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    What is "trolling"? Does that mean we have to live under a bridge? If so, I would advise against the Atlanta area...
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    Call me when it's coming out the neck hole and we can talk diaper explosions.
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    That's what everyone says! Certainly easier said than done... To all those taking the exam tomorrow....suckas!....Good luck!!!
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    Looks like this incident is already having positive effects. From If everyone on the plane had been offered $9950 instead of $800, I bet there would have been plenty of takers and United would have avoided all the controversy. Most of us wouldn't have the balls to stand up to the airline the way Dr. Dao did, and I hope his actions continue to spur improvements in airline overbooking procedures and customer service.
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    -Dex then steps away to the bathroom to jerk off after being able to slide in the phrase Christian zealots on the internets today....
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    I'm also impressed that people were murdered inside an elementary school yesterday and we're still worried (society, not just about a guy getting kicked off a flight.
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    those look like surveyors who are not smart enough to listen I think this will work until they get it fixed - just change direction for AM / PM Rush Hour
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    I dropped about 1 more pound since last week, on average. BUT my belt is tighter by 1 notch, and I can see my face getting less fat. So maybe I'm getting somewhere. Just got to keep it up.
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    Based on responses I'd say our collective dating style is NERD.
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    I, too, would like to try a virgin in June. I was once on a flight where I was standby, but they gave me a ticket and I was on the plane, buckled in, when I hear the flight attendants talking about how they are short a seat and they don't know how and they think it's because a lap child is in a paid seat, but instead of walking back to find out, they page me. Now, they botch my last name, so I briefly think of just acting dumb and still flying home. But here's the thing- I'm seated next to a blind guy and I panic that he can sense that I'm that person and I raise my hand and get off the plane, furious that they didn't check for the lap child. 1. I'm not sure why I thought blind people have super powers. 2. I got off the plane when they called my name, even though I was in a seat.
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    Hello everyone, I had a write-up this AM to a member. I wanted to share with everyone. By now you all are getting down to crunch time and the final days of studying. Hang in there. You're almost there. That being said, here's some good things to do exam week: I would highly recommend working the actual NCEES practice exam probably a week before the actual thing and simulate it like it's a real test. What I mean by that is have all of your references there and practice using them to answer the questions. On the Sunday-Wednesday before the exam, I would put the last-minute touches on the hard spots you're still struggling with. Now is also a good time to double check your tabs and references and make sure it's all ready to go and you can find stuff....FAST. That is really the key to passing this thing: knowing where to find the correct information and how to find it quickly. Wednesday evening/Thursday of exam week, put everything down (don't study anymore) and make sure it's all ready to go in a container that's fairly portable. I don't know where you're taking the exam, but you'll see people come in wheeling 2-wheelers with several HUGE storage containers of reference material.....this is absolutely useless in my opinion. I had everything I needed, including snacks/drinks (check your test site policy on this) in a single milk crate. It'll look similar to this: Sterilite also makes one: Either should have plenty of room for you. I had two 2" binders of notes, the Camara reference book, the CI book, a book on protective relaying, the NEC handbook, the NESC, the NCEES practice exam, both my main and backup calculators (both fx-115 ES Plus models) and my snacks/ 1 crate. It can be done. When you get to the test center if arriving the day before, walk the area down like any good engineer does in practice. Identify where the registration table is, where the door to the exam room is, where to park, how you will enter and exit the building carrying your reference material (they can be kind of heavy for a long haul). The point of this is that you do not want to start your exam day panicked, flustered and with your blood pressure too high. This is one of the many elements of this exam: they will try and fatigue you early on and try and make difficult conditions getting into the exam room. Don't give them that opportunity. Walk the exam site down the day before. Also remember: TURN OFF YOUR CELLPHONE. You would think something like this is trivial, but I heard at least 2-3 of them go off while I was testing. I took my own earplugs in with me. If you're the type that likes absolute silence, then this will be the way to go for you. Also, I've heard of someone getting booted from the exam for having a fitbit/fitness watch. Don't do that. Go to Walmart and get a cheap Timex or Casio digital watch that you like and use it for timing, and turn the chime off. Another good thing to do if you're arriving the day before: have multiple clothing options. By this, I mean have clothing you can wear to keep you warmer in the event that it's colder or have lighter clothing that will not get as hot if the conditions are warmer. I wore shorts and a t-shirt to mine with my most comfy pair of tennis shoes I had. Around 2pm-3pm in the afternoon, you're going to feel really drained and may want to give up....this is a good time to have a Coca-Cola and/or a piece of candy. I have done endurance races like the Ironman before, and the same principle applied. Have a sweet piece of candy or something as a small reward for yourself. You've made it this far, you're almost there. You can do it. Just keep going. Lastly, when the exam is over at 5pm, have a "lay-down" plan ready. You're going to be really tired, if you have someone coming to pick you up, that's good. If not, have a Red Bull for the ride home. I drove my cousin and I home which was an hour and a half away. We both took exams that day (he was civil and I was electrical). When you get home, thank your wife/husband/fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other/support team/whoever helped you. Studying for this thing is a commitment and taking it requires both knowledge and courage and a great support team. If you're like me, at this point after the exam, the worry part of the studying is through and it's time for one's favorite adult beverage of choice. Good luck my friend. You will do well. Cheers!
