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  2. CA Specific Exams

    Today's the day I don't care what anyone says
  3. New York State PE Application Review Process

    I had a similar situation with my NYS application. But first, I'll offer up my timeline comments. Submitted my initial application in October to take the exam in April. I received a rejection letter in mid-January after I had already started studying. Recently I submitted my application for apply via comity (they took the $377 fee I paid for the initial application and applied it to the comity application) in December and was told that I would hear back in 1 to 3 months. Okay, back to the application issue. I applied right when I had 4 years of experience (2 years working in construction, 1 year of grad school and 1 year at a design firm). I was rejected and told that I needed 1.5 more years of experience, similar to CairnNY, I was not given any explanation and was quite upset. My solution was to take the exam in North Carolina, where the application process occurs after you sit for the exam. I passed on the first try and North Carolina had no issue with my work experience. I am assuming that they are highly critical of construction experience and are looking for pure design experience. I don't have anything to back that up, but that is the only way I could justify it. This month I spoke with NYSPE and changed my application from a new applicant to a comity application and submitted my NCEES record in the hopes of getting a license via comity. Has anyone considered submitting a Freedom of Information Act request to see behind the curtain for these discussions? I feel like the secretiveness of the whole process is really unnecessary.
  4. Advice for new candidates

    What's your best advice on the CA Seismic and Surveying?
  5. To those who did not pass

    As someone who just took the Civil - WRE exam this fall and passed, I completely agree with everything that you said. I've read and heard too many things of people complaining that the PE is too hard and so I was extremely nervous in preparing for the exam. I started off with the PPI material and realized pretty quickly that it was a waste of time. I ended up getting the on demand SOPE class and doing the practice problems from there instead (I should say that these were extremely representative of the actual PE questions) and tabbing the CERM as I went along. Between SOPE notes and problems and a tabbed CERM, I thought the actual 8-hour exam wasn't too bad other than being a marathon. I spent about 2-hours a night, 4-days a week, studying for 3-months and I couldn't have possibly been more prepared. I think people need to find the right study method for them. Also, the last thing I did was about a week before the actual exam I took the NCEES practice exam. This was super helpful in seeing what type of questions I needed to expect come the day of the actual test and may have been the best preparation I had.
  6. Signed up for the GT Course. Let's Go.

    I did, thanks Zack. Stephen or Stephan haha You got it right eventually.
  7. CA Specific Exams

    wasnt the national exam on the 28th last year, and it was what, the 27th this year?
  8. Happy Birthday YMZ PE!

  9. NFL 2017

    this is like all I had to look forward to near the end , being 80 and going to the mall and making crude sexual comments to the ladies & them just writing it off as being a crazy old man...
  10. NFL 2017

    Guys in their 80s are pretty shaky. I think offering to shave someone's legs is a death threat.
  11. CA Specific Exams

    I don't think the board will release on a Friday. I wouldn't want to stay late on a Friday.
  12. Countdown to Star Wars

    yeah I am not a Laura Dern fan, only worse female actor they could have used is Helen cHunt I liked it up until the halfway point (discussed in the spoilers section above)
  13. Countdown to Star Wars

    I thought the new stars wars kinda sucked.
  14. Happy Birthday YMZ PE!

    Happy Bday YMZ. I hope it's a great one.
  15. Signed up for the GT Course. Let's Go.

    Glad you found our review course helpful Stephen!
  16. Countdown to Star Wars

    That is, until she did what she did with that ship. Which was pretty GD epic...
  17. Happy Birthday YMZ PE!

    Hope you have a good one complete with some sort of new Android gift(s)! And possibly kick back with a glass of JW Blue. After which I assume you will be lurking on both Facebook messenger and LinkedIn.
  18. Why do you take PE exams?

    cool story, I also declined to follow the PhD track, lol. it is new for me that EIT cert can expire since mine can last forever, no expire date. guess so much has changed in the past decades.
  19. Countdown to Star Wars

    The mob drove Hayden Christensen to quit acting, too. I tried to dye my hair purple last week but it came out more burgundy. I'm now glad the purple didn't take because Laura Dern as Admiral Holdo was sooooo unlikeable.
  20. Countdown to Star Wars

    so watching this movie made me go back and look and see what Jake Loyd is up to now, looks like the kid had a pretty hard life, guess being a kid actor is not all its cracked up to be, I hope his parents didn't take all his money.. The below is from Wikipedia but if you search for Jake Loyd it kind of makes you feel bad, sounds like the mob mentality made him feel that he personally ruined the star wars prequels Personal life[edit] In 2012 Lloyd explained his retirement in 2011, and it was caused because he suffered bullying at school, and he destroyed all keepsakes of Star Wars.[10][11] On June 17, 2015, Lloyd was arrested for reckless driving, driving without a license, and resisting arrest.[1][12][13][14] He was moved from jail to a psychiatric facility after he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.[15] Lloyd currently resides in California.[citation
  21. Less Enthusiasm?

    This was my initial thought as well. Something I would not be willing to risk at this stage of the game.
  22. Cyber Monday

    Hubsy got me an Apple Watch. It's one of those devices that when I first heard about it, I was like but then when I started seeing them around, I was like
  23. Today
  24. NFL 2017

    Richardson, 81, allegedly made verbal comments about women's appearances, inappropriately touched female employees and made advances to women that included asking whether he could shave their legs and for them to give him foot rubs. I thought that once you were in your 80's that stuff was just the norm and no one took your seriously? (except for the touching part)
  25. LinkedIn Protips

    I wish linkedin would make a delete all button for recruiters
  26. NFL 2017

    Yea, I saw that last night. Doesn't surprise me based on the allegations that came out yesterday. I can only hope that we get an owner(s) that are committed to keeping the team in Charlotte and take pride in their ownership. We'll see what happens.
  27. CA Specific Exams

    I'm sticking with 12/22/17!!!!! Sorry @HardhatPE hope you have a Happy birthday!
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