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    ARGH!! You jerk, i totally fell for that. Why??!
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    I don't think turkey with gluten free taco shells can be called tacos.
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    Always love the first question on the OSHA medical questionnaire...Can you read (circle one): Yes / No
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    Um, Carbie looks ready to party. She's the girl who has us doing shots before 6PM.
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    Please excuse kf, leggo. He has an eating disorder.
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    btw.. since were talking 3.1's (I don't do metric system) I am at my kids HS XC meet and the winning girls time (also from our HS) was .....17:58 if you needed some time to shoot for @NJmike PE ?
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    A decision has been come to! Thus, now, an unflattering, low quality photo.
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    For some reason this reminds me of @thejulie_PE...LOL
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    I think I got a lot harder to find ever since I replaced my topless/drunk LinkedIn photos.
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    Everything in life that you can do in costume, you should do in costume.
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    My favorite bagel:
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    Do you eat potato soup because the German porn star in P90X likes it?
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    In restrospect, clicking a link to a “Meat Selector Tool” seems suspect. I should know better.
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    It has two: the inside and the outside.
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    These things are awesome...
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    for 12 years I have been trying to educate EB.com in the ways of proper biscuit baking and NOW we want a baking thread? FU and the horse you all rode in on!
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    Banned for not using an Oxford comma.
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    Heard a great joke today: Aaron Rodgers walks into A. Barr...
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    Or that the the bad advice was to man said child Bruce. If true, congrats! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    You can walk in mountain bike type shoes, keep regular shoes at the office. Leggo wants to dominate the bike path Mudpuppy! Your LBS (local bike shop) will set you up with the shoes and pedals and install them for you. Think of the motion of scraping mud off your shoes to engage the hamstrings. I rocketed by a couple of 20 somethings on my after work ride yesterday, it felt awesome!
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    It's hard to take him serious after his role in Star Wars! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm sorry! I haven't had enough time to try to stalk you to figure out who you are. thejulie was a slam dunk considering her real name is actually thejulie.
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    TOTM is it makes me happy when @ptatohed gets sassy on old threads from ages ago
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    Monte Crispo sounds like the name of an amazing cereal.
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    Done with my 7-day elevation challenge! Overall, over 3000' climbed and 24 miles run!
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    Maybe it was his weekend to babysit?
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    This is how we end up arguing about planes.
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    I actually read that as "A1A." BEACHFRONT AVENUE!
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    I was all over National taco day. And we celebrated taco Tuesday. Tacos two days in a row? Yes!
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    Was he cute?
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    HA!!!! I finished at 35'20". I did finished in the top 10 for my age group though. that said, I did finish right where I expected to for my first run. I was expecting about 36 mins
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    Definitely shoot for that, and not whatever time @DVINNY's daughter runs. I always see him posting on Facebook, and given the the set of parents she's inherited her cybernetic DNA from, I can only assume she has Terminator T1000 levels of endurance at Usain Bolt speed levels.
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    I run a 15K this weekend, which is a first for the distance. Before you ask, here's some help: 5K=3.1 miles 10K=6.2 miles 15K=9.3 miles I feel like I've had to explain that to a lot of people who are familiar with the distance conversion on the first two, yet can't seem to add them together.
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    Lesson I learned a long time ago: Always check where the link it taking you before you click.
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    Found Fudgey's sister for real: http://deadspin.com/a-jogger-dubbed-the-mad-pooper-is-terrorizing-colorad-1818521863 Either that, or Mrs. RG is doing some weird shit while RG is at work.
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    So it is...nacho favorite joke.