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    @Road Guy, I think this belongs to you?
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    Is this where we're supposed to ask for pics?
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    Should be ready by Monday. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I assume Denver has very liberal catnip laws.
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    Let's ask canadagoose.
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    It was nice of you to take a picture and post it. Never mind changing the diaper, washing the baby, and doing the laundry yourself. #worstbabysitterever
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    Hey now, I took the written FE exam too...
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    just when you didn't think traffic could get any worse in Atlanta!
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    We are here to help others pass this test, even if they are taking it so they can begin a home inspection firm.... Tool Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Also, I like how this post was about dating style and we're talking about rings....but they're Order of the Engineer rings and not the other kind. lol.
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    Four times??? How cute. That explains the prissy attitude when I passed EE first try with zero background. I would love to continue this conversation, but I have decided against arguing with self-righteous pompous idiots. So, good day to you. And P.S., passing an exam doesn't define who a person is. You just got lucky. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    it is all about the diet, or at least more than 90% of it is diet. that's the part that sux.
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    So what about United's obligation to the other 170+ passengers? If they don't take off, then the airline is in breach of the other 170 contracts. Plus, now the plane is delayed at the gate which will impact both future flights at that gate (next plane waiting to unload) and the flight this plane is scheduled for at the next airport. These major international airports operate on schedules down to the minute. If one plane is off, there is a domino effect for the rest of the day impacting thousands of passengers at dozens of airports. One person versus hundreds. I think this is a case of the "greater good." Was this handled the best it could have been? Of course not. The passenger escalated things, the airline escalated things, and in the end everyone lost.
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    Sounds like love was in the air!
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    I don't think @Krakosky's husband would approve...
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    See you in the tank later.
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    Well this has been an interesting experiment that will soon come to an end
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    I made this tour plan for you for free, let me know if you have any questions!
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    We're booked via Disney. It was cheaper than the AAA package. We even got a night free. Plus all of my questions are answered by a Disney Cast Member, which is like calling Pleasantville.
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    Hard hats? In case things fall from the sky? Tied off is probably not a bad idea, though
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    yep. normal people are waiting in line.
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    Here kitty kitty?
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    I vote that you'll take-off
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    Twat? Do you kiss your two dads with that mouth?
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    My day so far: 1: I'm feeling pretty good about this 2: maybe one more quick review 3: I've never seen this in my life (despite hand written notes) - Read for hour Repeat
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    Re-reading The Hobbit since there was a TV marathon of the movies...
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    I know one change I would make if I was an airline exec. Make sure that the people randomly selected to be "debarked" are sitting in aisle seats....
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    ^ Exactly. Which is why P90x has you do your initial weigh-in, then you don't touch a scale for another 30 days. What I found out during my first run is that building muscle mass (note: not crazy body building type) is the absolute quickest way to burn fat. I'm sure DV has some advice on this, but here's another good one that I've referenced:
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    Damn. No wonder he didn't want to miss the one day a week he's able to trade Oxy for Blowies.
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    And I'm sure that all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flushed down the toilet by the pre-schoolers had nothing to do with that.
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    The copper drain pipes under my kitchen sink have started leaking. Therefore I can't use this sink or the dishwasher. I have to carry my dirty dishes down to the finished basement's kitchen to be HAND washed. I can't continue to live like this.
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    I use a basic analog watch and I set the time to 12:00 at the beginning of each exam so you know exactly how far into the 4 hours you are without thinking. Every second counts!
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    I went to grad school to become an earthquake engineer and ended up working at the dump.