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  2. I have a somewhat poor relationship with my former supervisor and he indicated that he would not check the box on the CA engagement record that indicates that I have responsible charge capability. My other three references (one from my old firm and two from my new firm) should be able to check all the boxes (I have confirmation that one at my new firm has already done so). Is that one check box going to be an issue on my application? Do I need to get additional references? FYI I'm pretty much done with my old boss and will never use him as a reference again. Thank you for your input
  3. Hi Moose,


    I saw on one of the forums that you have a PDF copy of PCI Design Handbook 7th edition. Can you please share the same with me. I am going to appear for SE Exam in April 2017 and require for the same.

  4. We have been using sococo for screen sharing and web conferences. It doesn't use a phone, it uses the pc speaker and microphone from the webcam.
  5. Well that was disappointing as hell. Though I will say that I never expected the Packers to even make it to the NFC championship game in the first place with a 4-6 record as the regular season was winding down. We had a hell of a run. Will be cheering for the dirty birds against the Patriots.
  6. And for anyone reading this thread, here are the references I recommended (and why) based off my personal experience as a PE, and from the feedback of the hundreds of students taking my online electrical power review course: Electrical PE Review - Recommended References for the Electrical Power PE Exam ^Not just a list but goes into specific details for each reference. References are different, and you can tell just by looking at this thread and others that people are going to agree to different things. The key is picking the references that suit your learning and studying style. Read the in-depth reviews and pick the ones that better resonate with you is the best approach in my opinion.
  7. For April and Oct 2017 exams it is still the 2014 NEC. NCEES does not use updated versions until the year after they are issued. I have personally spoken over the phone with NCEES about this, if you are not sure just give them a call they are friendly! Edit - Better yet use the live chat that is available on their website m-f: Go ahead and ask them about the NEC version so you can feel confident about it and not have to worry.
  8. There's a good thread here. But there is also an entire section for FE questions.
  9. Mine shows 7/29/16
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  11. Saw Sing with mini-Ram instead of going out with the wife to see Hidden Figures as intended. It's tolerable mostly due to the catchy sound tracks used.
  12. I agree, Mansour practice problems are very easy. I'm skeptical if I will purchased this book to practice solving problems. I do have his workbook, but I like see what other candidates experience using this 451 to prepare for the surveying exam.
  13. A link to the google study group. Please join if interested. Also, if someone in the live webinar for breadth can share this link, please do as I am doing on-demand only. thanks!forum/transportation-pe-exam-study-group
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  15. My 7 yr old is very much into Pokemon cards. I think it's a game. Doesn't seem like anyone knows how to play it.
  16. Week 6 Question For The Week posted at: Previous weeks under the "Previous Weeks" tab.
  17. I'm interested to buy item 1, 3, 6. Please let me know.
  18. Just wanted to point out that I have found several errors in the book. Most of the errors are in the answers for the problems. The incorrectly show how to answer the question and the answer they get doesn't jive with the way they show how to do it. This may cause frustration for those that are not as familiar with the content (meaning those types of problems) and may require additional research while trying to learn the material.
  19. Does anybody has PE material for Enviro discipline who wants to sell?
  20. Does anybody has PE material for Enviro discipline who wants to sell?
  21. Awesome, I used to love MASK! I still have the pickup truck (Firecracker) and the motorcycle/helicopter (Condor). It's funny though, they lasted all these years in storage and then I gave them to my kids to play with and they were destroyed within a couple of days. My 5 year old has really gotten into Pokemon cards but they were getting all bent out of shape. I searched for my card binder full of "valuable" baseball cards and took them all out and gave it to him. I think the card sleeves are worth more than the cards Now I don't know what to do with this pile of baseball cards.
  22. Last week
  23. Hmmmm. Pretty sure brunettes are not my type...
  24. Fuck the packers and all who route for them!
  25. Have either of you used Lindeburgs book for the practice problems? I know its supposed to mirror the CERM. Wondering if its worth the cost?
  26. #gohawks! Next year....
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