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  1. I guess I should always trust Red
  2. yeah no thanks.. I'm done with all the school bullshit, little league, cub scouts, boy scouts, HS sports, HS Band, etc...
  3. I used to work with a guy who went to HS with one of the JETS "dudes" kids
  4. the wife did comment that we have drank a 2L bottle of tequila in 3 weeks..
  5. how are you a jets fan again?
  6. no its not quite as bad as a 43 year old having a baby! jesus Christ even the thought of that.... ((shudders)) I don't want to jinx it, but I have been doing some major strategizing to get a new job and running into a bunch of dead ends in jobs that I should have been a slam dunk for and then it turns up there may be something worth staying here after all..
  7. I really don't think that unless you live above 10K FT there are any real benefits of living at 5K or 6K ft and running uphill at high elevation (shit its hard enough just walking uphill at 10K feet and above)
  8. I'm game- my travel ability is limited to being drained financially by 3 HS kids for a few more years but snowmass I can do!!
  9. I've finally gotten back to doing an honest 20 miles a week for the last month. its pretty amazing how much better I sleep, eat, etc when I have this constant in my life.. It does take up a significant amount of time If I don't get it done in the morning though!
  10. too much weed last night...
  11. Anyone else subscribe to this? (& I don’t mean in a religious sense like the phrase is often used) I used to think this phrase was utter BS, but now I am starting to become a believer…. For example does rejection of a job you thought you really wanted lead to a better opportunity 6 months later? (or relationship, etc) Or does life just always balance out in the end?
  12. I will put it on the calendar leggo! (I can crank out a 10 min mile :D) )
  13. I would just spray all the wires with that plasti dip stuff
  14. congrats! I just found out my company had a team that placed 23 out of 400? on the same course (maybe I heard the total # of teams wrong) of course they didn't invite me to be on the team! (Damn skinny young people)