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  1. Ive been hoping that last years models of phones would start dropping with both newer version of the apple / Japanese owned phones coming out but haven't seen them drop that much yet
  2. I used to sit in Sec 125 back when I lived in Atlanta.. and Fuck the Packers! They are like the FSU fans of the NFL...
  3. I really want to see that movie too, its just not the kind of movie I need to see in a theatre, but will defin check out once its available on DVD, HBO, etc...
  4. college basketball is great in person I just have never been able to watch it on TV. we used to do a lot of work in Columbia SC and would always try and hit up there basketball games when we were in town, they were always a ton of fun!
  5. Yeah I thought Moana was like a bad remake of Hercules but with better graphics... The only redeeming part of the movie for me was the crab..
  6. I had been to this particular way mart at least a half dozen times but I didn't make the discovery until I parked in the back of the lot I was like whoa! My teenage kids were not very interested in my "discovery" . This is the wall mart at the Breckinridge /Frisco exit...
  7. So do the players get any type of relocation assistance if their team moves to an new city? I can see where half the roster makes crazy money but if you are playing for the league minimum it may be a different story?
  8. I actually had to FAX something to the US Government today (their census construction data site was down) - Had to 1) find it and then 2) plug it in..
  9. So I snapped this picture over the weekend that was the same backdrop for one of the greatest (Christmas) movies ever made... ???!!!!!!?????!
  10. We use Skype for business but I don't think it's "free"
  11. This section will be moving to the classified section of the board at the end of the month. New posts are no longer permitted but you can continue to reply and complete any pending transactions.. The classifieds part of the board is in test mode but please use that section for any new postings. Thanks!!!
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  13. The newer Manual transmissions make it too easy, the brake will hold so if you are on a hill the car won't roll so you don't have to feel like you need three feet (when learning) I'm slowly teaching all 3 of my kids to drive the jeep- it's painful but hopefully worth it... Overseas is still predominantly Manual transmissions cars from what i hear
  14. Whitney Mercilus? Is that a real name? Dude is mercilus though...