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  2. ASHRAE Superheated tables

    There is a chart in my thermo book. I definitely recommend bringing course books to the exam with you.
  3. Kids of EB

    Thanks! If any of the other attempts had worked I would have been balancing taking care of a new born while studying for the PE. I know others have done it but not 100% sure I would be one of them. Timing worked out great.
  4. Kids of EB

    Congrats!!!!!!!! There's a lots of babies in the april/may time frame lately in my part of the world. and thankfully none of them are me!!!
  5. Linked Words Game

    Joint Venture
  6. Kids of EB

    After many years & 3 IVF attempts Mrs. Jbone & I are expecting a little one. Finally get to join this thread lol. Jbone mini expected May 2018!!
  7. Movie thread

    Great to hear! The fiancé and I (well. mostly just me, as he fell asleep) watched the original Friday night. It was... Anticlimactic.
  8. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being anti pinata. (whatever that is)
  9. NEC/ Overcurrent

    Thanks. IMHO it takes into account Setting calculations of the largest motor as per 432.52 Plus FLA of other motors.
  10. Not Enough Time!!!!

    You can do it! And for all you know, you may have already done it. I agree with ptatohed, the speed at which one must complete questions is the #1 hardest part about the state exams. Based on the limited information you provided about the practice tests you took while studying, it sounds like you may need to work on just getting a bit faster at studying problems if you didn't pass this time. But that being said, don't count yourself out until you've gotten your results! And then, if your results don't come back as you'd like, try, try again! You will be successful.
  11. Movie thread

    I highly recommend watching the original before you go see it. We did that the night before, and it was pretty beneficial in understanding some of what was happening. They certainly don't spoon feed the details of the old movie to you. Yeah, Blade Runner was one of the first R rated movies I saw on my own, late at night, after my parents first got cable. That and Alien, The Thing, Apocalypse Now, Stripes, and Porkies kind of form my cinematic growing up period.
  12. Addendum to NDS 2012

    Definitely bring the addenda. The values for southern pine changed a lot, I believe. I actually just brought the 2015 NDS this past spring, even though it said to bring the 2012 NDS at the time. I didn't run into any issues that I'm aware of. If the codes listed on NCEES's website still say to bring the 2012 NDS, most definitely bring the addenda!
  13. Actual test times?

    Everything everyone said above is accurate, in my experience. I took the PE exam three times, and one time, we didn't get out until about quarter to 7 pm. That was because we didn't start until almost 9 am (I forget what the exact problem was, but we were sitting in the testing room for a long time before we actually got to start the morning section), and then some issues corralling everyone back in the room after lunch. It was lame! The other two times I took it, we got out between 5 and 6.
  14. I'll keep you in mind. I'm in a clearing out stuff mode these days.
  15. Today
  16. Application - potential reference etiquette

    I agree with ptatohed, it's up to you to corral your references and if you provided adequate notice (few weeks) or told them of the tight deadline if you didn't give adequate notice then they should understand a phone call from you. It's better to seem a bit pushy (which you won't anyways) then to miss the deadline
  17. Addendum to NDS 2012

    Sounds to me like bring the addendum and the errata. Also, there is a newer version of that also I believe.
  18. Is the pencil the same color for day 1&2 of the SE?
  19. Not Enough Time!!!!

    If you didn't get it this time, you'll get it next time.
  20. Well the consensus seemed to be to bring at most to bring the ASHRAE handbooks. But the six-minute ppi book has a bunch of random questions from ashrae standards (62.1, 55, 34, etc.). (Coincidentally i do have 62.1 yet none of the tables they refer to are on there. ) I'm getting worried that random questions on standards are gonna kill me on the test
  21. i mean, if you wanna send the albums my way I'll make sure they get good use
  22. I had a DUAL cassette deck to record tape-to-tape. OOOOHHH. I still have my direct drive turntable. I needed to buy an external preamp circuit to be able to use it on the "newer" receivers that didn't have a "phono" input. I have a bunch of classic rock albums that have only been played a couple of times. Back in the day, I'd buy the album new and record it to a cassette and then play the cassette so the albums didn't get worn/scratched.
  23. also, many of the albums my dad had were flooded so the outer sleeves were ruined. therefore I have brown replacement covers for them that just don't have tons of pizzaz. I might get some of that weird tape and tape the edges to make them look more fun and also so i can pick them out once i get familiar with what tape is on what album.
  24. Movie thread

    I need to see The House. Saw previews of this all weekend in Vegas. LOL
  25. I KNOW! I haven't looked through the ones she gave me. Unfortunately, most of my mix"tape"s were in the form of compact discs BUT I STILL HAVE THEM. haha. I was on the dance team in HS and before those fancy computer programs where you could splice music together, I had to press pause and record just right to make a cut for a dance! lolll how many times I had to do it to make it right. ugh. the struggle was so freaking real.
  26. I was just going to ask if I spied a tape deck. Nice!!! Did anyone in HS ever make you a mix tape? Time to throw them in if so! Ha ha.
  27. Not Enough Time!!!!

    Ptatohed..... That's the thing. I did 1 & 2 as you say. Even on the multiple practice tests I completed it was still a time crunch and I was lucky to score 50% accounting for guesses. I guess it's falling on deaf ears and I doubt the state board listens in here, but...... but...... I digress.... :-(
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