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  2. The problem is that its missing anything green; and it has the malevolent red.
  3. ME_VT_PE

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Exam has been rescheduled due to flooding in Clemson, SC
  4. October 2017? I lost mine somewhere. IT SHOULD STAY LOST.
  5. @vhab49_PE I got the cursed batch. yours was good.
  6. Vee... I respectfully disagree. That is the one that has a place of honor in my house.
  7. vee043324

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    I feel like part of what makes this problem so "hard" is that I'm so not used to these units.
  8. bsimms89

    crane reference

    What kind of problems are you looking for, I don't know of any crane books that have problems outright to solve, but if I remember right Shapiro's book has examples that they walk through.
  9. tj_PE

    EET-SE Review

    do you remember the requirements for the homework problems? like, did you have a limited amount of time to get them back to the instructor (before the next sat/sun lecture, before the office hours, etc)? How many hours worth per week were they approx? (Just trying to get a 2hrs vs 12 hours estimate as i plan out my studying for the april exam. thanks a million!
  10. bsimms89

    AASHTO and PCI

    I had 1 AASHTO question and 1 PCI question, neither were from parts that I had learned in EET or had expected to have a question on, they were just lookup questions, if you were somewhat familiar with the codes and indexes you had a shot at finding them ( I managed to). So I don't think you can just print 1 or a couple sections and be confident the answer to the question would be there.
  11. Started season 2 of "Making a Murderer". So far it's pretty similar to the first season but with different lawyers. it's still got me watching it. My opinion so far: Yeah it's a "documentary" that whose ultimate goal is to make $$$ for Netflix, but they provide what seems to be pretty compelling evidence that these guys were screwed. The only thing the state of Wisconsin will say is that "there was other evidence that wasn't shown that proves they were guilty". Well, I would suggest that the state start coughing up this evidence because the show does a really good job of making them look reeaaally bad. If you've never watched it, guy gets convicted of rape in a small Wisconsin town and sent to jail for 18 years. DNA proves he didn't do it and the town PD railroaded him. Guy sues town for millions. Some girl gets murdered and they decide this guy and his nephew did it. Whole thing seems convenient because guy can't sue town if he's convicted of murder. Show goes on to show all the fishy stuff that was involved in getting the guys convicted. Season two picks up with new lawyers trying to get the convictions overturned.
  12. bsimms89

    Table set up at exam

    I can agree with every part of this, it was about a 12 minute walk round trip to go to the bathroom (just to walk there and back), you had to go out the gym, down the hall, downstairs, across to the opposite end of the building, and around a corner. I got dropped off for the exam and we got there 2 hours early just so we could find a place to sit in the car until they were closer to letting people in. I also found it ridiculous when we had lunch we all left the gym, went to the first floor of the building ( they locked the gym and had proctors in it) some of us were sitting on the benches in the entryway of the building eating lunch when suddenly the proctors decided we didn't just have to be outside the gym, we couldn't even be in the building during lunch so we had to go outside and find someplace to sit and eat there instead. And like you said, not only were the tables 3.5' square, there was only like 1.5' between tables, so there wasn't a ton of space to put your stuff on the floor either. My material for civil-structural PE took up most the floor space under my desk and between my and the desk to my left (the person at the table to my right used up the space to my right) so there wasn't even room to walk between the tables once everyone got setup.
  13. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    https://www.quadratec.com/categories/jeep_lift_kits_suspension/lift_kits?f[0]=sm_liftkit_height_range%3A3 - 4.5 inch&solrsort=ps_commerce_price_low asc Not sure if it's still the case, but SkyJacker, Fabtech, Teraflex and Rubicon Express used to be considered the better kits.
  14. txjennah

    Good Luck

    Thank you so much! I need it
  15. jeb6294

    The Automotive Thread

    I believe it was this one: https://skyjacker.com/shop/suspension-lift-kit/tj401bphx/, although I don't think those are the right instructions because they look like they have a lot more stuff included that didn't come with the kit. Did the whole thing in my single-car garage over the course of a weekend, but could have done it in a couple hours if I'd gone out and worked on it instead of taking breaks and such.
  16. don't be surprised if it comes back and stands over your bed thursday night.
  17. PEforWin

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    There is no chapter 21 in the edition I have. Can you please post what the question is if you can? I understand you found the equation, but I would be curious to know. Thanks!
  18. I was told in the 8-hour PE exam you couldn't bring sheet protectors. I wouldn't risk it. Why don't you laminate it instead?
  19. MohrCowbell

    NDS 2015 vs 2012

    Hey All, I'm taking civil structural this week and I've got all my codes. The only outdated one that I have is NDS 2012. Considering that the only real major changes to the NDS 2015 include the incorporation of cross-laminated timber, I'm wondering if anyone else is taking this risk using the older code? Thanks everyone.
  20. Today
  21. Destroy it and send it to the depths of hell where it belongs.
  22. lololol me at goodwill "hello there, just dropping off this perfectly fine yet cursed mechanical pencil."
  23. Maybe I can donate it? Bad vibes on it. I don't like having it with me, and for some reason it has been in my bag since the exam... but I don't know what to do with it.
  24. vee043324

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Update: You have to solve using equation 21-6 from C&A. Have yet to do it but will solve during lunch today or sometime tonight.
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