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  2. I took and passed the exam last October and only used the TMS questions as preparation. The TMS questions were representative of the questions on the exam. The exam is fairly straight-forward...but some of the questions are tricky in terms of wording and/or unit conversions. I would recommend going through the TMS questions to gauge where you are and focus you studying in the areas where you feel you are lacking. I took a few books with me; the ASM Metals Handbook Desk Edition (must have), an intro to materials book, a mechanical behavior book (Dieter is probably the best), and physical metallurgy. There were more than a handful of questions on non-metallic materials, so be sure to brush up on composites and ceramics.
  3. I think one key aspect that gets overlooked is organization an knowing where to get your information. I cross referenced a bunch between textual info and sample test questions. I was very methodical in preparing my note sheet. Not only did that help me in having info in a certain place but it also ingrained the info in my head. Finally, do the sample tests in the actual eight hours in an isolated place. If possible go check out test facilities the day before. Know where to go so you won't be confused the day of. Bring a lunch to save time and take an extra calculator for backup.
  4. Thanks CAPLS for this information... Larger screen and adjustable screen resolution will certainly help, but I will be reading slowly and probably with one finger on the screen (so I won't get lost where I am on the question). This will slow me down for sure, plus I cant focus very good on what I read as my priority is not focusing, but just to be able to read first. Can I provide my medical records from 3 years ago? Because I stopped trusting medical doctors and did not really see doctors since 2014. Otherwise I will need to go to very special ophthalmologists and that will be expensive, etc. Thanks @CAPLS for your help..
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  6. Title defense
  7. I prefer the ceiling mounted type. Found a perfect spot next to the mirror.
  8. Not even gonna try. Just let me watch.
  9. Anyone received the wall mounted certificate yet?
  10. She probably got one of those rabbit thingamabobers. Who can compete with that?
  11. My wife went to one of those. She didn't buy anything (that I know of).
  12. Last week
  13. Hi robert.easylife, when approved candidates receive the email from Prometric providing instructions for how to schedule for the two California Civil Engineering exams, there will be included information for special accommodations that can be set up with Prometric in accordance with BPELSG's requirements. You will need to provide medical documentation to support your request so you might as well gather that information now. However, I will say at this point that the exam will not be provided on paper. What can be requested is additional examination time. I know that many, if not all, of the Prometric CBT centers have a station or two set aside for special accommodations so you may also want to inquire as to whether larger monitors are available or if the screen resolution can be set such that it is easier for you to read.
  14. Some of the women in the hash "running" club were into selling sex toys and had parties.. Never went to one though.
  15. The latest one I've encountered is a thing called a Bemer. It's being marketed as an electromagnetic field therapy machine to improve blood circulation. The damn thing costs $6k. My wife got invited to a presentation by a friend at church and I tagged along 'cause my BS detector was going off and I was curious. The presentation was a lot of "We can't tell you some of the great things it does because we're waiting for FDA approval. However, if we could tell you, you would be astonished." Pretty slick presentation until the guy said you could store "energy" (he couldn't specify which type) in a pitcher of water by setting on the Bemer pad for a few minutes. They also claimed that it wasn't a MLM scheme and then went on to diagram a MLM scheme. Everybody in the room (about 50 people) were pretty much eating this stuff up. I just watched quietly and kept my mouth shut so as not to hurt any feelings or anger the wife. I swear the logic they are using is that they wouldn't be charging that much for something that didn't work.
  16. This is likely not something a forum member can help you with. This sounds like a serious concern that you should definitely take to the State Board. I would hope they have special accommodation testing for people in your situation. But, again, I would definitely contact the Board to enquire about special testing situations and how to schedule such a special test. Best of luck.
  17. A high school friend was on facebook selling her ViaONEHope wine and she said, "I just need to sell 100 more bottles and I get a free trip to Mexico!" It was $2400 worth of shitty wine she needed to move and she did it. That's basically guilting your friends into paying for your vacation. How is that okay?
  18. My wife sells Rodan and Fields. She used the product herself and really enjoyed it (it is similar price to other face care stuff) and thought she would help other people. My wife has sold B2B and B2C before so selling isn't new but this is just different. The push is to recruit others, not push product honestly. A girl that started with her hasn't sold anything but already received a free trip and other goodies by just recruiting others. That part isn't my wife's strong suit and I'm ready for her to just stop. Just like all pyramids, get in early, hope it catches on, profit. Some girls locally make over 100k a year, not selling the product, but "managing" the people under them. Like Xerxes
  19. if only it was that simple.
  20. I think that is one of the few products we have bought (bag for kids) Id have to say they at least hold up, I think we bought some out of quilt back home and the wife and daughter still have these lunch bags they still use.. The one that really annoys me is the Juice Plus. Here take this pill and be skinny and healthy!!!!!
  21. We had a lady here at work that sold those 31 bags to pay for their international adoption. Once the adoption went through she promptly stopped selling. A high school friend who is a teacher sells that tastefully simple stuff. at the time it was to help get the mortgage out from being upside down so they could sell it and not have to bring a shit load of $ to the table. But she still sells it, has her own network of ladies beneath her and is in the top 5 groups in her region. Amazing what people will spend money on
  22. last fall I coached my 13 year old's soccer team (I know less about soccer than baseball) & I had a female assistant coach. I think the only reason she was helping was to yell at her kid. She really did nothing else the entire season. I felt bad for the kid (he was a good player but also a total crybaby) I don't think he understood the concept of rec league, everyone gets to play, everyone gets to sit on the bench some, when we would do substitutions he would just walk to the end of the field and cry.. he is going to have a hard life.. (this is bringing back so many memories) I remember the first time I coached my daughters fast pitch softball team (maybe 3rd grade also?) I didn't even have an assistant the entire year, and I had a deaf girl on the team. Literally every practice all the parents (the ones that didn't just drop their kids off) would just sit and watch me stumble around with a bunch of 3rd / 4th grade girls, one of which literally couldn't hear anything I was saying. I didn't really notice it when we did the draft but the deaf girl was left till the last round of the draft, I took her and I am glad I did, apparantly she missed skills tryouts, but man could she nock the shit out of that ball! Her dad was a big time attorney and I only met him after the season, she had a nanny that lived with them and brought her to the game- she (the nanny) was the only "parent" that actually offered some help with practice from time to time.. ahh - so glad my kids are in HS activities and they have "people" for that!
  23. Yeah. My kid, too. Especially when Mr. Tex was coaching...
  24. Nope, we cool. But she deserves it sometimes.
  25. I've seen this so many times. It sucks.
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