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  2. Lee Lu Dallas MULTI-PASS!
  3. I have the ASHRAE fundamentals text for sale in the classifieds
  4. The reason it's two wires is because you have one wire going to the load and one wire coming back. The length given in the problem is the length only in one direction; therefore, to account for the total impedance of the wires, you must multiply the distance by 2. Hopefully this makes sense.
  5. It is looked at as too casual because the people who wear them don t have the greatest fashion sense. This is coming from a who used to wear camo cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. So when did cargo shorts become a fashion faux pas? Having all those extra pockets was great, especially when travelling with kids.
  7. While I took the TFS depth, I had colleagues who took HVAC, and said the ASHRAE Fundamentals is absolutely, 100% necessary for the exam. The other three books are highly, highly recommend. While not required, you will be at a severe disadvantage if you don't have all four. Another tip, try to have the four books in sequence, as they are revised every four years. I believe the most recent Fundamentals book is 2013, and the HVAC Systems and Equipment is 2016. My colleague took the exams with ASHRAE books from the early 2000s and passed, so using slightly older books is OK.
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  9. While many people advocate for self-study, you need to look at works for you. I knew I would have a hard time staying disciplined with work and RL, so I took the PPI Online Class with Richard Davis. His notes were great and his knowledge about potential test content was very insightful. The bonus is the PPI class includes all the material you will need for the TFS exam. Personally, I used the following during the actual exam: MERM 13th (12th edition would have been fine, just get one and become intimately familiar with it) Engineering Unit Conversions (came with PPI class, and was extremely useful for the awkward conversions) Crane TP-410 (while MERM had most if not all of this material, I use this book nearly daily and I am very comfortable with it, thus why I brought it IMHO, Dr Tom's or PPI would be a solid investment. I don't regret paying for the class, as I passed on the first attempt.
  10. This topic is a great example of the type of issues you will see on the test. There will be answers for both if H=10 and H = 120. Pay attention to conversion factors.
  11. bill
  12. Not to really add to this conversation, all I can say is that it is not recommended to call yourself an SE unless you hold that title in a state that allows such a thing. If you can, great. If you can't, that's ok too (You are an adult after all.) Now remember the board rules and everyone play nice.
  13. Deffinately sounds like a conversion factor. Look at the dimensions in the problem as well as in the solution. Is everything in ft, or was 1 of them in inches?
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  15. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    2013 ASHRAE Fundamentals book for sale, good condition, no writing or water damage to pages. The cover is a little scuffed, but no major issues. Asking $70 shipped. Also have the 2016 NCEES Thermal and Fluid Systems practice exam, no marks, like new. Asking $30 shipped. Buy both for $90.


  16. While I probably wouldn't have the 8@!!$ to post the Lemmy meme you did, this is all well said and I agree with everything you wrote Dex. I have a lot of conversations with my Christian friends. (They're likely Christians because we live in the West. If we lived in the Middle East, they'd likely be Muslims; and if we lived in India, they'd likely be Hindus; etc.). Just the other day, I talked to them about a recent "exorcism" some Christian lady did to her young daughter by stripping her naked on a public beach and beating her "to remove demons". I pointed out that most (hopefully all) of us would think this is lunacy. But exorcisms are rampant in the New Testament! Even Jesus himself performed many exorcisms to expel demons and evil spirits from possessed people. As a Christian, you have to believe such things are true. So how do you separate that in your mind? Why were so many people possessed by demons 2000 years ago but none of us believe in demon possession today? If we believe in the claims of the NT, how then, can you say that this lady was wrong in diagnosing her daughter as being possessed? To me, believing that all those demon possession described in the NT actually happened requires you to turn off logical faculties of your regular intellect in order to accept the New Testament's claims. How do you do that? I asked my Christian friends and I got very wishy washy answers. I very much respect religious people and their right to believe the things they believe, even if different than my own beliefs. There is much good in religion. I just personally can't believe the extraordinary (conflicting) truth claims about reality by the world's multitude of holy books, without the required (to me) extraordinary evidence that any of the claims are true.
