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  2. What is the point of withdrawing from a check while receiving clearance if one has committed a heinous crime? From what I have discussed with some friends, once someone is denied, they are blacklisted from clearances. Someone in such a situation, would they have anything to lose whether they withdrew or not? Just morbidly curious.
  3. Awesome man! Sounds like a great strategy I’ll have to keep it in mind. Congratulations on passing the exam! Did the course help you in learning what you needed to know out of the references or did you learn those in separate study time? Thanks!
  4. Seconding the vote for EET. I actually found the recommendation for them on these boards, myself, and passed April 2019 Transportation. If you have a question about whether or not you can access the on-demand sections early for the next exam (i.e., you want to take the April exam), you can always email the EET staff directly about your situation. They may recommend waiting until after October to sign up so there's no confusion. I used only the EET binders and the NCEES references to pass the PE exam. I didn't bother taking the CERM at all. I did, however, tab my references -- but not in the way you might expect! I only tabbed the separate chapters, the table of contents, and the index. I also did the test in three-four passes. First pass was just writing down the topics of the questions and where/what notes I expected to use. A few questions I answered on-sight. A few were also easy lookups or questions that only took 3-4 minutes to answer. The second pass was easy lookups and more calculations where I was confident I could solve or answer them in 5-6 minutes. The third pass was more complicated questions that I knew how to solve, but that might take me longer to answer, or just more complex code trivia. The fourth pass was everything left over (usually had 10-15 questions left over on the fourth pass). A few I also starred or went back to look at and review anything that I had found questionable/confusing. Repeated that process for the PM section. The EET binders saved me SO MUCH TIME trying to recreate similar resources on my own. I put in approximately 120 hours of studying (not 200+), but YMMV. I took only the On Demand classes because I needed to be able to study at my own pace and had some working weekends. Good luck!
  5. So did you do all the engineering pro guides question? Full and final exam, and look up exam and study guide questions?
  6. AB was a matter of time. Gordon lasted longer. Thought Gordon was going to washout first.
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  8. Ah, I knew I forgot something...
  9. Dumbass! If you were naruto running, they never would have caught you.
  10. Whew, finally out of detainment. Never storming Area 51 again. Anyone else from here show up at the event?
  11. Eggs with onion, tomato, turkey, and mozzarella cheese. Black covfefe.
  12. @Mechanical Ryan, glad I wasn't the only one! I'm going to take it on Sunday I think. Once I sit down and work through the exam I'll write a bit more about it, but my first impression from glancing around the exam is that it'll be a pretty good set of questions. Super glad to have more to work through. The only thing I didn't expect about it is that, because each question is on its own page (so you can work on the exam page I guess?) it's a lot of pages. My handwriting is pretty small, so I ended up printing two-to-a-page to save room in my binders so they don't get too big! If you end up buying it and print it out I'd probably suggest you do the same. You can probably also avoid printing the first couple of sections before the exam, as it's mostly exam tips, etc. that you don't really need to be printed out. In general, very happy to have something new to test myself against! Thanks @Pass the PE Exam. I'll let you know more once I actually take the exam.
  13. PM sent. If your books are still available, please let me know thanks.
  14. I believe so but you would have to wait 3 years until you can get the CA SE license by comity. A lot of people get the PE license in CA because the wait isn’t as long as other states (2 years) and eventually get the license in their home state by comity when allowed.
  15. thank you for your time and your experience with the new job
  16. So for anyone still watching TWD - I’m trying to catch up on this last season- did they run out of ammo? I am not following why the 2 main groups are back to bows and arrows and sticks? This whispers group just seems dumb.
  17. Roarbark

    Predictive Text

    Today and I will be there at the same time
  18. Banned for not participating in EB Mafia this round.
  19. Finally got home from work...big doin’s at my workplace. Looking like i’ll Be booked until next April, at least.
  20. Awesome man thanks a ton I’m looking forward to studying!
  21. I cancelled my oct exam because I feel I dont have enough time to study both lateral and vertical. I will take it in April, just curious when will I find out the code for this exam.
  22. For the record, I sent that before he was cut. #imjustsaying
  23. Somebody tried to offload AB, won’t mention names tho... @jean15paul Should I start Stafford, Jimmy G or Jameis in my other league? Unfortunate Cam owner there lol
  24. It’s no problem at all. It wasn’t too long ago I was going through all the threads I could, trying to find out all I could to prepare for the exam😬 Definitely tab the references. It’s just as important as tabbing your notes. Try to tab anything reference-wise you use in practice problems and the review course will note common tables, sections, etc you should know. I know with SOPE you couldn’t start OnDemand until after the Fall exam so I would assume EET is similar. Another good piece of advice is try not to burn yourself out. Put in the 200+ hours but try to spread out your study schedule so you’re not studying like crazy for three months straight like I did lol.
  25. Last week
  26. One more question, do I need to wait until the October exam is finished before signing up for the on-demand course? I noticed it said it’s available until the exam but it didn’t state which exam that was
  27. Nah, no one is going to be willing to touch him #ironic
  28. A strongman competition co-opts the raw materials, and instead turns them into dumb-bells. There is now a small throng of disturbingly ripped men and women lifting heavy things and putting them back down on the pile.
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