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  2. funny pic thread

    Its just their version of spamming.
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  4. Voltage drop equation confusion

    What edition book do you have, 2nd for me? I just came across this problem today and their answers are different but the same exact problem. Looks my problem is wrong. https://imgur.com/a/xkcJS In terms of flipping the signs this is what I saw: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=200[(.062%2F1000*175*cos(25))+-+(.041%2F1000*175*sin(25))]+%3D%3D+200[(.062%2F1000*175*cos(-25))+%2B+(.041%2F1000*175*sin(-25))]
  5. New NCEES Power PE Outline - April 2018

    @bripgilb sorry for the delayed response. The last outline I have before this April 2018 version was titled April 2009 version. There were updates along the way to update the NEC version. Other than the NEC changes, it looks like the last change to the exam specs was 9 years ago.
  6. NFL 2017

    I heard its Justin and NSync
  7. Yesterday
  8. funny pic thread

    ^^^ It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand.
  9. NFL 2017

    Or you could move west and have it in the afternoon.
  10. still probably a safer bet than anything organic though
  11. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    ^See this comment from above regarding that.
  12. NFL 2017

    Ya, no SB parties this year. The only way I could be convinced is if they moved it to Sat. so we didn't have to stay up late to watch on a "school" night.
  13. what about the stuff that is already spread along frozen garlic toast?
  14. Voltage drop equation confusion

    Great you got it right!
  15. CA Specific Exams

    Sent. Thank you!
  16. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    Agreed. Minimal effort required aside from opening the jar.
  17. The minced stuff in the jars is awesome. Maybe it's the Chinese fingernails.
  18. NFL 2017

    is the half time show Justin and Janet or just Justin?
  19. Steam problems

    Doesn't sound like an equipment problem to me. Sounds like a control problem. If the coil can supply enough heat 30F and below the coil is sized large enough and the fan should have enough pressure to draw the air througas well. I would like to see the control programming....
  20. NFL 2017

    I'm not even interested in the commercials this year.
  21. Voltage drop equation confusion

    Yes! Positive for leading load and negative for lagging load! Thank you!
  22. NFL 2017

    I won't even watch the Super Bowl.
  23. Forum Banning Game

    Banned because if that happened today, and you were in Ohio, you were up way too early.
  24. NFL 2017

    Gotta say, I'm not super excited for this Super Bowl. I don't know how excited I would have been about any possible combination of the four teams that were remaining before yesterday. At the very least, I hope it's a good match and not a blowout.
  25. Ah, gotcha. I peel my own garlic always. Will have to pay closer attention to whether I'm buying the organic stuff or not.
  26. CA Specific Exams

    email info
  27. CA PE Timeline

    04/21/17 - Took NCEES 8 hour exam 05/25/17 - Received results notice from NCEES. Passed 8 hour. 07/03/17 - Mailed my application package for licensure via USPS priority mail (with a tracking number) 07/05/17 - CA BPELSG received my application package (tracked with tracking number) 07/12/17 - CA BPELSG cashed the check in my application package 07/20/17 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that my application package was received 07/24/17 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that my application package was referred to technical review 09/05/17 - Received email from CA BPELSG, stating that my application package was technically approved 09/12/17 - Received both Authorizations to Test for Fall 2017 CA Exams 10/24/17 - Took CA Seismic exam 11/07/17 - Took CA Engineering Survey exam 12/18/17 - Received result notice for both Seismic and Survey exams. Passed both. 12/20/17 - Received license number
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