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    This came off as very defensive and somewhat aggressive, for which I apologize. I meant to mainly point out my frustration with the Niners' management (which I think I got the point of across), and was expressing my whiny frustration at being a putrid rival of said Seahawks. Blah!
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    Ugh. NOT a Seattle fan here.
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    You're preaching to choir....
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    David, Which part of God's Chosen Place do you live in?
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    Yes, and welcome to the site, but if you would like to advertise please contact me, no free lunches!!!!
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    saw this on the internets...
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    Let me see if I understand your test taking abilities. 1) Ask "simple" questions, then argue with everyone who takes the time to give you an answer. 2) Take exam. 3) Whine and complain about how awful the exam was due to the nature of the exam you took being theoretical. 4) Manage a passing score outside of your knowledge base. 5) Boast on EB. 6) Offer to assist others who want to take the exam. Yeah, I see lots to be jealous about in that list.
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