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  2. I was drunk by the time I clicked all the way through to the last state.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Of course the bakery that has them is all the way on the other side of town...
  5. I did about the same and passed. I'm guessing you will too. I was out 20 yrs.
  6. Mrs p-e loves those. Maybe more than me.
  7. Got some perfect pistachio macaroons. Heaven!
  8. We moved reservations to 8:30
  9. Late dinner. Just haven't gotten aroubd to it yet.
  10. Late dinner tonight. Got filled up at the ny beer festival.
  11. I'll tell you this, it was a MILLION times better this time vs what it has been in the past! Though I did find it very useful for the FE. Heck, I have been out of school for 22 years. Took the FE for the first time last year and I do think that the sope FE course did help me pass. BUT the PE - with our boy Nieves, in F-16, sucked more air, than an A-8 taking off a carrier in the med.
  12. Naps are great
  13. Oh boy, you are in for a long haul. LOL
  14. Oh I'm a lot of fun. But seeing people stress out when you make comments like "Oh you received a survey... bad sign" and "Oh your survey is long... not good" is not my idea of a good time.
  15. I wish NCEES is that fast to grade all the exam sheets and separate passed and failed applicants within a week. My test was in Texas on Friday (21st of April). 22nd and 23rd April were weekends which means nothing had been done on those two days. I got survey e-mail on 27th of April. How can it be possible to even collect all the exam materials within 4 days (April 23-26)? Therefore, it does not make any sense that NCEES had collected, graded and screened exam sheets within 4 days to send survey emails to potential failed applicants.
  16. Never be able to spam again. There's more here than spam. someone posed this recently: never have a bj again or never be able to eat cheese.
  17. I felt breadth was easier than depth. Still, depth was doable because of EET training and organized binder.
  18. Welcome!
  19. We're here to have fun. You don't seem like much fun. Prove me wrong.
  20. Nap before dinner. Then hot tub
  21. They are trolls who don't have a shred of evidence to back up what they're saying.
  22. Rainy afternoon... Not studying spam.
  23. Surfing amazon spam
  24. Playing the new Mario Kart 8 soam Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
  25. I charge whatever going engineering rates are. Between $100-$150/hr depending on client, what I'm doing, etc. I work out of my basement. If you never intend to go full time - not a big deal. But once you go full-time and begin having overhead and need to raise rates accordingly - be prepared.
  26. Drinking lunch spam
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