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    I honestly think the deliberate ignorance of the American public combined with the influx of pseudoscience "muddying the waters" has driven him crazy. He really does know his shit, and knows who to talk to when he doesn't. Having to constantly "debate" science facts with a general population who need warning labels telling them coffee is hot has essentially pushed him to the "extremism" side of things. He's now painted as a fanatic and many people will automatically dismiss any point if he's trying to make it. Climate science is not an exact science, but we do have a planet with millions of years worth of data that scientists have been analyzing for centuries. Have theories evolved? Of course they have, that's the basis of the scientific model. Hypothesize, test, observe, repeat. When multiple tests performed by different people generate the same results, a scientific theory is generated. Again, the deliberately ignorant public mis-uses the term theory, "Evolution is *only* a theory..." Yes dipshit, evolution is a theory, gravity is a theory too, so why don't you fly away.?"
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    Being in NJ is punishment enough. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Ladies and Gentlemen (and storm-water engineers), I survived the two graduations and I am currently drinking my kid's booze supply. Hell, they have been drinking mine for years...
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    Saturday is a big day in the refrigerant household. Daughter #1 gets her Masters in Psychology & son #1 gets his BS in Mechanical Engineering. I still will have two at the University of Texas (An EE and a Nurse) and the MS degree is looking for a PhD program, so I am still bleeding money.....But it is going to be a good day!
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    If you're into that sort of thing, I guess. I'd recommend a privacy fence around the yard first.
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    looks like I need to create a teenage girl sub forum
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    I don't think millennials will understand this one:
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    Minisnick's principle called me during lunch today. When he identified himself, I thought great what did minisnick do that merited the principle to call. He was just calling to invite mr snick and myself to their morning meeting on the 19th so we could see minisnick get an award, picture for the paper etc...
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    I'll need Dolph Lundgren to peer review this before I'll believe it.
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    Oh boy, you are in for a long haul. LOL
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    [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
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    Must have been using Apple Maps.
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    Kristen Stewart prefers clam sushi.
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    Scored an interview spam Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    can someone give me the ciff notes? I got a meeting with the Bobs at 1600..
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    Posting because I can. EDIT: yes he can Re-Edit: Stupid NJMike editing my post.
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    @matt267 PE should NEVER BE BANNED because he's the spam master and we should all strive to be like him.
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    It's better than going blind like your mom said would happen.
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    Probably because that's precisely how you're appearing based on your threads...
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    After Friday I'm unemployed for two weeks and moving 5000 miles...
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    Let me try... @Ble_PE GFY and your pretty landscape
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    @csb would say, "Challenge accepted"
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    I douIthis is not the comment section on the huff posts. please take that crap somewhere else
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    we also give extra points for positive feedback on Yelp
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    My sisters still hate me for all the MacGyver-esque booby traps I set all over our parents' house.
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    The problem so many celebrity's face is that after years of being told how great they are they begin to equate fame with intellect. The man has a BS in mechanical engineering but because he is the "science guy" people are asking him about the climate. Perhaps we can get the actor who portrays Sheldon Cooper to weigh in on it as well.
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    I think masters degrees are great! Most everyone that works for me has one
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    Please direct all board feedback and improvement suggestions via PM to @matt267 PE.
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    Lost power in Charlotte spam. But beer tappers still work.
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    Ya, It's been a bit. I would creep on the site every now and then.
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    Happy Birthday @thejulie_PE!! Hope you get a big-ass cake at work!
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    "All the engineer guys I know ended up with fugs. My motivation is more geared towards making fellow guys realize they can get way way hotter girls if they just checked out girls in a way they can notice and then talked to them."
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    This thread is more appropriate for LinkedIn.
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    Ninja blender is awesome. Will take a little getting to used to it sounding like an airplane engine on our counter top.
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    no rules until midnight, EST on Sunday.
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    The architects and AE's should appreciate this...
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    I dunno, that is a pretty small beer.
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    But Jenny Mcarthy is my solid go-to for medical advice. Especially when it concerns my kids.
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    I wish I got to take the afternoon off. Its all like "well, Vhab, you got to take off two days last week, isn't that good enough for you?" No, you fartwaffles, I had to take a blitzing test on Friday, that is not a day off.
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    Not sure why but this is funny to me.. However This Sec Defense is a pretty good pick up I think..
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    There's no need to argue...
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    WHISKEY IS MY HOMEBOY last time I went to a distillery I ended up coming home with 4 bottles of whiskey and 2 bottles o rum. Did someone say whiskey... Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Absolutely! I'd be happy to help. However, I must first ask you to answer a question such that I can ensure your concern for board improvement(s) is valid. I need you to tell me how many round blue spheres are in the animation below at any one given point in time.