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  2. Sparkly underwear!!!! That is awesome
  3. Hi all, I would like to recommend this material to study for the PE Exam. It helps me a lot! Good Luck on your test! Mau
  4. You absolutely need to be working the entirety of your 4 years of experience under the supervision of a PE. No one on this forum or anyone working outside of your company can do this. If you need more direction on the application requirements you should call your state board directly.
  5. All the cars need to be pretyy in line and no adjacent vehicles in order for that to work. I calling BS. I think it's staged.
  6. Happy Friday, all!
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I will be looking for FL classes in the near future.
  8. No I don't have a licensed PE working at my site, Plus I don't need to work under one as long as my work experience full fit their needs, I just need help to to make sure I put what I they required in the forms , (a mentor) and definitely can't be in this forum I'd like something more private.
  9. Sounds like you are fairly good shape with a few weeks left. Taking meticulous notes and tabbing the daylights out of your references will be a huge payoff during the exam. Best of luck to you! Be sure to be comfortable (as much as practical) with the index for the NEC, that is the key to breezing thru the NEC questions IMHO.
  10. Fixt. I told you what the real advantage to these cars is. KEEP UP!
  11. No one you work with has a PE license? The application for the PE clearly states that you need to work under the direct supervision of a PE, I do not think a 'mentor' would qualify for that statement. Plenty of people here would be more than happy to answer general questions regarding the application process.
  12. I can't wait for auto driving cars to become mainstream.
  13. I feel decent. I took the NCEES practice exam in mock format and scored a 58/80. A couple of mistakes were small like misreading the question or miscalculating. I'm a little nervous on forgetting things from now until exam day. I think I'm going to re-read the structures chapter in the CERM a week or so out. I really just want to get it over with at this point.
  14. If I still have this commute in 4 years its defin going to be on my list!
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  16. @Hemi79, good luck on the exam.
  17. I still keep an eye on the road so I'm ready to take over if I feel there is a situation Autopilot can't handle...but it really is a game-changer for eating on the road.
  18. Hey Good Morning I've been living in the states for around 3 years and need to do this PE to be able to work in my area (Industrial Engineer), so I'm willing to pay anyone licenced PE who can help me thru the whole process from filling the documents thru the PE Exam. I'd like to do that via email, Text, Whatsapp, phone etc... I travel too much so it won't be possible for me to meet, the payment can be done thru wire transfer. if anyone interested please email me back Thanks & regards
  19. @matt267 PE I sure hope to play that song over and over after the exam..... , @mnguy88 I keep waking up and asking myself, what if the exam were tomorrow, would I pass? Im taking mock exam next weekend and week after that. I feel 75% ready. Considering I've got the morning material down pretty good. I'm taking civil/structural. I've made considerable progress for afternoon material, but I'll have to wait and see if im on the right track.
  20. so I never would have thought to have looked at the people driving tesla's before this thread, but twice I have been next to this guy in a tesla, yesterday he was eating either a bowl of cereal while his car drove for him, and today he was holding an ipad and it looked like he was watching a movie.. lol..
  21. thanks, the book is 80 bucks, I got it from amazon. but thanks for the reply.
  22. Here's a modification for anyone that doesn't like being stuck in rush-hour traffic:
  23. Happy Birthday!!
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