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  2. I had a whole 6 ft table to myself. Might even have been 8 ft, as I had a crate on each side of my chair, and some wiggle room.
  3. @Messi Happy to help, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  4. Do you mean Minnesota? 10 beating 7 isn't exactly what I call an upset, though it is one by definition.
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  6. So far Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have been charged among others for paying bribes and getting their kids' entrance scores "fixed" so they can get into USC. Are these people for real? Are they not aware that simply getting admitted into a university like Southern California is no guarantee of success? Did they arrange to have stand-ins go to class and take exams for their kids? The value of a university education has been plummeting for decades as more people obtain degrees and crowd the job market. Simply pouring more degrees into the job market does not create more jobs or opportunities, but it might create more frustrated job seekers who will never use their education as intended. Meanwhile high paying skilled trades go begging to hire foreigners because parents have been brainwashed into thinking "university is the only path to success" for their kid. Whose fault is that? Knowing what I know now about the university system I would not set foot in a university classroom if I was a newly graduated high school senior. Many of the degree programs out there now are a pig-in-a-poke. Most are useless. If you don't get a graduate degree you have just spent four years getting another high school equivalent degree.
  7. Skeeter. It was odd that he never could drive a pickup after that.
  8. I correctly picked the first upset. I am done tracking this now.
  9. Dleg

    The Pet Thread

    Thanks for the advice. I tried the burrito method last night and held her in my arms instead of holding her down, and as a result her head was free so got less panicky, plus her legs were more easily controlled. So that helped. I'm looking forward to the EZ IV harness, which lets her walk around freely and we follow with the IV bag... not sure but it has lots of testimonials.
  10. SE-Friday-AM-Vertical-Forces_2011-2.WITH-DESIGN-STANDARDS.pdf This is the one that was effective April, 2017 which I think is what you're looking for.
  11. Well, LSU is surprisingly still in it. Will my prediction be correct?
  12. Messi

    Exam day

    Thanks Zach. You covered lot of ground there
  13. I have. It was a long process. But it depends on your college. I had a bachelor and a masters from outside. My MS uni sent it directly and they had a standard format for transcript and course description. But for my bachelors they did not have any such click and pay option. The university had a syllabus booklet which I basically typed again with the transcripts and they verified and attested them. I mailed these attested documents to NCEES myself.
  14. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can share with me specification of SE Exam - Vertical Component - AM given in 2017 ? I want to make sure that parts related to "Construction Administration" like nonconforming work and ispection methods are deleted from the exam.
  15. I like this on a long flight. A free business class for the price of economy. I won't wish this for anyone for PE exam though.
  16. Has anyone with an international Bachelor's degree ever got their degree evaluated by NCEES? If so, could you tell me what you submitted for course description? and were you able to get your college send out the transcript to NCEES directly?
  17. Here is one of our older videos on discussing the actual exam day that a lot of engineers have found helpful: The video covers: I. What to Expect: •Exam Room, Proctoring, Exam Pace 6min per question II. What to Bring and What not to Bring: •Plus examples of non-authorized items will get you thrown out! III. Advanced Test Taking Strategy: •Do's and Don't, Take Multiple Passes, Don't get Stuck IV. What to do When you Finish: •Avoid this one thing, Don't finish early Hope it helps!
  18. If you're lucky, your table neighbor will wash out after lunch and not return. Then, you can REALLY spread your references on the table around you!
  19. @Dexman PE PMP Yay on the eye getting better and not needing surgery!!! But your outside kitty transition to inside sounds like my outdoor cat. No major injuries, but she was a little timid about coming inside/having the door closed behind her for the first 6-months or so when we wanted her in due to the winter weather/raccoon gangs. Still prefers to 'do her business' outside, but she's slowly realizing that she doesn't have to stay outside if it's cold. She has staked a claim on the spare-room bedroom but she still hasn't gotten a hang of 'kneading' correctly (she tends to rip blankets and pillows to shreds with her razor claws). @Dleg I used to have an older cat who made it to 19-years old, who had a pill medication. Didn't work/she hated it/struggled etc. Worse thing ever, and she was the sweetest cat in the world. Finally asked the doctor if there was anything we could do to change it and he was able to get it liquified/she was much easier to syringe with beef-flavored medication. Is there anything else you can do, besides the IV injections? If the cat is just dehydrated, resulting in higher kidney use, can you perhaps use the ultra wet broth food as supplement to the normal food (I was using it for older kitty since she kinda stopped drinking for a bit)?
  20. I was going to suggest the same thing. My cat likes to be securely under covers, and he is also psycho, so this is the method I would try if I had to do such a thing. Vacations will be tough. You'll likely have to board your kitty at the vet, I'm guessing, if that's possible.
  21. You won't be allowed to wear headphones but I strongly suggest ear plugs, in particular, try the Hearos brand, they're very comfortable and block out nearly all the noise. It's just enough for you to be able to stay focused on the exam and not be distracted by people coughing in the room, dropping stuff or other types of noise.
  22. I have no dog in this fight. My college last played in the NCAA in 2002.
  23. There is another rhyme with the Jay-hawks us other teams in the big 12 like to chant..
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