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    Did you forget to login as Canadagoose?
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    Annnnddddd it's another Friday! And this time I actually AM a registered P.E.!
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    There's no leaving her in one spot anymore!
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    You're thinking of a shittonne.
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    I know. Just saying if I get too old and can't keep up with the kids, my wife is still youthful and should be able to cover it. ;o) I guess I know what you guys are saying. I just started things in life later than most. Had my 1st at 35, 2nd at 37/38, and 3rd at 41. But I am so stoked to have this baby girl. She's a huge source of happiness. I wouldn't change it for anything.
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    And here I thought @leggo PE was a woman all this time...
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    man I saw the craziest thing down at the quarry today!
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    OH MY GOSH I PASSED! Third time's the charm!!!
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    Based on your screenshot, I'd say the easiest thing to do is stop looking at so much porn.
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    Just got this in my spam folder from LinkedIn. I created a custom button for my response.
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    She did say her mountains were out. <ZING>
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    So cheer this thread back up last weekend I ran the midnight sun run with a goal of one hour. I knew this was going to be hard because I was pushing my 6 and 3 year olds in the chariot. And the strollers had to start behind the walkers so the first mile was weaving and trying not to plow over anyone or take out any Achilles heels! The first mile took 14 minutes!?! WTF? But I ended up finishing 59:57! Pushing my kids felt like a continuous uphill run.
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    This, but make that "13". There's a rough patch in there until they come home at 21 and admit everything you warned them about was correct. I'm just holding my breath. There's no such thing as fate, only probability. If you have a good probability-generator, good things will eventually happen in spite of the random bad, because you've put yourself in position for luck to find you. Someone with a bad probability-generator, aka bad decision making skills, will wonder why they're always so unlucky. Well, it's because they put themselves in the position for bad luck to find them. MATH!
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    I guess I should always trust Red
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    Yep. My "little girl" used the term "butt dumplings" this weekend prior to her trying to renegotiate a new bed time. Oh, they grow up so fast...
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    Whoo! Fixed it. Apparently the ECU doesn't like the grounding situation without the main power harness connected, even though the tech said that shouldn't have been an issue. Went from seeing 8V with fan on to 3V background current. Per tech, ignition on/engine off will see 3V on that wire, not zero, so it's good to go. Only electrocuted myself once. Thought I flipped the main cutoff switch to off after realizing I flip flopped relay terminals. I did not.
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    I passed the FE and the PE in under a year. I work full time. I have a husband and a two year old. I am not naturally very smart. I want to go into detail for how I prepared in case someone finds it helpful. But first some background. I went to college in 2010. I finished the entire thing (from 0 credits to 125 in less than four years) which I only bring up to mention that school was a blur. I’m not sure I picked up a whole lot in the first place, retention was tragically low because I blew through it all. So when I got to my first job, I didn’t remember the basics. But I worked at that first job (in defense) for about 6 years. At which point I decided that I need a change and I started looking for something else. Since I have a family, I wanted something stable, and since I have a family, I didn’t want to be married to my job. Utilities seemed like the perfect choice. So I went out and got myself a job in utilities. In my interview both parties talked about getting a license. Having worked under the “industry exemption” this wasn’t something I knew a whole lot about, but I thought it was something I could get behind. So, I get to my new job, and get started on my FE less than two weeks later. I didn’t want to travel for a review course (none local) but I knew nothing from school, so I decided an on-demand solution would be good. I took Testmasters mostly because it’s what all of my colleagues took (although they did the live version) and I got started. Now, On-Demand really requires that you have a plan for completing the course that is regular and intentional. Because I didn’t want it to take away too much time from my family, (whom I like and generally enjoy spending time with) I decided that I didn’t want to give up my family time which is generally afternoon, evenings, and weekends. But the time must come from somewhere right? Right, so I gave up sleep time and gym time. I tried staying awake after the kiddo went to sleep, but would find myself drooling in my books by 20 minutes in. So, I decided the best time would be early morning when I could drink some coffee and the kid was still asleep. That meant setting the alarm for 4:00 am. Yup, that sucks. It sucks so badly, most days waking up was physically painful, but I did it anyways. And I kept doing it until I completed the Testmasters Course and passed the FE on the first try. About 100 hours I think. I rolled right into studying for the PE. But first I had to decide what test to take. Now, remember, I was new to the power industry, I thought maybe studying for the Power PE would be helpful to learn stuff about my job, but I kept feeling a tug from the Electrical and Electronics exam. Many of the subjects covered in that exam were also covered in the FE for Electrical which I had JUST taken. I talked to some of my colleagues about this decision, and they assured me that I would learn what I needed to know about my job from doing my job. That made a ton of sense to me, and so I landed on the PE Electrical and Electronics exam. The problem with this exam is that there really isn’t a ton of study material available. I really only found