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  2. Violator

    Movie thread

    Saw the bohiemian rhapsody movie- wasn’t bad but glad I waited until dvd
  3. Violator

    It's Friday!!!!

    Happy wednesday
  4. Which streaming show is mars on?
  5. ^^^+1. Right after I felt I did ok, Friday night major doubt creeped in as I thought about all the problems I know I got wrong, and by Saturday morning I was positive I failed. Stayed that way until I got the results on Dec. 6th and frankly I was shocked that I passed. I am so scarred, it is too early for me to try and even help people that post practice problems. Haha. I get stressed just reliving the memory of all the stress.
  6. Today
  7. Taylor

    Chemical Engineering PE Test CBT

    Thanks for sharing, very helpful! Regarding the reference handbook, was a table of contents provided?
  8. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for misusing the English language.
  9. Sdhabik

    How is the font size of the exam

    Ball Pen is OK. Make sure you don't have pencil markings on your notes. They don`t check each page one by one, but we came so far for this exam so why take risk. I use frixion ball pen for marking on my books if necessary so that i can erase easily. Thanks to frixion technology.
  10. Yesterday
  11. FLBuff PE

    funny pic thread

    But February is misspelled.
  12. Authorization to schedule exams California Civil exams during the 2nd quarter (April-June) will be sent out near the end of March to all eligible candidates. And then a follow up notice will be sent to capture any remaining eligible candidates shortly early into the 2nd quarter.
  13. Mama said PE is the devil

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for misusing the word "too".
  14. SacMe24

    2011 NCEES practice exam (mechanical systems)

    Hello everyone, if you're looking for the older version of the NCEES MDM exam, it's available on Amazon and it was actually published in 2010, not 2011. Paperback: 88 pages Publisher: Ncees (November 1, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 1932613609 ISBN-13: 978-1932613605 https://www.amazon.com/PE-Mechanical-Engineering-Materials-Practice/dp/1932613609/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=isbn+978-1-932613-60-5&qid=1550610859&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull If you can't find it on Amazon, there are other sources on line where you can get it, just make sure you reference ISBN: 978-1932613605. Good luck with studying !
  15. MEtoEE

    How is the font size of the exam

    The proctor only told us to make sure we did not have any loose leaf papers in our reference materials. When we showed our ID they checked our calculators for compliance and that was it. They didn't come around and closely examine our notes to see whether they were in pen or pencil. My NCEES pencil was blue.
  16. roy167

    How is the font size of the exam

    I have my hand written notes/ remarks on my binder pages in black ball pen. Hope it doesn't look like written with NCEES pencil. I wouldn't want to photocopy all these pages as it is too much work. I would think by now NCEES would know that people can use black ballpen and it looks similar to pencil. May be their Pencil print is distinguishable and won't be confused with our ball pen. Can someone comment on this?
  17. Master slacker

    funny pic thread

    Yes, I verified that is what actually happens.
  18. Dexman PE PMP

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  19. Slay the P.E.

    question about orifices and tank draining

    They're taking Environmental Engineering exam, per their profile.
  20. vhab49_PE

    2019 Engineer Boards Salary Survey

    Yeah, I think I need a new job.
  21. may be @CAPLS can help you with this?
  22. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because I did too, just to make sure.
  23. WSEhopeful

    FE Mechanical Materials

    Im interested. Are they still available?
  24. RBHeadge PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because I had to google "bleat".
  25. Thanks for your input, really helpful. I try to do the same thing as you did.
  26. ChebyshevII_PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for dragging a family member into this.
  27. ruggercsc

    2019 Engineer Boards Salary Survey

    Is the structural engineer respondent from San Francisco eligible for food stamps? The average rent would eat up almost all of their take home pay. The Bay Area has a lot going for it, but I can't see how anyone can afford to live there.
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