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  1. The Automotive Thread

    join this one too
  2. The Automotive Thread

    you will definitely want to get familiar with quadratec.com and jeepforum.com or wranglerforum.com - I think both of those forums sold out and are run by companies now (not individuals like they used to be) but tons of good info there, but like here over time forums are dying down and the response times to questions isn't what it used to be. they would save me a ton of time and money working on my older jeeps. mine didn't come with a hitch but I bought one off quadratec for around 50 bucks that bolted on in about 10 minutes and then they will make sure you get a new catalog once a month. did you go drive one?
  3. The Automotive Thread

    just be very very careful the first time you take the doors off, its like they don't want to come off and then as soon as you are not paying attention they come off, fall out of your hand and land on the driveway- didn't happen to me but I know several that did that something similar happen to them. & are you getting the 4 door or the 2 door?
  4. Kids of EB

    congrats Freon! Just having two of my kids working part time is helpful as they are not always hitting me up for $$$ for the stupid shit teenagers like to spend money on
  5. Name the flick

  6. Ask her if she already had her NCEES Record. My friends who moved there didn't have the NCEES record, which Texas requires before granting licensure and that's what ads the time on. Have they mentioned that to you or have you already gone through that step? no clue on the out of country stuff...
  7. I felt a little bad for the tarleys and then realize that was sams dad and brother so then I didn't feel bad to see them burn..
  8. I had two friends who moved from a US state to Texas and it took them both nearly 5 months to get their licenses via reciprocity. I would expect longer from out of the Country..
  9. The Automotive Thread

    Once you put the deposit down you can start practicing the Jeep wave
  10. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    People in our area are going crazy cause they didn't buy any of those stupid glasses and now just about everywhere is sold out. I whish I had bought the whole box I saw at home depot a few months ago. Would be hustling the shit out of them. also lots of people leaving their kids home from school o their kids don't go blind looking at the sun (must be the ones from Cali)
  11. So did the iron bank get their money or did it get burnt up? and I don't recall much reading about the iron bank from "the books" but what is their hammer? Do they have some unstoppable force to make people pay or do they just cut off your ability to eat?
  12. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    no but that's what the cheesecake factory is for!
  13. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    Be honest y'all never met an overextended lane closure you didn't like....;)