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  1. Hello from Boston

    Either way you all talk funny
  2. NCAAF 2017

    I live in the void of college football so I have like no news on what's going on? All I know is that this is usually the highest USC is ranked during the season..(that's usually all that's accurate on these things)
  3. I couldn't get through season 1 of daredevil, may have to revisit, since I think I have finished everything else on Netflix
  4. (just looking for ideas) Colony ( 5/10 meh's worth watching)
  5. Forum Banning Game

    OK trying a new one out.. Your objective is to ban the poster above you.. for example Post 1. Game Starting Post Post 2. Banned for starting the stupidest thraad known to eb.com Post 3. Banned for spelling thread wrong Post 4. etc, etc, etc, and you have to quote the previous thread.......
  6. Random Topics 3.1

    a couple of counties in NE CO tried that a few years ago, I am pretty sure its not an option in the constitution. But maybe those parts of CA could just become part of Nevada, Utah, Arizona?
  7. Random Topics 3.1

    so I was making a pit stop on the road this morning and I literally watched this swerving 82 Honda drive up and I think this girl (maybe?) got kicked to the curb and the dude drove off fairly quick like, she took off a show and threw it at the car... I went into Target and she was still standing there when I left - maybe some dude just got sick of her shit?
  8. funny pic thread

    post em if you got em...
  9. Random Topics 3.1

    that's better than the $500,000 / acre here!
  10. finished season 1 of punisher, it was pretty good. Started watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon. I didn't catch the first 5 minutes, but what does he do if his cell mate gets out of jail?? Or was he in for life?
  11. Professional Ethics

    Honestly you could waste a bunch of time and gather evidence and submit to the state board and maybe (big maybe) they may send him a nasty letter; if even that. But probably not worth your time unless your firm feels they are losing work for it and then they can get attorneys involved, but sadly these people exist and normally karma / life ends up catching up to them eventually
  12. Random Topics 3.1

  13. Basement 2.0

    ughh.. so wife mysteriously found some $ and wants to do some work on our basement. Her reasoning is that our same model house with a finished basement just sold for $100K more than ours appraised for. I don't really want to deal with this but it would be nice to have some more room & my daughter has said she would be interested in staying home for the 1st year of college if she had a "suite" in the basement.. Still not sure I am going to go through with this again, but this time around I am going to contract out some more stuff like framing and sheetrock to save some time.. anyways... Here is a link to my previous project if anyone wants to hire me out? I have two areas in the basement that have plumbing and I am trying to figure out if both are set up for a full bathroom or maybe one is for a small kitchen / bar? These areas are close but not close enough to be the same room. The one picture that has two pipes the same size the pipes are 4 IN and the other photos one pipe is 4 IN pipe and a 2.5 IN Pipe. I am thinking that the first photo is the one set up for the bathroom? I haven't looked at the codes but I am assuming a 4 IN pipe is required for the toilet and shower? Or can you get by with a smaller drain pipe for a shower? I just did this 5 years ago but cant remember!
  14. Canada Goose???

  15. Basement 2.0

    Yeah that stuff sucks If you go back a page in this thread our living room we repainted that shit brown with a lighter color grey and did that with only two coats of the behr paint.
  16. Basement 2.0

    we have had really good luck with the Behr primer included paint. It wouldn't cover a crazy dark color in one coat but defin in two
  17. Basement 2.0

    I don't have any finished painting pics, but here is some in progress pics.. glad the painting part is over...
  18. ppi_12_728x90.jpg

  19. Basement 2.0

    mostly just the floors, remaining in the bathroom (floor tile, toilet, sink, fart fan) and then the floors and molding & a couple of doors. People charge so damn much for bathrooms its worth it to do that myself. We have some old carpet leading down to the basement but I think I am just going to clean those the best I can and maybe pull the carpet off and stain the stair treads this summer. I had a sub panel put in and the guy wanted to charge me nearly $2 grand to wire all the outlets, switches, and install the breakers (he had already run the wires to the new outlets), I did that a few hours a night last week and hooked up the breakers this past weekend also. We had an area in the basement set up so we can add a bar later, but I don't think I will tackle that this year...
  20. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    weve always gotten a decade plus out of all our maytags, I know there has been some ownership changes but I don't think I would buy another brand.
  21. Basement 2.0

    finished most of the grout this past weekend, I think I am going to finish out the bathroom and then pay someone to do whichever floors we pick out - I just have lost all motivation to do this type stuff.. but at least I will have a "standing urinal" once I install the shower faucet
  22. HOA Horror Stories

    I almost forgot, our last neighborhood I was actually on the board for 6 months, I was basically "the guy" who voted no on any non essential expenditure, I believe I irritated the other stay at home moms on the board who wanted to spend every nickel in the account, then I missed the bi -annual meeting when my daughters softball team was in the playoffs and they did some weird rule where you can vote out a board member that doesn't show up for the annual meeting.. Then I went into the database at work (I worked at the County) and dropped our neighborhood a decade from the subdivision resurfacing list the following Monday..
  23. NFL 2017

    some great games this weekend! I was surprised the dirt birds even got in the playoffs, its amazing how much of a step they lost losing Shanahan this year. Think I will actually pull for the Jags.
  24. Meme Battle

    Reply only with a meme
  25. Movie thread

    anyone catch this tonya harding movie? Not sure the point of dredging up all that shit. We all know Tonya Harding is a POS, but it sort of seems odd to bring that back up to the Victim? Of course hellywood likes money...