  17. Lead the global Decorative Paints organizations focus on Reliability Centered Maintenance and process standardization across all manufacturing sitesAkzoNobel’s business area Decorative Paints (DP) adds color to people’s lives with a full range of interior and exterior decoration and protection products for the trade and consumer markets. As authorities on color we aim to provide all our customers – from professional decorators to DIY enthusiasts – with a great color experience and a fantastic finish. Our range includes paints, lacquers and varnishes, as well as products for surface preparation (pre-deco products).AkzoNobel and DP are currently implementing ALPS (AkzoNobel Leading Performance Systems) designed to ensure company-wide standardized processes, a culture of continuous improvement, process-centric behaviours, AkzoNobel values, and required capabilities. ALPS focuses on Manufacturing (work streams: enablers, operations, maintenance, projects, training), Supply Chain, Procurement, HSE and Engineering.Within this context, your mission in this role is to form a key part of the BA Deployment organization focused on the ALPS Maintenance work stream. You will be part of a small central team that is responsible for implementing ALPS for Maintenance with a specific focus on maintenance reliability at sites across Akzo Nobel Decorative Paints. As such, this is an ideal role for someone with extensive project management experience, particularly in terms of implementing reliability centered maintenance work processes and driving cultural change. It also demands that you deploy coaching and performance management techniques to develop regional and site based maintenance teams and drive continuous improvement.Is this a challenge that matches your ambitions as a results-focused professional with extensive and hands-on experience in Reliability Centered Maintenance? Do you have knowledge of the paint manufacturing industry along with solid experience of major Capex projects and an overall understanding of legislation in this area? Can you demonstrate the problem-solving skills necessary to identify and structure issues, run accurate analyses and synthesize recommendations? Can you lead process transformation without having direct reports or the direct authority over teams based in regions/manufacturing sites? Above all, can you make a real difference within our dynamic, multinational and multicultural business environment? If you offer all this and more, we invite you to apply for the position ofALPS Maintenance Expert The role and its responsibilitiesThis role can be based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, or any other AkzoNobel location in Europe. You will travel for approximately 40% of your time to sites with varying maturity levels in maintenance processes and desired culture.Your core function is to develop the plan and approach for deploying ALPS Maintenance processes across BA Decorative Paints. In doing so, you instill a passion for excellence across the Maintenance community, review progress (milestones, performance metrics, etc.) against agreed work stream deployment plans, and identify areas for improvement. At all times you adhere to AkzoNobel Asset Integrity Guidelines and ensure that ALPS Maintenance processes support these.Thus you provide basic training and coaching in Reliability principles, and drive the implementation of Reliability improvement initiatives. You also support, coach and train operational managers and employees, and facilitate a Maintenance Network aimed at accelerating improvement.Further, you develop, recommend and implement strategies for improving equipment and process reliability, monitoring, quantifying and reporting cost savings and/or equipment life cycle costs. You also verify process maturity and the effectiveness of planned improvement activities/projects through field observations. This requires you to serve as the ‘owner’ of the management of change process for your specific work stream, aligning with Maintenance work stream owners in other teams and for feeding back valuable insights.All of this requires that you spend time at manufacturing sites and possess the ability to extract information from real life observations. You must also be able to interact effectively with Customers, Community and other AkzoNobel visitors on a regular basis.Candidate profileTo apply for this position you must possess all the following attributes:• BSc degree or higher in Technology, Engineering or a similar discipline, along with in-depth knowledge of state of the art maintenance processes and tools;• A proven track record in implementing Reliability Centered Maintenance programs• Ideally you have experience of continuous improvement tools such as Lean, Six Sigma or other continuous improvement methodologies and tools;• Ability to use Situational Leadership to effectively manage and lead teams, including leading workshops and working groups;• Good understanding of SAP PM and/or other CMMS systems;• Experience of Process Safety Management, with experience of the batch process industry preferred;• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, from plant managers to line operators, including fluent written and spoken English.Application detailsFor further information, please contact Anne Marte van der Vossen, Talent Resourcing Partner, tel. +31 (0)88-010 6789, option 2. Only online applications will be accepted, please go to, reference 17000181 or use the ‘apply’ button.Apply:
  18. I actually agree with goodal here in that I was thinking the same thing.... that, even though RG said 'not in a religious sense', how else could you describe the invisible guiding force in 'meant to be'? Though, I don't believe in the existence of any of history's thousands of created gods or goddesses, I agree that, if you believe there is a controlling force in your life, that is a religious belief. goodal and I have exchanged countless PMs on the topic of religion. I enjoyed it, thanks goodal.
  19. Green tonguing. Ya buddy.
  20. i would really love to see if i find a case of a licensed PE who used the SE designation in a state that does not separately license them and got sued for it. I tried googling but couldn't find anything.
  21. Funny scenario, if my name were, Peter Edward Adams, i would be fined for having a business card that says, P.E. Adams? Something tells me, PROBABLY! lol They'd have no jurisdiction over me. Especially since there'd be no business under my name that operates in NJ offering any sort of service. This only addresses my state specifically, but since there is no statute against it and the board of engineers have no problem with it, there'd be no reason to NOT use that SE designation beside your name if that IS your background and the service you provide. As the prosecuting attorney at my board said, since there is no SE license here having the letters by your name is inherently meaningless besides announcing to others of your background.
