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  2. I'm down for whatever. I think classic EB rules with no PMing would be an interesting experiment.
  3. KgBase now integrates with Neo4j, RDF/Turtle, RDF -Json ld, graph ML, Gephi Json and many others. Think of us as a quick front end to understand your graph. Upload your own raw files to KgBase, sign up for KgBase free 7-day trial here!
  4. For @JayKay PE specifically but also for anyone else curious about keto... Yeah. Me and my wife do keto and I can say it's not for everyone. (But I have personally found it easier than I expected.) I don't think there are any "one-size fits all" programs when it comes to diet and exercise. You gotta figure out what works for you. Portion control, low fat, low carb, keto, vegetarian, whole30, etc can each be good or bad for different people. Regarding carbs. Yeah carbs are super calorie dense, especially highly processed carbs, so reducing carbs also has the effect of reducing calories. If you're eating prepared foods (packaged or restaurants) there are LOTS of carbs hiding in there that you may not be aware of. Just something to consider. Keto takes it a step farther than just doing low carb. With keto you basically eat no carbs (not even "healthy" carbs). That actually forces your body chemistry to change. You go into ketosis (that's where the name comes from), where you body start producing ketones and burning fat as it's primary energy source. But that means you actually have to eat a lot of fat. Keto is basically high fat, moderate protein, and no carbs (technically less than 30g of carbs per day). Since keto puts your body in permanent fat-burning mode, it can make it much easier to lose weight. Some things to consider: Can you really give up all carbs? This has actually been easier than I expected. There are carb-free substitutions and recipes for almost anything. Yeah it's not the same, but it's passable. Are you willing to cook for yourself all the time? Keto options when eating out are few and far between. It's actually VERY inconvenient if you rely on eating out for convenience, lack of time, or lack of cooking ability. I could give a list of suggestions if anyone is interested, but believe me when I say it's not a long list. The first couple of month of keto can suck. It takes between 2 weeks and 2 months for your body to go through that chemical change to get into ketosis. That can result in what people refer to as the "keto flu". Basically you feel like shit for a while until your body gets used to it. It hits everyone differently, but there are things you can do to help the process along including exercise, intermittent fasting, and consuming a lot of electrolytes. Again just something to be aware of. Also that means you can't quickly jump into and out of a keto diet like some people do with other diets. I don't say all this to be discouraging. On the contrary. I want you to be informed and realistic because that's what sets you of for success. Feel free to ask me if you want any more info.
  5. Yeah, I agree. If we do go back to classic rules, I think we should try to keep it out of PMs.
  6. The only thing I like better about the tournament rules is the no PM thing - I feel like it's more balanced.
  7. Hello All, I am preparing for PE Civil-Construction. I bought Testmasters material (not attending this classes) but I am kind of confused. All of the breath & depth topics for all of the civil disciplines are mixed in their material. It is hard for me to understand which parts I have to read and which part is for depth preperation. Is there anyone in this group that attended Testmasters classes to help me with this issue. Thank you!
  8. RBHeadge PE

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    how would we feel about going back to classic EB rules?
  9. I think in general it doesn't really matter so much what the "diet" is - but the quantity of food / calorie intake is what really matters ( assuming the diet install chicken nuggies and fries). We just try and focus on eating --------> Meats / Fruits & vegetables / Seeds and Nuts / Little Starch and No Sugar When the wife was an active RD she told me she felt most everyone she worked with that has type 2 diabetes got there by drinking excessive calories & sugar.
  10. I just looked up something called the 'ketogenic Mediterranean' diet, which might actually be something I could do that would help get the tri down. Kinda like a keto diet, but more based on fish + poultry vs. red meat as the protein source. Going to research this a bit more. It might help push me on the right track.
  11. Take advantage of up to $200 off Live Online FE Mechanical classes. Classes start July 13th, so discounts are ending shortly! Register Now ps. We've partnered with Affirm so you can study now, and pay later!
  12. And I know keto might not be right diet for lower triglycerides, since it's a fat-based diet, but I want to look into making better decisions with what I'm eating.
  13. Honest reason? Both my parents are Type 2 diabetics and my super high triglycerides are caused by sugar + carbohydrates (I actually don't drink that much now that I'm older due to some alcohol co-dependency on both sides of the family). I lost the most weight/actually had my numbers decrease the most when I had a strict low-carb diet combined with portion control and upping my protein. I agree that keto might not be the answer, but my body is wired for carbs and I feel like I really need to start limiting them if possible. I'll still try to keep 'good carbs' in my diet, like beans, but limit them maybe to a cup a day instead of the serving I really want. Actually, I might just go back to the diet I had when I was kickboxing. It allowed carbs, but it had protein shakes during the day and required me to be more concerned about the portion of what I was eating, as well as having simple meals, than limiting. Like, 5 meals a day, but protein shakes for 2 of them, and it made sure I was eating all three meals. Idk. I just know, in general, I have to be more aware of my portions, but it's really tough since I'm shopping for myself...and having that much food in the house makes me get lazy and ignore the healthy stuff I buy.
  14. one reason why so many people are not always fully taking whatever "scientist" say seriously is because there is usually at least one of these a day in the news..
  15. I don't see exengineer on the list...
  16. Howdy, my spidey senses were tingling. I knew there was a post that needed a classic movie quote response.
  17. Mine went down pretty significantly when I got rid of most sugar, which also included (sadly) reducing the booze.
  18. So it's a medium-sized town?
  19. Any particular reason you think offloading carbs will be helpful? I ask because carbs fuel our bodies in a different way than protein and fats and are needed. I'm a big fan of RP. Here's an article from them I like. FWIW, I use the app from them.
  20. DuranDuran

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    Just to make sure lol.
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