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  2. Commodore 64 anyone?
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  5. So I have about 50ft of 6" SDR pipe, gasket, and the inspector made us close it and test it under pressure. Is this typical? This is actually for washing trenches and no debri or connection to sewage. I also have a 2" water service line and he said he didn't have to inspect that one. I was so confused. Any comments?
  6. You are most welcome and it is my pleasure.
  7. My game boy still works.
  8. I still have my Atari 2600, 5400, 7800, and Jaguar! Only the Jag is hooked up because those older RF coax systems are hard to integrate into a modern A/V system.
  9. NES, SNES, and Wii Playstation, PS2, PS3, and PS4. My son plays on Xbox One (he has 2 of them). I used to be a big NES fan, until the Playstation came out. Haven't really played anything since. I still have all of them, but only the PS3 and PS4 made the move. We bought a 2nd Xbox after the move because we found out the power inverters sold in the US are not compatible with NZ electrical supply. We have since bought a voltage transformer that it plugs into.
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  12. I don't know man.... that thing was big and sat on a table. You sound like me... I have every Nintendo system made, NES through WiiU (all hooked up), but I have not bought a Switch yet, and the only portables I bought were the pocket Gameboy (B&W) and the GBA (still have it).
  13. Thank you! This was very helpful and explained the solution very well. I wasted so much time trying to understand the author's solution but just got more confused.
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  15. I count that as a handheld. The only handhelds I have had were the original Game Boy and a GBA.
  16. Even Virtual Boy?
  17. Is 180.1btu/lbm and 970.4btu/lbm from 330f table?
  18. Audi Driver, Thank you very much for detail explanation.
  19. The problem indicates uniform mixing, thus one must assume that at the exit the mixture is 50% water and 50% steam. The values for h come from the saturated steam and superheated steam tables respectively and the formula is derived from basic statistical averages mathematics. If I have equal parts of two things how much does it weigh? It weighs the average of the two things. If I have equal parts of something what is its temperature? It's the average temperature of the two things. If I have equal parts of liquid and steam, what is the average entropy? havg = .5(h1 + h2) h1= 28.08 (from saturated steam table) h2 =1335.2 (from superheated steam table: 14.7 psi, 600F)
  20. Why don't they just call them points? You obviously cannot fly 60,000 miles for signing up for a new card.
  21. Isn't saying "Shaky GoPro video" redundant?
  22. They're ramping up production. They hope to have 25 units available on launch day, and 1 available each consecutive day until everybody that wants one either has one or has given up any hope of ever finding one (99.999% of potential customers will end up in the latter category). I was in full "shut up and take my money" mode when they announced the NES Classic. I do not own one because at first I couldn't find one, and now I'm so pissed at their continued "desirability through rarity" marketing that I may never buy another Nintendo console. (For reference, I own every stand-alone Nintendo console from the NES to the WiiU...have not bought a Switch).
  23. If you received a certificate like shown in this example, you will need to send the incorrectly printed certificate back to BPELSG and request a new (correct) one. Since this certificate is an official document, you cannot keep it. BPELSG will issue you a replacement.
  24. I'm sure they will do like the Nintendo switch, make the $300 one almost impossible to find but have the $450 one online readily available!
  25. Mmm that California avocado!
  26. California egg benedics lined with tomatoes + red onion and topped with avocado, sided by hash brown, bacon, and then I added a full side of onion rings; I probably overdid it, but couldn't help myself
  27. hmix = 1/2 (hwater+hsteam)= 681.64btu/lb=180.1btu/lbm +x(970.4btu/lbm) how the formula is derived and how to get the the h value?
  28. Man, I am p'ed. Went to play Mercenaries on RE5 Gold Edition the other day just for fun and somehow I had deleted my save file. Can't play Mercenaries without a completed file. Arrgghh. Not sure if it's worth running through the whole game again. Umm......... yeah, it is.
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