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  1. we have a similar shape but smaller lot and it has a fence on the border but then has about 8-10 ft of "rock mulch" with some plants to break it up a little..
  2. Thanks for stopping by boss...
  3. Banned because U.K. drunk.. all of yours
  4. whats today Friday?
  5. the daughter and I plan to bandit run a 10K on memorial day, I aint paying to run on public roads!!! We used to do that at the Peachtree in Atlanta back in the day, was a blast and I don't need any more t-shirts
  6. Does Canada not have single payer retirement?
  7. I was going to build a wall of sorts
  8. if you were not a willing participant in that let me know...
  9. Well let's go get on these parking lots they call the interstate!
  10. Darth Vader doesn't eat clam sushi
  11. can someone give me the ciff notes? I got a meeting with the Bobs at 1600..
  12. so what the hell is going on?
  13. too early to plant here just yet.. waiting till memorial day weekend