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  2. Thank you both for the information. I'll check out EET's course, it seems like many people recommend it. I am currently skimming through the CERM, but obviously as matt267 has stated, there's far more information in it than necessary for the exam. Any ideas on how to determine which sections to definitely skip? I had a colleague tell me that I should just start solving problems before even reviewing/learning the materials, that way I'd know what information I need to know through solving the problem. Is that a good strategy?
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  7. Thank you all very much for the support and suggestions. I hate conceding on this topic, but it seems like you all agree that there's no point in pestering NCEES to adjust their process. I find that disheartening when many like me suffer and I don't think helping us out more would devalue the PE license as youngmotivatedengineer stated. The test requires a lot of studying and preparation and I don't think helping those who fail better prepare for a retake would make the PE license an easier'd honestly just save many people a lot of money and stress and depression. Anyways, since my hopes for that seem to be but me alone. I am taking in all the suggestions you all have made for my next attempt. I will take April off and go on a much needed vacation. I will attempt the October exam, but with a new in-depth subject. I will let go of Geotech and take an exam prep course for a new subject. My second best subject was water resources and it's the in-depth exam that many of my co-workers have taken. Thoughts on the water resources in-depth for someone who has little experience outside college courses? I agree with many of you who said that anyone could really take any in-depth exam if they study hard enough. NCEES was trying to convince me that I'm failing due to my lack of work experience. Although that may help, it doesn't explain why many students right out of college can pass no problem. I think those that pass out of college just excel on all the computation-based questions, which compensates for the few problems that require more experience. As for how I test/prepare to take an exam. I already give myself a cheat sheet of common mistakes I make while doing practice problems. Unit conversions have never been an issue (that I know of) as I have that bold on my cheat sheet and make sure to note what the units are in every problem. This last exam I gave myself enough time to re-do many problems to make sure I did them correctly (in my mind) and took the time to look at units and significant figures. I know it's hard to explain. Believe me, I frustrated my teachers in school because they saw my work and study materials and still couldn't figure out why I made the mistakes I did on an exam. Many chalked it up to test anxiety, but yet I rarely feel anxious during an exam. I feel weirdly calm and confident. Especially this last exam I worked fast, but thought through each question. I finished going through the exam once with an hour to spare, so I went back through and re-worked the problems I felt I worked too fast on and worked on the problems I skipped. I also study every subject. After the first exam, I learned that I was better off studying everything than trying to only focus on my strengths/weaknesses because you never know what problems will be thrown at you. My first exam was heavily embedded with settlement and consolidation questions, but the second had next to none. I was thankful I chose to study up on settlement and consolidation so I could be prepared, but I didn't focus solely on them. So I never sacrifice subjects I feel confident in. For each exam, I review from the beginning and just look for new practice problems to learn from. I did take the Seismic and PE at the same time during my second attempt at the PE. I felt confident I could pass both, but that failed. I took EET for the Seismic depth and loved it. My teacher made it so easy and I passed all his practice exams with more than enough room to spare. I practiced his written and computer based practice exams, improving each time. He was confident in me. It was the first exam I took during that exam cycle and I broke down. For the second time that I've been aware of, I did suffer test anxiety where I felt anxious and "in my head." I hoped my continual passing of practice exams would pull me through, but it didn't. I failed and my teacher, like I've stated above, was in shock. He told me to take a break from the specialty exams until I pass the National, then he would help me study free of charge. I know I can pass the Seismic. I was so close, but I broke down stressing about failing both exams, which is exactly what happened. However, when I took the National during that time, I was slightly worried in the morning, but after working through the problems, I became confident again. By the time I left the exam, I felt I had for sure passed that time. I'm sorry if I didn't address everyone's responses. I read them all. I truly appreciate all of them. I really do. I needed this, even if it wasn't the direction I wanted, it still helps. Thank you.
  8. So I snapped this picture over the weekend that was the same backdrop for one of the greatest (Christmas) movies ever made... ???!!!!!!?????!
  9. Like my elliptical. Wonder if it still works.
  10. "Mod on 3030 does not match Mod on 1012" ah of course. I called about this, they tried to pin it on me, that it was a mistake i made, but turned out to be due to an issue THEY made on the application. And of course it wasn't corrected. Everything else shows updated as of 1/11/2017 And of course, no once called me about this issue even though i emailed TWICE inquiring on the update to my license. And lastly, of course it's a black lady taking care of this.
  11. what the fuck? i still do not see it for me. although i already have the license, just obtaining an extra qualification
  12. We use Skype for business but I don't think it's "free"
  13. I sent it to you and then deleted your e-mail address as I don't think you want it floating around on the internet.
  14. Hey guys (and girls) One of the most often corrected mistakes I make for students taking my online Electrical Power review course is for leading and lagging circuits. Specifically, when to make the current angle either positive or negative for a leading or lagging system power factor. Students get really frustrated when they do everything right but end up with the wrong answer all for a pesky negative sign on a phase angle! So I decided to make a cheat that you can print out and take with you to the PE exam to avoid any costly mistakes. Leading and lagging is really simple. I don't know about the rest of you, but I really enjoy visual guides. They help me understand concepts. They also seem to really make things stick and turn confusing topics into intuitive ones. Anyways, to download and print out the visual guide cheat sheet, click on the link below. Leading and Lagging Cheat Sheet! By Electrical PE Review Enjoy. Let me know if you'd like to see anything added to it, or even better, if there are any other topics you could use a cheat sheet for. Zach Stone, P.E.
  15. I am interested . email; call 3316451584.
  16. Did someone say bacon? Oh, nevermind.
  17. Just received my certificate and paper license today.
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  19. Currently using GoTo Meeting. Screen sharing capability and the ability to switch who's controlling the display.
  20. thank you so much for the advice:)
  21. Thanks for the suggestions, @knight1fox3
  22. We are phasing out WebEx due to the high cost and functionality issues you described. GoToMeeting worked quite well when I was in grad school and needed to set up a brief meeting with a professor. Those who are familiar with Android and Google, Hangouts works pretty slick and integrates nicely across multiple device platforms (and it's free). That was actually more suitable to a school environment because with Google Docs, we could all be editing the same spreadsheet or Word doc all with video and and all while making comments too. In more of a corporate setting, Skype for Business works pretty flawlessly and obviously integrates well with other MS Office apps (e.g. you can add a Skype meeting link to your Outlook calendar invite for those attendees who are remote).
  23. Totally! Just as much as turkey bacon!!!
  24. If this post is still active - I would really appreciate a copy as well. Thanks!
  25. Isn't this a valid approach in the real world working on your engineering projects? Maybe that's why this approach works well for the exam. Just saying...
  26. For VA, all I had to do was apply to site for the PE and pay the $60 application fee. I received my license in the mail 2 weeks after I was notified that I had passed the exam (NCEES website). Didn't have to pay anything else.
  27. Pretty cool feature
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