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  2. It would be impossible to get more calls from Rachel or Heather from card member services. BTW, my elderly in laws fell for the Rachel ploy. Paid $1,200 to get get interest rates reduced. Whenever they call to see how Rachel or Heather is progressing, Rachel or Heather is at lunch and will call them back.
  3. Power Transfer Formula

    Please explain to me why sin(delta2) = (P1/P2)*sin(delta1) I don't understand how it got to that step. can someone please show the steps leading up to how sin(delta2) is determined? Thanks!
  4. Induction Machine

    I didn't purchase if from Brightwood. I got this exam (in pdf format) from a colleague and was told it is the Kaplan exam. My guess is it is probably an older sample exam as it has many errors. I found this thread dated 2010 in the forum where a poster called cableguy made an errata list and it matches the errors I see in the pdf I have:
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  6. Seems like you just added your cell number to a million telemarketing lists?
  7. NEC reference cards ok to bring?

    And no fit-bits!
  8. https://www.rmgtcpasettlement.com/Home.aspx Chavrat vs. Resort Marketing I heard about this on this on the radio, television and online. I checked my cell number and I am listed in their phone number database of unsolicited marketing calls selling cruises . I filed an online claim. Maximum amount could be $900, but more than likely less. How likely am I to ever see a dime?
  9. NEC reference cards ok to bring?

    Read through this: pencil and paper section. Don't lose out to a technicality.
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  11. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    Also charge extra for a petting zoo! You could also sell cups of feed so people can feed the goats. This is a gold mine!
  12. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    I forget how the memory is configured on those. If it's internal and can be removed, it may be offloaded to archive the data.
  13. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    yo man I am in! #gohawks!
  14. Remember the Video Pirates scene from Amazon Women on the Moon? At ~1:50, I love the "I am sooooooo scared".
  15. Seems to be a lot of people trying to share material this session. Do I need to find & share the piracy warning from one of my old VHS tapes?
  16. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    Looks like my original Kindle is finally toast. It wont charge, wont turn on....dead. about 7 yrs old, give or take a couple months. minisnick is devastated...all his games/high scores were on that one.
  17. We're also near the region of totality for the next one (Vermont). I'll start renting out tent spaces in the field now.
  18. Is that so you don't, like, get herpes and stuff?
  19. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    I have the following practice exams for sale: 2011 Mechanic/Materials 2011 HVAC 2016 Thermal/Fluids 2016 Machine Design/Materials All were bought new within the last 12 months and are in good condition (not sure I ever actually opened the HVAC one). $20 each picked up or $25 shipped anywhere in the US.


  20. That's what I thought too. The only latest relevant NCEES test is from 2014 which is currently available on NCEES website. There are no more PE civil transportation tests from that website. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks
  21. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    ^Where else can you get Moink Balls on a stick?
  22. We're still watching Longmire, it sort of grows on you. We just finished Season 1, but I stand by my initial impression that it's not up to modern TV standards.
  23. Pomona Exam center

    I was about 40 miles from my testing location and stayed in a hotel/at a friends the night before. it just helps lessen the anxiety of all of the things i imagine going wrong before I get to the exam. But I'm neurotic. so. lol.
  24. When a PE denies signing the SER

    In California, the Engagement Record and Reference Form needs to be signed by a licensed P.E. or by someone who is exempt under CA law from needing a license (civils may have more restrictions, though). If you're in that kind of situation, you might see if anyone else can sign your form as, at least in CA, the objectives are primarily to verify your claimed experience and to evaluate your readiness for a license, which could in principle include your direct supervisor, an indirect supervisor, or just a coworker, as long as the reference has actually seen your work.
  25. Silly. Personal Protective Equipment. A civil engineer ought to know that.
  26. Pomona Exam center

    That's funny how different locations handle who sits where. Where I took the test, they put all the same type together, but they snaked front to back, then shifted over one seat then back towards the front of the room. So those towards the begining/end of alphabet were more likely to be by other disciplines.
  27. Each company you work for is an engagement, but so is each position level to which you might be promoted. For example, suppose you start with your company as "Engineer I" and are promoted to "Engineer II" and both of those are part of your qualifying experience. You now have two engagements even though you only have one employer. Each engagement requires a minimum of one reference.
  28. Pomona Exam center

    I took (and passed) both the EIT and PE at the Pomona Fairplex location. The parking fee has always been $10, cash only. There's not much on site for your wife to keep herself occupied with while you take your exam and she won't be allowed in the room. The exam is held in one or more of the exhibit halls (see graphic for a rough idea). Seating is arranged via 6-foot rectangular tables that each accommodate two people. Seating is assigned and they make a point of being sure no one in your immediate vicinity is taking the same exam you are. The exhibit hall is huge and will accommodate several hundred test takers. All of the references and other materials you bring will need to fit under the table and not obstructing the aisle. You can have books and such on top of the table, but they don't want you piling those so high that you end up making a fort out of them such that they can't clearly see what you're doing. There will typically be one or two food vendors available for lunch. The food is ok, but way overpriced because they know they're the only game in town. You can bring food with you, but will generally need to leave it in your car. The parking lot where they have you park is not overly far from the exhibit halls, so that's not too much of a problem. Be sure to have current (unexpired) U.S. government issued photo ID (driver license or passport, for example) and do not wear a fitbit or any other unauthorized electronic device; I've personally seen people get kicked out of the exam room for both of those causes. People will typically start arriving in the parking lot between 6:00 and 6:30am. The doors open at 7:00am and they'll have signs posted just inside the room to direct you to your assigned seat. By 7:30 or so they'll start passing out exam materials and reading the instructions; if you're not in the room and checked in at your seat by this point, you're probably SOL on taking the exam. The exam itself typically starts around 8am and concluding four hours thereafter with warnings at 15 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute remaining. Regardless of when everyone is dismissed for lunch (you can't re-enter the room once you leave for lunch), they open the doors again for the afternoon half by about 1pm and by about 1:30 or so you've started the second half of the exam with time being called around 5:30pm with the same time warnings called. By 6pm they should have collected all of the exam materials and dismissed you from the room. By the time you get out to your car and wait in the painfully slow line of cars to exit the fairgrounds, it will easily be 6:30pm. It's a solid 12-hour day. In terms of arriving at the location in the morning, traffic on the northbound 57 freeway in the morning is typically very light. I don't know where in Orange County you're living, but at only 26 miles away, you're still in north OC. I was in Orange County when I took the exam and had no problem getting to the exam site in plenty of time to get myself checked in. I even had time to run by Starbucks on my way there. It's probably not worth the expense to stay at a hotel vs a half hour drive, but do as you will.
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