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  3. Dodge the problem entirely by doing what I mentioned in other posts. No need to complicate it and make it more expensive at the same time. I have yet to see a scenario where this configuration would be needed, at least with regards to HV, MV and distribution utility applications.
  4. Yes it will. Thanks Cos90 for sharing this, you seem to have good stuff. When I look back the reason of zero sequence - I was right and then solution is different from what I suggested. In my suggestion 30 degree phase angle problem, will again appear which need to be resolved by ICTs ( Intermediate CTs connected in delta). Here they are using a delta connected trap for resolving zero sequence currents. But as mentioned by the t60 manual- it is not true that the conventional relaying system were not able to tackle this problem. Still I fail to understand when you chose and need an ungrounded system why you need grounding. Should have gone for star-star Xmer. To be honest my practical knowledge of an ungrounded system is nil.
  5. I watched the first two seasons but they just sort of all ran together... Are they still trying to show that he killed his wifes killer?
  6. Lindeburg FE Review Manual "Rapid Preparation"

    I used this book and took the computer based FE about 8 years out of school. The problems in this book are longer than what you will see on the exam. If I am remembering correctly he will combine multiple steps in each problem which typically isnt the case on FE. It is a good reference and if you can solve these you should do well on the test. I wouldn't recommend this as your sole study material. Learn the reference manual like the back of your hand and buy and work as many practice problems as feasible. That said I did like the book and even brought it as a reference for my PE exam.
  7. It's Your Future!

    It's your future! Let us help you reach your goals. www.passpe.com 20th Anniversary Celebration - Huge Promotional Discounts!
  8. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    I'm glad that someone else on here has watched Longmire. Ferg is a personal acquaintance of mine.
  9. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    where there were no chips!
  10. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    was on the other side of town getting an tire rotation done so I stopped for qdoba
  11. It's Friday!!!!

    Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
  12. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    A few strips of grilled chicken over spinach, with edamame, microgreens, kalamata olives, feta, a hard boiled egg, and Caesar dressing. Plus an apple!
  13. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Had some leftover shrimp scampi/pasta that the wife made the other night, good stuff
  14. I never watched Friday Night Lights when it was on so I started watching that to have something to watch, first season was pretty decent but the 2nd you can tell the writers went off kilter (or maybe that was the writers strike year)
  15. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    Just started Criminal Minds. Will have to check Ozark out when I finish this one off. Longmire is gonna be finished as soon as they release the last season, it was decent enough overall though.
  16. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    So for the hell of it, I decided to watch episode 1 and say screw all the rest of what I'm behind on. You weren't kidding. I actually thought it started off a bit slow but boy did it ever gain my attention. And then it's basically non-stop right up until the end of the episode. Crazy.
  17. the prophecy did say her valonqar "little brother" will kill her...both Jaime and tyrion are both born after her...she just assumes it is tyrion the prophecy refers
  18. The Automotive Thread

    That's the fancy pants yuppie Jeep.
  19. Stupid Washing Machine

    My old old washer and dryer (the ones left in the NC rental house that got stolen) was in the house when I bought it but didn't work... I ended up using a timing belt from the auto store to fix it temporarily and man did that thing squeal at the start of each cycle, lol
  20. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    I like their Italian one better. I wish they had a buffet like some of the Krogers though
  21. That's my point, it is almost impractical to use this winding configuration on the utility scale when other more practical, existential options are available. Most transmission step-downs (e.g. 161-69kV or similar) are wye-wye grounded with a delta tertiary. The tertiary serves two purposes, trapping zero sequence and providing station service to a 13.2 kV bus (typically). Generally speaking, to pick up ground faults, you want your down line sections to be looking back at a grounded secondary. Without this, you have to use a more expensive alternate approach to detect "ground" faults. Whether you accomplish this by beefing up the relays or adding a zigzag. Why even go that route when it's not necessary?
  22. You could also see a wye-delta used as a grounding bank, used like a zigzag transformer.
  23. A relative is going to a wedding in Nashville this weekend and due some unforeseen events ended up needing a hotel room for Sunday at the last minute. Looking online virtually everything is sold out except for high end hotels asking $500-600+ for the night apparently because Nashville is in the 100% path and people are going nuts. Fortunately he managed to get some accommodations but WOW. I used Orbitz and the cheapest room offering was>$500 last night.
  24. A GSU is a delta-wye. I misspoke. The LV winding is the primary on a GSU transformer.
  25. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    We need Publix in Colorado. I went into one when I visited my parents in May.
  26. Lindeburg FE Review Manual "Rapid Preparation"

    I found this to be true when I took the paper version of the FE. The closest you will find are practice tests from the NCEES. Also, be sure you're studying only material that the NCEES says will be on the exam. Good luck.
  27. My apologies for starting this discussion. Here's how you would solve this problem before microprocessor relays came onto the scene: @TNPE you would see a wye-delta transformer applied for Generator Step Up (GSU), the tertiary of a large autotransformer, and at interconnection sites where two systems are operating at a different phase angle. For distribution you typically see a Wye-Wye or Delta-Wye transformer.
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