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  1. You have found the place you need to be!
  2. Is it the one where he said the only way to save the planet was to only eat plants?
  3. The Mary Jane Side of Winter Park is open through April 30th. If the snow is multiple days we will defin go up Saturday for one last day. I think 5 resorts are still open this weekend and next. But yes Breck, Keystone, Copper, etc are all closed. I've never found any food that was "all that great" in any of the mountain towns. It seems most people at the end of a day of skiing or mtn biking just want something like burgers, pizza, or chicken fingers.. But I do think most all the local beer places are above average (but sometimes the service is typical of a mountain full of pot smokers)
  4. lol - yes these make the phone call I got from my 8th graders principal about him yelling "bye Felicia" to her in the auditorium after an assembly not so bad
  5. keep these stories coming, been a rough few weeks in teenager land so these are good reminders of what I don't miss!
  6. so were still talking about finger rings?
  7. hmmmmm what to do next weekend.....
  8. it looks like it's going to be three bannings in three consecutive days
  9. The droid carried the movie and the last 10 minutes really make the movie...
  10. I could trade you a pissy 15 year old for a few days!
  11. Kylo Ren is terrible - almost as bad as jar jar and Hayden Christensen combined. It's like they try too hard to come up with a villain. When scary old dude and dude in mask and raspy voice usually work... I can't say roque one was any better but it wasn't any worse than force awakens - neither of these movies are going to have a lot of "re watch" power... I.E. they are no empire strikes back
  12. I just wanted to let you know that some of the answers are going to be: A B C D But not necessarily in the order.. Good luck on the exams and well see you on the other side... If you are a "noob" the board will be closed through the weekend to save that one person who cant seem to keep themselves from posting an exam problem.................................................................... When you get back do not discuss the exam, well don't discuss It here for sure..
  13. long line at the porta potty