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    Dear VTE, This week we suckered some of the new guys into lemon party. I hope you got to see it. Scrapbooking and shoes forever, csb
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    We bought an Eero. I was skeptical because as I told Mr. YMZ, "An excellent wireless network isn't going to make our shitty broadband connection any better." I'm eating my words now (silently) as I'm in a former dead zone that now has lightning fast speed. HE'S GRINNING AT ME FROM THE KITCHEN LIKE A CHESHIRE CAT NOW AND ASKING HOW THE INTERNET SPEED IS. Ugh.
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    I'm thinking about going into the admin control panel and exercising little net neutrality myself
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    also forgot about this junk folder I set up
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    Hahaha really? My Pixel 2 cares about me more than whatever device you used cares about you! Unless... You'd already been to that website before?? Then it might not?
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    Have I ever attended a lemon party? I had to ask what it was first before responding here...and then I had to google it. I think I can safely respond with a resounding NO.
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    It's Friday and even captain America leaving work early! (Just took this pic north of Denver)
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    You posted that in the wrong forum.
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    When you send your wife to the liquor store a little drunk
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    Sounds like someone's not Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime!
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    Indeed. A dismal turn-out this time around. And for those OCD types, this is post 8801. You're welcome.
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    I feel like my work here is done. High five, VTE.
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    But that's part of the intent. If you, as a minimally competent engineer, can't identify and discard extra parameters, that's a problem.
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    IT DIDN'T GIVE ME A WARNING Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Since Alaska cannot release the PE results until tomorrow, hubby and I decided that this would be a good plan for tonight. It's never too early to start celebrating your exam results -- pass or fail! Drinking to my suspected failure tonight, and hoping to drink to my success tomorrow night! Haha! All you poor souls who haven't received your results yet, feel free to join us.... @blybrook PE we look like such boozers....lol
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    I'm still expecting this:
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    Here's an example of some of the lovely parts of a lemon party.
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    These are deliberately misleading and poorly written equations. Whomever came up with this shit needs to get the shit slapped out of him/her until they can properly write it.
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    Well I should probably stay late and get these results out but I am heading out of dodge! Go Clemson!
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    Is it too late to cyber? a/s/l?
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    I spent 5 days drinking just to be able to be around family so now I choose to drink for myself!
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    I would be remiss if I didn't honor VTE's memory by pointing out the resemblance to goatse. On another note, I bought a 12 gauge on Black Friday--might need to grow some pumpkins next year for targets.
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    There is never enough whiskey.
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    I wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to all you EB-er's. - You all supported me when I was down after failing multiple times - You all kept me sane....well, allowed me to vent my insanity (which saved the people around me) - You let me sing Christmas carols without abandon - JINGLE F-ING BELLS PEOPLE, JINGLE F-ING BELLS It was a struggle, but this test chapter of my life is over....now on to the real responsibility (and MORE SPAMMING) right? Many Many Many Congratulations to all that passed. For those that didn't - I've been there, just keep at it, I promise you will get there in the end. Thanks again guys,
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    Wow. Absolutely not. I have no sympathy for this, you seem like you feel entitled to pass. If you cannot identify what a question is asking or differentiate between what parts of a question are useful versus unnecessary then you have no business stamping engineering plans.
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    First off, this test is not deceptive nor does it try to "trick" you. The test is designed to test a minimal level of competency in the respective engineering focus areas. Exam questions are worded such that they test your understanding on specific topics accordingly to demonstrate that you are using correct assumptions, procedures, and calculations (if required).
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    It's no pass but I'll take it. Now we wait til July 2nd. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Okay, one-up time. I have 5 kids... all under the age of 7! The night before the exam the younger 2 got the flu and were up all night puking! I got about 2 hours of sleep. Somehow by the grace of God I passed. This was my 2nd attempt.
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    the surveying jurisprudence exam! Yay!
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    AND why are insurance sales people so enthusiastic - surely you know your job sucks?
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    Ptatohed confirms salt is salty - more at 11:00.
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    I'm not even supposed to be here today!
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    Prim and proper?
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    You can't leave us hanging like that...do tell.
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    I've been on vacation for 2 weeks, so I don't have many good stories right now. Come January/February, I'll start getting all the turkey fryers that people mis-used to set their deck/house on fire over the holidays.
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    And today, we all bow down to Jeff as we throw him all our money on this holiest of Cyber Mondays.
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    Remember the scene in trading places where Eddie Murphy has the party in his "new" digs and then ultimately gets angry at his house guests and yells "everyone get the fuck out of my house!"? That's the point I am at right now!!!!!
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    Mmmm, turkey bacon. Now I see what you mean @knight1fox3
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    WTF is Cherry Coke salad? Sounds like a stripper's finisher.
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    I think we should have an EB Meetup in the PNW. I have that extra 20lb turkey I can cook up. and lots of whiskey.
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    So what your saying is the banks should have been regulated not to do this?
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    I hope it empties soon. Apparently there are a lot of singles in my area who want to meet up!
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    Quite the sleuth, you are.
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    His launch angle seems a little off...