  22. Its not a conversion to inches? ( 10ft * (12in/1ft) ). I don't have the problem in front of me, just saying....
  23. Practice Exam for the Civil PE Exam: Breadth + Water Resources Depth Question 008 This is a settlement/consolidation problem. The varved clay layer is 10 ft thick and has a 12 ft layer of sand over it. In the solution, when solving for consolidation: s = H(delta e)/(1+e0), I thought H should equal the thickness of the clay layer (10ft), at least that's what the ALL-IN-ONE reference states. Instead, the solution has H=120 Is this an error, or am I missing something?
  24. You will - just ask, and good luck!
  25. Here is the problem im talking about. doesnt look like it attached properly in my first post
  26. Hi, can someone explain to me the whole 'two wires' thing in single phase circuit and why the impedance is 2 times. Thanks in advance
  27. That picture was not meant as bait. I truly believe that there is no god and I believe that those who dedicate themselves to believing in him deliberately ignore a significant portion of the real world in front of them. I acknowledge the fact that the world around us is a very complex series of systems and events and that I don't/can't fully understand them all. Just because I don't understand them does not mean that I think some higher power is out there controlling it. However, I do know that there are very intelligent people who dedicate themselves to further understanding those systems, and my "faith" is in their skill. Do they understand everything? Not yet, but that still does not mean there is a higher power. Do they revise their positions based on new evidence? I hope so. If I saw overwhelming evidence of something that contradicts what I understood, I would like to think my beliefs would be revised accordingly. I do believe everything happens for a reason, and that reason is science (physics, biology, chemistry, psychology and statistics). Simple causality; cause and effect. There is absolutely nothing that says otherwise. It is very awe-inspiring when you stop to think about the progression of events that lead to any given moment, even something as insignificant as the Deadpool figurine on my desk. How many people, places, decisions, etc had to come together for him to sit there? Despite all of the complexities that made that happen, every person, place, and decision can be tracked through logical means and at no point in any of it did an all-powerful "creator" emerge as responsible for any of it. What effect has faith had on your life? I truly want to see evidence that your following of scripture is the direct cause of a better life. I know some will say that they gain strength from their fellow church followers. In that case it's not the faith that is responsible, but rather the people you choose to surround yourself with. Being around good people who care about one another leads to better outcomes for the group. To some, religion is like the "binkie" you're given as a child; it's presence is comforting in a time of waning confidence and troubling times. Society has made it acceptable to be able to carry that mental "binkie" with you openly in public. In that regard, religion/spirituality is quite helpful. This is what I was teaching in lieu of the faith element of cub scouts. Find that thing that gives you mental strength when you need it, and you will go further in your en devours. In order to get that "binkie" out of a something founded on a book like the bible, the vast majority of it must be ignored (including the fact it has been re-written, politically edited [King James version, anyone?], and translated from stories that weren't written down for hundreds of years after the events allegedly happened). If you have to ignore so much of the "foundation" of your religion, what is the point of following the religion? Too often I see acts carried out by religious "fundamentalists". If they are truly following the fundamentals, again I ask, what is the point of following the religion? To me, it's like perpetuating racism. Sure, you're not flat-out racist (the fundamentalist), but you still smile when an inappropriate joke is told. That smile is just enough to keep that joke alive to be retold again and further enable the teller to continue thinking it's ok. If you're going to follow a "book of lessons", you're better off reading something like Aesop's Fables. You know the stories are not true, but you see the moral guidance the stories provide. I would argue that you believe in god, not because you have any actual evidence of his existence, but rather because of where you were born and who your parents are. There is no greater influence of your religion and belief structure than where you're raised. You were indoctrinated before you knew any better (given your "binkie") in a region where such religion is the social norm. Once you have that binkie, it's very hard to ever let it go (I'm still fighting with my 10 yr old about not needing hers for bed). It makes you feel good, you learn to function with it in everything you do, which then leads you to think you can never function without it. Fear of losing your binkie or being an "outsider" for not having a binkie is the biggest reason religion is perpetuated. "I needed it to get through my life, I should to give it to my kids so they can get through theirs." A couple questions I see raised in atheist circles: If god is an omnibenevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent being, why does evil exist (The Evidential Problem of Evil)? Does free will truly exist if god has predetermined our future and decides if we go to heaven or hell (the paradox of free will)? Since both rely on the existence of god, the obvious solution to both is that god does not exist.
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