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  1. So I snapped this picture over the weekend that was the same backdrop for one of the greatest (Christmas) movies ever made... ???!!!!!!?????!
  2. We use Skype for business but I don't think it's "free"
  3. So maybe I am not seeing the point, but what is driving the need for "self driving" cars? Other than the ability to maybe put some delivery drivers out of work?
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  6. The newer Manual transmissions make it too easy, the brake will hold so if you are on a hill the car won't roll so you don't have to feel like you need three feet (when learning) I'm slowly teaching all 3 of my kids to drive the jeep- it's painful but hopefully worth it... Overseas is still predominantly Manual transmissions cars from what i hear
  7. No not me.. I've got a friend moving from the Sunny state of Florida to Montana soon! I don't know if we have an Montana members but wanted to create an advice thread for him! He wont join the forum but I was going to send him this link.. My main advice so far has been to wear Carhart over Patagonia and to buy fleece lined blue jeans..
  8. Whitney Mercilus? Is that a real name? Dude is mercilus though...
  9. The US has nearly 50,000 miles of interstate so the cost is going to be very prohibitive, unless google is going to pay for it.... At a time when people rarely want to fund the replacement of the important stuff (like the bridges and pavement) I would hope we wouldn't divert funds so people can jerk off to porn while "driving"
  10. I cant really see it to be honest, from regulatory signs, to merging, turning, stopping, interstates, roundabouts, lane markings, HOV lanes, HOT lanes, etc, All I can see it for is maybe vehicles on private property, shuttling Disney passengers from park to park via bus, etc,. but there are too many unforeseen conditions which a PC cant make the decision (like adjusting speed for rain, snow)
  11. I can take a pork chop and drag it through the mud Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. so now LA will have two (semi)NFL teams?
  13. we had one of these that accidentally got deleted.. here is round 2! these don't have to be engineering related, but can be
  14. Always remember Texas is not the South! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. anyone have one of these? I was going to pick one up for my garage for doing some work when its 2 degrees out to warm it up some. It says outdoor use only but was wondering if I was just using it for the garage application if it would kill me? I can crack a window or two? I bought one of those "heater buddy" that uses the disposable propane tanks (the smaller kind) and it just doesn't work well enough and burns through the smaller propane tanks..
  16. post em if you got em...
  17. Is that the dude from the Cowboys? Elliot? ^ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. My daughter runs for the high school XC team. To letter she has to run a sub 21 minute 5K.. her best time is 25:55... we're running through the winter (I can't keep up with her). But I am hoping she can close the gap in the next two seasons! I have been pushing her to do some longer distances to build up endurance? She just wants to do hills... anyone have any thoughts?
  19. the new ones are pretty good, we had one back home and it worked pretty nice, Il get a photo of it and send
  20. I saw at Cabelas they also make a larger version of the "lil-buddy" But at lunch I just bought a kerosene heater from Home Depot, for just under $150 I have something I can use inside or in the garage that wont kill me... Now that I have the tv mounted on the wall I just need an old laz y boy recliner and I can "work" in the garage like a champ! Where did you get your adapter at for the 5 gallon tank? I was wondering if I could do that so I didn't always run out of fuel about the time it got hot? I used to have access to a store called Northern Hardware that sold them back in the ATL, but no such luck here! I still like the "lil" buddy and plan on taking it on some of our "spring /Colorado Spring" camping trips
  21. OK trying a new one out.. Your objective is to ban the poster above you.. for example Post 1. Game Starting Post Post 2. Banned for starting the stupidest thraad known to Post 3. Banned for spelling thread wrong Post 4. etc, etc, etc, and you have to quote the previous thread.......
  22. Don't worry you only have to see it for a few more days until the Cowboys whip the shit out of them
  23. So I guess I have to spell it out that I am not making fun of Clay Mathews, I am saying the rest of the girls from Wisconsin are uglier than a male football player with nice hair