School of PE and PPI when I was trying to find a course and someone on these boards asked the question “SofPE or PPI?” And the answer was SofPE, so that’s what I did. Again, on demand. Again, alarm at 4am. Adding my lunch hour. I started studying earnestly in January and I took the April exam. This time I kept track of my hours and I got to about 175. I passed on my first try. Studying and learning new things are a little painful and it’s easy to get discouraged when you get the wrong answer, but I found this method pretty helpful...When I arrived at an incorrect answer, I tried to figure out where I went wrong. Not like “oh I entered it into my calculator wrong” more like “I didn’t account for current flowing in the opposite direction”. Keep track of those mistakes. I literally have sheets of paper labeled “MISTAKES.” Study those mistakes. This has two effects 1) it reduces the likelihood that you will make the same mistake 2) (more importantly) if you can find the root cause of why you answered incorrectly, you really understand the problem you were trying to solve. I thought SofPE did a great job at covering the subjects that were on the test. The materials they provided were helpful during the exam. TL:DR? My feelings are hurt, but here’s the highlights anyway… 1) Consider the on-demand options. You can start them right away and spend whatever time you have left after you complete the course to practice problems. 2) Wake up early before you find an excuse not to study. 3) Electrical Engineers: consider the Electrical and Electronics exam. Give it some real thought. Don’t just assume that because you are in the power industry you should take the power exam. Mechanical engineers who work in the power industry don’t take the power exam (at least in my office). Look at the pass rates, it’s easier. 4) Have regular study time. Like really, regular. 5) Have a goal for study hours (my goal was 200 and I only got to 175 but I think it was still helpful to have a goal in mind) 6) I have a family. I have a job. I am not that smart. If I can do it, you can too.
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    Got Demons? time to call The Exorcist http://hennesseyperformance.com/vehicles/chevrolet-2/camaro/2017-zl1-camaro/the-exorcist-hpe1000-supercharged-zl1/
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    Maybe this will lighten the mood a little? An Atheist in the woods admiring the beauty of it thought to himself, "Evolution made that tree and evolution made those birds, and made the flowers in the field, and the grass. All of a sudden a Grizzly bear charges from the bushes after him. He runs away trying to escape but trips on a root. As the bear prepares to pounce on him he screams, "OH MY GOD!" The bear freezes in mid pounce, the trees stop waving in the wind. A bright light shines on him and a loud booming voice says, "You spend your entire life not believing in me, tell others not to believe in me, and attribute MY creation to natural selection!" "So why should I save you and if I do, am I to believe that you would now be a Christian?" The atheist states that it would be hypocritical of him to assume that, but could God make the bear a Christian. God says, "ok" and time restarts.. The bear gets down on his knees, folds his paws together and says, "Oh! Lord thank you for this meal I am about to receive."
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    I don't like the idea of karma. If all my evil thoughts and all the crap I've pulled over the years comes back to me one day, I'm f*cked. Divine grace is a much more comforting binkie.
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    My wall certificate has arrived! It has the gold seals and everything Just in time for the weekend's shopping of frame.
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    I just wanted to let this thread know that I have put myself on the email list to pre-register for Ragnar Snowmass next year...
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    Aren't the kids all dying their hair gray anyway these days? You'll fit in?
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    A sad one, now that VTE is gone. Thanks, everybody! I ate so much cake that I might be sick of cake for a bit. Like two days or so.
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    @knight1fox3 car from another angle... Sorry, just laughing at the camera angle (typically used to make things look bigger)
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    Rawrrrrr.....Made a purchase yesterday. @envirotex Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
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    we were talking about you...
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    Except when @YMZ PE takes your wife shoe shopping in Vegas.
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    it would be way more interesting if we were getting chased by people in a van.
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    too much weed last night...
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    Nice! I like a good blended Scotch, for sure. I drink SMS when I celebrate, like, when I make it through a whole day at work and stuff...
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    I miss the old farm trucks my uncle had. 4-speed transmissions where 1st gear was a non-synchronized granny low. The shift knob was marked L-1-2-3.
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    She's come so far. I remember like it was yesterday when she got shit all the way up her back.
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    I purchased a beater truck for the summer. It's a 1986 Ford F-250 and it's got four on the floor. It's a beast, but works for getting the nearby hiking trails and getting the kid to OT for surgery rehab. Pretty sure I want to sell it at the end of summer. It's grumbly and fun.
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    I want to visit all of the national parks. I've visited 16 of the 59 official national parks, so I have a long way to go. I think I'll need to a couple months just to see the 8 in Alaska. So far my favorites have been Volcanoes and Yellowstone. By far the worst was Cuyahoga.
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    whoever the hell that is. congrats!
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    My radio station concert ticket winnings continue. I won tickets to see Father John Misty in October from an online giveaway I filled out a few months ago.
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    No. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    It's Friday! And I'm a soon-to-be PE!