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  2. Stuff to bring to test

    well if you are taking the chemical test this year, you don't need to bring anything reference wise. It will be provided on the computer
  3. NFL 2017

    Listening to the morning sports show on the radio on my commute and one of the guys asks the sports guy, "What if your cable/power goes out during the Super Bowl?" The sports guy says, "Well if its the Jaguars and Eagles, I'd probably celebrate." LMAO
  4. Chemical PE

    as sucky as it sounds, I would study with it as the electronic version since the test is computer based now and it will be the only reference you will receive. I would also start studying while sitting next to a computer screen. You are going to be getting less space to work on test day and will have a computer in your face . Just for the mindset, it seems like a good idea so it isn't a huge shock on test day.
  5. Stuff to bring to test

    Sounds about right. My Mechanical friend had a milk crate sized trolley.
  6. New York State PE Application Review Process

    Update: Comity application rejected. I really don't understand what is going on with New York. I e-mailed back and forth with a staff member there trying to get more information, but I really have hit a wall. Here is a brief summary. My initial application (filed October 2016) was rejected and stated I needed 1.5 more years experience. My comity application was rejected (filed November 2017) stating I need 1 more year of experience (or need to further justify the one year). This is confusing to me since a year had past since I submitted my application. I asked the women I had been corresponding with via e-mail if I could get any more information about what experience they are not counting or need further explanation about and she said that the Board does not share this information, which to me is a bad policy. Additionally, it sounds like NYS is not a fan of the NCEES record since they asked that I resubmit forms 4 and 4A which require my prior supervisors to submit forms. They are giving me one more chance to submit my application without paying an additional fee. I think I am just going to start over and make sure that everything is explained very thoroughly. If you are still waiting I would call the office and they will check on it for you.
  7. How I Passed the Thermal / Fluid PE exam

    1. MERM 13th and the Practice Problem Companion - Excellent book, but can be very frustrating. It's the most comprehensive out of all 5 resources. I'd definitely try to solve all the problems. 2. 6 minutes solution - I don't like it. I did it once and at least 10-15 problems were too vague/far-fetched 3. NCEES Practice Test 2011 and 2016 - Very important. I'm a big advocate of solving as many problems as possible and solving practice exams is even better 4. ME PE Thermal Fluid Study Guide by Justin Kauwale - I'd just skim through it, the MERM is a much better reference to actually learn the material plus the example problems in the guide are too simple compared to the real exam problems. 5. T&F Reference Manual for the ME PE Exam by Jeffrey Hanson - This one has some really good problems when it comes to Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer, but it's far from comprehensive. It completely ignores HVAC and the chapter covering Supportive Knowledge is laughable.
  8. Today
  9. Hello from Boston

    and commute from Worcester everyday? that's gotta suck. Are you dependent on the commuter rail?
  10. Stuff to bring to test

    No loose papers, bring any kind of carrying device you want, backpack, rolling luggage, collapsible hand cart or even a full sized hand cart. The exam rooms are secured during lunch so you leave everything at your seat. Avoid containers that you have to carry by hand ( i.e. milk crate with no hand truck). It may not seem bad but when you have to walk to/from parking area to testing site it gets heavy fast. For actual test day, civil engineers will have luggages, electrical engineers will have back packs. Surveyors will have 2-3 small books in their hands.
  11. Voltage drop equation confusion

    Use the plus sign when the power factor is lagging (the most common case), and the minus sign when the power factor is leading.
  12. Stuff to bring to test

    My experience- You can take anything and by any any means -trolley, dolly, box, bag. But you should take as much as required ( no less no more) which you can use in the exam. You should not be lost in the references itself. I sat for Electrical Power and took two codes, one reference book and my personal notes. Had I taken the 5th one, I would have failed to use that. Make sure no loose papers, even the proctor removed the very secured title page from my binder.
  13. Hi, The equation for voltage drop is I*L/1000[ R*cos(theta) + X*sin(theta)]. But I am confused on when to use the plus or minus sign in between the resistance and reactance? Different problems in CI show different approaches. Someone please help!
  14. My Experience With the Power PE Exam

    Thank u!
  15. Steam problems

    Was there a visual confirmation that the face dampers were open the bypass dampers closed?
  16. Steam problems

    The steam valve is 100% closed or open? I'm assuming open with that type of Delta T Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  17. Starting a Consulting LLC

    In NJ a CA# is required to do engineering work under a company. In regards to insurance, make sure you are specific in the type of services you will be offering. From speaking with my boss, if certain areas of work are included, his insurance premium increases drastically.
  18. Hello from Boston

    I work in Boston.
  19. Hello from Boston

    Either way you all talk funny
  20. Yesterday
  21. Hello from Boston

    so now you're going from Worcester to where? or are you calling Worcester...Boston?
  22. CA Specific Exams

    Yeah, they went up to 88846. All Civil, I went through every one lol. I asked them a week and a half ago if my application needed anything else, but they never wrote back. Hopefully this didn't place me on their poo list. I'm hoping for the end of the week, but realistically telling myself it will probably be the end of the month.
  23. NCAAF 2017

    God, I love Clay Travis. https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/university-alabama-threatens-sue-outkick-aloha-bitches-tshirts/
  24. CT Results - 12/05/ !

    I checked online , mine says " Active "
  25. How I Passed the Thermal / Fluid PE exam

    The calculation is alright, it is the specific volume that made the difference. (4.062-3.9524)/4.062=2.7% Anyway, I have to get some tips which books to focus on practicing the problems. I have 5 references which I don't think I can finish for the April 16 2018 exam. I have: 1. MERM 13th and the Practice Problem Companion 2. 6 minutes solution 3. NCEES Practice Test 2011 and 2016 4. ME PE Thermal Fluid Study Guide by Justin Kauwale 5. T&F Reference Manual for the ME PE Exam by Jeffrey Hanson. I have not seen many review with regards to the #4 and #5 books here, but it appears that these were more updated for the new exam specs. Any advice? Thanks!
  26. CA Specific Exams

    It seems like all the licenses that were posted on the check tool so far are Civil. I'm hoping mine posts by the end of the month (electrical).
  27. Stuff to bring to test

    just mind the proctors
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