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  2. Right now I have three main "go-to" binders with nothing but practice problems worked out and tabbed in sections exactly like the poster "ItsStudyTime" did. I liked her method and I'm following it. So far I'm filling up one 3-ring binder pretty fast. I bought a 4-ring, but the rings aren't completely round and that makes it hard to flip from section to section quickly like I will have to during the exam, so I put the Eng Pro Guides study guide in the 4-ring since I will probably look at it the least during the exam (all my formulas and "go-to" problems and notes will be in the 3-ring). Since I know the 3-ring will get quite full (as it already is), I have two smaller binders, one with just codes problems and the other I will fill with the "Protection" sections, since I've been doing quite a bit of work in that area. 3-main "go-to" binders should be plenty. This will allow to me to have to sort through fewer references, since 3 main binders is a lot better than 6-8 reference manuals/folders/books (when I took it last year).
  3. Hm, interesting question. I don't know. Maybe just to save money. If you don't need the clearance anymore you (or whoever is paying for it, like your company) my withdraw to save some of the cost. I know a clearance can cost thousands of dollars per person. (Google says $3k to $15k.) But I don't know exactly when in the process those costs are incurred.
  4. I'm all about buying used reference books, not just for the PE exam, but for work in general. I had a list of books I wanted, and I setup alerts for anytime those books were less than $60. I think I've gotten all of them by now. I was often able to get good books cheap when libraries would sell off their old books.
  5. Why would you be bringing light bulbs into this conversation? I’m so confused...
  6. If they knowingly falsified info on the clearance application, that in and of itself is a felony.
  7. We have the Tour the Moon this weekend - I have put nearly 600 miles on my road bike this summer and for the most part have enjoyed riding but I am so ready for this to be over and do something else.. Anyone who has done this it looks like the fist 5 miles is a gradual uphill and then there is around 5 miles of 7+% grade and then it levels off again? And by level off it goes to 3-5% grade.
  8. tabulation of reference material helped me a lot i even made my own index with what topics were included.
  9. Today
  10. you should post there phone number here and we can all download one of those free texting apps
  11. text them back ask them if wine will be included in this romantic meal
  12. not tracking - are you asking why someone would withdraw from a background check once it has begun? Secret or Top Secret level?
  13. bagel and a piece of raspberry cheese coffecake cause we all deserve to cheat everynow and then.
  14. Someone has the wrong cell phone number, and has texted me pictures of Kirkland frozen chicken breasts and Cheetos Puffs.
  15. About as much as Americans care about what happens in the CFL.
  16. I'm bumping this topic. I'm practicing with EET exams, Six Minute Solutions, and Goswami's practice exams. I am struggling to finish most of the 6MS problems in 6 minutes or less. I need to get faster. Any tips on gaining speed? I'm practicing as many problems as possible and trying to retain information at the same time (that's also the hard part).
  17. like when the president of Canada was found in blackface? oh right, no one cared about that either
  18. blueberry beet muffins, coffee
  19. my hand hurts so much. and i have a callus on one of my fingers from the way I hold my pen lol
  20. I can relate to that. I’ve written down a lot!
  21. Nobody gives a shit about the owners unless they do something racist.
  22. It works for me until I get to the motors, generators, transformers. The binders are getting out of hand LOL
  23. I’m doing it the first way you said 👍
  24. Its funny how the Bob kraft story has sort of died off when we had to hear about deflate gate for like ever?
  25. A cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, scrambled eggs with jalapeno/green chiles, no carb Monster, black coffee.
  26. So last spring, I re-organized my completed problems by approximate topic. I did it too close to the test to really break it down further and create an index. I'm looking to re-do my completed problems but I wondering if my method would make sense to me in the long run or now. I currently have it broken out like this: NESC problems NEC motor problems lighting lightning & surge protection transformers motors generators T-lines NEC grounding problems power flow etc So motors end up being any non-NEC motor problem. same with generators. etc. Some areas are really broken out, others aren't. I'm wondering if it'd make more sense to organize it by problem set: NCEES Complex Imaginary Exam 1 Eng Pro Guide Full Exam Eng Pro Guide Final Exam etc. And then the problems within each set are in numerical order & I can make an index like "Parallel Transformers: NCEES prob X, Eng Prob Guide pro Y" </ramble> How do *you* organize your completed problems? What are subject categories you use? Looking for ideas/inspirations! (I realize what works for one won't work for others but I'm pretty sure my current plan isn't working)
  27. Ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin with black coffee.
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