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  1. That would be a good choice if my dad had an account here
  2. Some Bruce Lee bullshit?
  3. Would hate to live na at to this guy!
  4. If I still have this commute in 4 years its defin going to be on my list!
  5. so I never would have thought to have looked at the people driving tesla's before this thread, but twice I have been next to this guy in a tesla, yesterday he was eating either a bowl of cereal while his car drove for him, and today he was holding an ipad and it looked like he was watching a movie.. lol..
  6. Number of outlets = (221) / (woobie)^1/2
  7. Since you asked.. For baby making!!!!
  8. That's when you need a dicfur.
  9. are you doing traffic or roadway stuff? Im at 20 years but I do remember my years 5-10 were not very fun to be honest. I ended up taking a mgmt. level gig at a county just to bust up the monotony. Had I not moved across the country it would have been great for my career (the county job), but what's done is done!
  10. so this was a dick move on my part. I cant even find the movie, I just saw a trailer for some new marine / Iraq movie coming out and took a screen shot of the trailer.. So here is something a little easier to track down:
  11. did you get an inspection when you bought your house? (not that those are really worth much) If you are not having breakers constantly trip its probably ok. I don't think they leave much room in the panel these days, I've got like two open spots in mine. for what its worth when I was getting basement quotes for my current house, the cheapest price for installing a sub panel was $2K. I think that's just the crazy Denver market, I only paid $500 bucks for adding a sub panel at my Atlanta house (but that was me basically doing the wiring as mentioned above)
  12. voomie I had that same feeling - I am guessing you're around 7-10 years in? PE, Masters degree, etc... If you are in transportation (like me) I felt exactly the same way around that time. Our business is based so much on contacts that it seems like its forever when you can move out of the cube land into something more, I would just offer you to try and extend your business network as much as you can, prof associations, etc. (unless you work in government) get involved on the marketing side some, help on proposals and pursuits. As much I don't really enjoy being a part time sales person, its the only thing that really breaks the monotony...
  13. I don't mess with 220. I had a large sub panel put in when I did my basement and adding breakers and running the new lines to the breakers in the box was pretty straightforward. Maybe you can get someone to install the new panel and hook up the 220 but then you could run all the breakers and wires and such yourself? it just takes some patience...
  14. my wife's grandmother raised African Greys and Blue & Gold Macaw's. Totally loud as F! and equally annoying. They had them in an old barn and you could hear the Mcaws from a long long way away, but don't worry they only live like 90 years or something... I was figuring that with 5 boys in our neighbors house its only a matter of time before the gate gets left open and hopefully that will be the end of the problem!
  15. I doubt you would do any real jail time, probably not even more than a $200 fine at most.