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  1. Is this the same issue? https://www.trendmicro.com/en_us/business/campaigns/xgen-security.html?cm_mmc=XGen-_-xgen-security-_-SEM-_-Search
  2. Online Tailors

    They cater to the crowd that might wear a funny hat with a feather in it and some square front shoes... but I've gotten a ton of suits from them
  3. Online Tailors

    how do they (online folks) get your measurements? Is there a K&G near you? I once had to buy some dress blues in a hurry and the only ones I could find were seriously too large for me and somehow they made it work and you can not even notice - I have no clue how they did it.. They tend to the big and tall crowd so maybe they can make something fit?
  4. NFL 2017

    The fact that they made this Siemien kid go through a QB competition with the bust from Memphis state is really making whomever made that decision for the broncos look foolish (having had to watch / listen through that this summer) and it seems (from someone who hates the white trash fan base packers) is that Rodgers is lacking a supporting cast: they are going to squander what's left of his career if they don't get him some tools to work with...
  5. NFL 2017

    All I could find was a station similar to what you see on the ESPN App where they show the current stats and down and distance with some NFL Commentary (that was previously recorded) but I couldn't ever find the actual game, I would have researched it better but it was not a very interesting looking game.. will try again in 2 weeks!
  6. Basement 2.0

    But our basement is toasty in the winter since that's where the furnace is - it's always the hottest place in the house in winter
  7. Basement 2.0

    These were fairly cheap - $3/SF back during the housing recession but can't find anyone to do them out here - mainly commercial applications... but I've really thought about looking up how to do these myself? It can't be that hard - just have to make some type of template for cutting in the tile look ?
  8. Basement 2.0

    That was the main reason we did the stained floor in our last house - so much ground moisture in GA that all our neighbors had to remove the carpet and install something else it just retained so much mousoitre..
  9. Basement 2.0

    If I do carpet I'll just put it directly on th concrete floor with a good padding - I don't want to have to bring 900 SF of plywood down there..that in itself is just too much work!
  10. Basement 2.0

    Floating would work - what type did you use? I don't plan on doing any leveling concrete - except maybe in the bathroom for the tile instead of wonder board... We are ok with temporarily using the existing painted floors with rugs but the goal is when we sell this house to get close to a $600 # so we need something that will look high end.. i can't find anyone that does the stained concrete like we did back east - I've thought about doing that myself since it can't be that hard?
  11. Basement 2.0

    the mudding crew was basically using us a fill in work so they were only here nights and weekends, really sort of sucked, but as of yesterday the "hiring out" part is done and I just have to paint, trim electrical and do a bathroom, lol... and worry about the floors...you cant really tell but the previous owners painted the floor fairly nice and we put plastic down while we were mudding so to save Money I am just going to clean them up and use them with some rugs for a while hard to tell due to the weird size of the basement but this first pic is where TV / Movie / Netflix and chill area will be: this is just an open area where the guest BRB will be (to the right ) and also the bathroom will be to the right. room full of junk is just storage & I had to cram what we had in the basement there while it was U/C
  12. Basement 2.0

    So looking at flooring options, & I haven’t gone to the flooring store yet, but have they come out with a laminate style faux hardwood floors that will work in a basement? I want to say I was at COSTCO last year and they were selling a rubberized laminate style floor that was water proof? We don’t have much moisture in CO but I still don’t think I can put the regular laminate stuff? Any type of residential labor here is just crazy expensive so my thought was that If I can save a few thousand putting in click in floors I will be better off than carpet. & I could go ahead and buy it all and just work on it when I have time / feel like it.
  13. NFL 2017

    I added this game to prime but can't "find it"?
  14. The Automotive Thread

    when I first glanced through that story I didn’t notice the part about them being 70! Wonder if an autopsy or family will confirm any kind of cancer or some other bad stuff going on?