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  1. Wonder what Kato is up to these days?
  2. congrats Buff! I am checked out of work, time sheet submitted and headed to Check out S Dakota School of Mines (& some of those big square states) with my oldest two...
  3. But if you had cable wouldn't you also be able to see the local sports games? I just don't see where Hulu is that much of a savings over just cable? If you have Hulu and you get local channels you're probably going to also pay about $20 in nitpicky fees
  4. its easy to be quiet when you are in jail I hope he gets his throat slashed in Miami personally..
  5. So we finally got around to crunching some numbers on these and getting quotes Anyone want to guess what it costs to tap into the gas line and cut a hole in your house for the vent? …….$800 bucks. Not as bad as I was expecting given the cost of other residential work. The Gas Wood Stove is like $3 grand though (or at least the one the wife wants) I’ve got to do some painting and put in some tile in the corner of the room where were adding this so I am hoping to have some pics for you all in a month or so. Wife is going on typical scope creep, now wants to add that barn wood stuff to the corner where the stove is going to go L
  6. Yeah at $40 a month for Hulu Plus I would just get a regular cable package and call and haggle for a lower price once a year.
  7. I know they are not technically supposed to consider his previous 2 murders, but can I get a “Come on Man!” from this parole board!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was in college when the trial was going on, we had a TV in the CAD LAB. (wonder if they still have those) but it seemed like it was always running in the background..
  8. Yeah we are living without sling, only pay item we are using right now is HBO Now, we even suspended Netflix until we can get through Game of Thrones..Im trying to get the $85 a month savings.. With 3 HS kids we pay around $100 a month for internet that doesn't shut down when they (we) are all on it at the same time. With Cable it was around $185 a month ( but probably $30 of that was just in fees related to having cable!) If I didn't have the 3 HS Kids I could get a lesser internet for around $65 a month Most of the channels these antenna's get are crap, I just want to have a few football options. It may be painful during college football season, but for me in Denver all they really show are the terrible mid -west teams like Utah Verses Boise. I figure if there is a game I really want to see I will just go to the bar and watch it..
  9. so here is the one I think I am going to get (if anyone has used this one?) I think I can mount this on the side of the house and it wont really get noticed since it doesn't "look" like an antenna, it will be on the side of the house close the back yard (which is closest to where the TV Stations are)
  10. Watched some of the amazing cattastophoe ? Hold hell it's bad
  11. Jessica Alba would have been better
  12. You didn't want to get the word the day before a long road march (hike)
  13. Not sure if I told this story but back in OCS (officer Candidate School) if you ever muttered the phrase"I didn't get the word" on that - since it was a high paced environment things changed often and people would say " I didn't get the word that changed" Well if you ever said that phrase you had to carry "the word" for 24 hours. Regardless of what was going on the next day...this isn't me but a guy from class sent this photo out as a reminder of good times! Did you get the word?
  14. Must be some great desert - or are the referring to prison sex?
  15. I also thought having the cameo of Sheeran was not really needed & didn't add anything.. (what does he even sing- Id honestly have to look it up)