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  2. I did the basics so far, I think. I went to Equifax's dedicated webpage to see if I was "potentially affected" by the breach. Sure enough I was - as is every other single person I have spoken to about it. :oS Then I took them up on their offer to sign up for their free credit monitoring service. That was a week ago and they are so backlogged, I am still waiting for the actual invitation e-mail to sign up. Then, to double up (or is it double down?), I went to free and reputable Credit Karma to sign up for there free monitoring as well. I thought about freezing my credit but I don't want the hassle. Anything else *cough* free *cough* that you guys are doing to protect yourselves, post-breach? Thanks.
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  4. CI-I-73

    Usually in this kind of problem they say (transformer values are being used as base values). in this question they mention high voltage side just for confusion.
  5. CI-I-73

    Yes, you are right. only the MVA base is change. the base voltage HV side of XFR is 35 KV and the base on the LV XFR side and generator is 15 KV.
  6. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Nah, he only eats:
  7. CI-I-73

    Can some one attempt this. I feel it is only MVA which changes and not the Voltage to find new pu value; in such questions. WE discussed such question in another thread.
  8. Complex Imaginary Test 1, Problem 69 error?

    I also got 195A and so I too feel it should be 200A. Any other expert advise? I do not want to miss on NEC!!!
  9. Dr. Tom's Classroom Exam Preparation

    It did not change dramatically... however it was better suited for the diacipline. example inwas ME TFS... exam was well focused on the TFS subjects Throughout the tests. I hated on previous attempts a few dynamic/static problems I didnt fully focus on being on thr exam and i get sidetracked or panicked because i cant figure them out inshort time. This was especially discouraging when u skip like 4-5 in a row. I will say the "supplemental material" is on both mornig amd afternoon sessions. (Econ, hydraulics, valves, etc). Those should not be ignored.
  10. I am in the same boat. Very frustrating.
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  12. Greetings from CA

    Hi all, I've been following EB for last one year but unfortunately didn't open an account for my laziness LOL. I always find this site for the first and foremost resource for PE exam related question and wish all the coordinator and moderator to keep the good work on. I am currently working in Geotechnical consulting firm in San Diego, CA. I'm taking the PE exam (Geotechnical) for the first time in October 2017. Wish me good luck guys. Regards Sharif
  13. funny pic thread

    ^^^ "some pie", not "several whole pies" Everything in moderation. lol
  14. Horse is to stable

  15. NCEES Practice Exam, No. 135

    Thanks @rg1. That was right to the point. Interesting.
  16. Fav Movie Scenes

    I like this one a little bit more, as it sets the "WTF" stage...
  17. NCEES Practice Exam, No. 135

    Omer. Very nice doubt!!!. I will tell you where you are wrong when dealing with pu and 3/1 phases. In pu if you have taken three phase voltage as 1pu, then single phase voltage is also 1pu and not to be divided by sqrt3 while dealing with pu. Now I solve a simple question for you. Say the three phase Voltage is 13.8kV and I have to find 1phase Voltage. I take 3 phase Voltage pu as 1. By actual quantity method- the 1-phase Voltage from actual Quantity 13.8/sqrt3=7.96kV FRom pu method- As I said the pu single phase will also be 1pu, but Base Voltage single phase is 7.69kV So Actual single phase Voltage = Vpu*BaseV=1*7.69Kv=7.69kV. Did it make sense?? I can explain it in many ways so do not hesitate to raise it again. When in pu you do not worry about 1 or 3 phase. When you come put of pu in world of actual quantities you will be on right track if you choose and use your base appropriately. You will find this true for MVA, I, or V anything.
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  19. NFL 2017

    It doesn't start until the end of Sept. Packers/Bears is the first game that will be hosted on Prime.
  20. Fav Movie Scenes

    Yes, but the trick is, to find something you really enjoy. If you asked me to, I could probably recite most of the script to Return of the Jedi. Wait....did I just say that in here?
  21. Is this book 2nd edition? how can I contact you in person? do you have email? thanks

  22. NCEES Practice Exam, No. 135

    Bringing back this question. I have some confusion to be cleared. This is a 3 phase problem and to solve for the internal voltage usually we use the single phase circuit. 1 pu voltage is 13.8 kv (since it is the base).So for the single phase, terminal pu voltage is 1/(sqrt3). Doing the calculations, the answer would be nearly 1.1 pu Eg. answer D. I know I am wrong somewhere. Just tell me where exactly.
  23. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for referring to @Audi driver, P.E. as “some dude.”
  24. Ca seismic and survey notification

    Update: I have recived the ATT on 19th and registerd for both exams on the same day.
  25. Ca seismic and survey notification

    You still have chance, I recieved the ATT on 19th and registerd for both exams on the same day and there was many available seats , Just keep follow up your status with the board.If you have your board ID you can go through Prometric and try to register (note that your board ID is your prometric ID). Best wishes.
  26. Horse is to stable

  27. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for banning some dude that loves me.
  28. Ca seismic and survey notification

    I am following all your posts from engineerboars.com. You mentioned that after Sep 18 is the last day to register for the CA Fall exams, so you mean if I don't get the approval email from BPELSG, since Sep 18 is over I cannot be able to take the Fall exams? I have been stressing over not getting replies and in the end i still can't take the exam. I saw some of them on the same boat got approval. I feel so frustrated.
  29. Ca seismic and survey notification

    I submitted my application before July 5th 2017 with one time exemption too. I tried to reach CA Boards of Engineer a few time regarding my application status via phone and email. The latest email about 3 days ago saying that my application is still under technical review. I emailed again about whether I will be able to register for fall exams 2017 or not and they haven't replied yet. I tried to call them and it reached to the voicemail and nobody called me back. I am desperate to know the status too. I spent too many hours and money for the exams. Sent from my iPhone
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