. Days like this are so much more enjoyable..
  7. I do think you can "overthink " the cars! But the way I saw it, so long as your kid isn't the one whose car doesn't make it all the way down the track you have done your job! PH- The cost vary from pack to pack, our "dues" were around $75 a year. You buy the shirt, book, and a few patches. The pack buys the "badges" If you are considering it for the fall look around ebay for used cub scout shirts in the summer, they will be plentiful as kids grow fast, they will be hard to find once school starts and the pack year begins. We bought a large blue shirt for the kids that gets them through 3rd grade usually.
  8. post em if you got em...
  9. (just looking for ideas) Colony ( 5/10 meh's worth watching)
  10. The year I did the least amount of "illegal crap" is the year we brought home the hardware...
  11. Id imagine its probably a lack of maintenance issue than a design / construction issue. If you look at those spillway photos is looks like there has been some sever erosion to the right of the spillway for some time
  13. Our scout troop back home (Atlanta) was chartered out of a catholic church, the only real interaction was doing some service projects (as a thank you for them letting us use their lights and space) and maybe a once a year pancake breakfast. No one shows up at scout meetings to try and make your kid a catholic, religious, etc. If your the kind of person that cant even be on a church property without going into a cross fit style anti religion rant, then no its not for you But its a great program for boys, I cant say enough about it. Plus it is giving me the excuse to live on a boat for a week
  14. probably one of them shorter yankee tracks
  15. I just signed my 14 year old and myself up for sea base next summer (living on a sailboat for 10 days in the Bahamas) & I have a 15 year old teenage girl who is absolutely pissed that they don't really have a girl equivalent of boy scouts! girl scouts is a sad organization- they are almost afraid to do anything "outside"..
  16. Its very low spirituality based in practice, even though it was originated as a Christian based organization, its very vanilla...
  17. When I ran our pinewood derby we had to check the nails to make sure they looked like the ones that came with the kit. If its not obvious from looking at the nail head that they are not the BSA nails then you can probably squeak by- but they are most defin not legal for BSA / Cub Scout use. You have to use the nails and wheels that are from the BSA kit. We were a pack with a lot of overpaid Lockheed martin engineers with a lot of free time, I recall a lot of times under 3.5 seconds..
  18. the videos I just saw on CNN don't look very good for this whole area- looks Katrina like almost..
  19. well today was a good day! I took my sons Eagle Scout application to the main council office to get reviewed and signed off on. Basically what this means is that he just has to have his Board of Review and then will be "done" an Eagle Scout, 3rd Generation. Its been a total PIA this last year and a half to try and get him to do anything on this. Ive been quietly pushing him from time to time but haven't made it "my job" He had been trying to find a time to take his application to get reviewed (they make sure all his dates of ranks and such are accurate) but they are only open M-F, 8-4:30 so if you are in school its tough to get done, so finally he asked If I would take it and have it done..The Denver office is failry close to my work so I was able to stop by during lunch.. Although I don't want him to put this off much longer this means he can technically receive his rank after he turns 18 (since all the "work" is done) - he turns 18 in August Now I get to start pushing his little brother (just turned 14) and is "life" rank!
  20. I will defin take a pass on any more lego movies. jesus krist I still have a headache from the last one! I was bored after work and didn't feel like going home last Thursday so I went and saw that "Space between us" movie I guess I should have read the story first, basically a teenage love story with a space element added. I was the only (dude) in the theatre and there was an entire row in front of me of HS ages girls sobbing the entire 2nd half of the movie.. Sort of a The Martian meets fault of our stars?
  21. or I guess I should say "construct this" But yeah I hope they get everyone out of there, that doesn't look like a good situation, I wonder if they can draw down the lake with some big ass pumps?
  22. I wish I could get my dog to do that on command- everyone is always like "can I pet your dog?" No get your own F'n dog!!!!
  23. TWJ- Let me know if you didn't get the money.. There are no commissions for supporting members by they way. You should get the full money minus whatever paypal takes out..