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  2. The first post may very well be due for an update. I've been away from it for so long, I'll need recent examinees to please help me keep it updated. If you have suggested updates, please advise! Thanks.
  3. We currently have a vacancy for an Asset Management Authority at our site in Barrow-in-Furness. As an Asset Management Authority, you will provide governance of the Asset Management framework, systems and processes and be responsible for the overall governance of asset management across the Barrow site. This role will provide you with the opportunity to set up and develop Asset Management arrangements which will benefit the site and future business for the foreseeable future. Your main responsibilities as an Asset Management Authority will involve: Ensuring the asset management policy, strategy, objectives, processes and tools/templates are up-to-date and adding value to the business and consistent with the requirements of ISO55000 Developing, delivering and continually improving the asset assurance reporting systems and ensuring the integrity of the data for the assets across the Barrow site Collaborating with engineering design authority and other support functions review current asset management information and processes to drive improvement and standardisation in a structured and controlled manner Development of analysis of all data relating to asset management and optimising methods of assembling, storing, retrieving and publishing of asset related information via the asset information manager Developing and implementing the integrated asset management audit programme Creating a corrective & preventive action programme, using expert knowledge to analyse data and identify trends, quantify mitigating actions and drive corrective & preventive actions by pro-actively influencing managers across the business Maintaining current and accurate knowledge of the condition of the asset and its ability to meet the safety case, business needs and future obligations Your skills and qualifications as an Asset Management Authority: Essential: Knowledge of PAS 55 or ISO 55000 Maintenance, Project or Engineering background with experience and knowledge of Asset Management Demonstrable stakeholder management experience Desirable: Experience of delivery within a Nuclear Environment to relevant ONR License Conditions or similar highly regulated business Holds Chartered status What we're looking for in you: You will be resilient with good interpersonal skills and be able to build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. You will have excellent communication, change management and process confirmation skills which are key to this role. You’ll have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal with the ability to explain difficult technical subjects to non-specialists and other engineers. Location: Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria Salary: Competitive Benefits: Our employees receive an excellent benefits package which includes a competitive pension scheme, enhanced annual leave allowance and a Company contributed Share Incentive Plan. We also offer a range of additional benefits such as flexible working, an employee assistance programme, childcare vouchers, Cycle2work and many local and national employee discounts. Some employees may also be eligible for an annual incentive. Job link:
  4. Georgia will not issue a PE license if you plan on practicing anything structural related unless you've taken the 16 hr. Just got their rejection email last week. Took the SE this October....
  5. jean15paul_PE

    Predictive Text

    Is it possible to get a copy of the receipt for the reminder
  6. White cheddar popcorn oops, I mean SPAM
  7. Oh, yeah, Street Fighter. Apparently my knowledge from the 90's can't be trusted. Also, protector shield
  8. So not to muddy the waters but does the PAKS meeting review flagged and reported questions and determine the new "cut" score for a test session or is that a separate meeting? This new cut score I would assume is determined after all exams are scored therefore results could be finalized after the new cut score is determined?
  9. Same thing. (In this particular case)
  10. She said death, not cancer.
  11. Youre def gonna die. It was nice knowing you
  12. Sapphire reserve for everyday spend. But I've gotten sign up bonuses on multiple cards
  13. So an important one. Does it hurt to walk or pivot?
  14. Hey now, I love my crossfit. Jokes aside. I'm not a crossfit "disciple", but I enjoy it for very specific reasons. I hate doing cardio. The high intensity of a crossfit wod gives cardio benefits without "doing cardio". Related: I can get a full body workout in 14-20 minutes, vs the 1-2 hours I used to spend in the gym when I was just lifting. I love the large compound lift with free weights, much more than isolated lift and using machines. Regarding kipping. I 100% agree a kipping pull up is not a substitute for a strict pull up. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have value. It's just a different exercise. The kipping pull up really from the progression to bar muscle ups. But like I said, I'm not a crossfit disciple. I don't get into the whole competitive competitive side of it. And I have a great respect for traditional lifting. But I love that CrossFit gives me the workout that I need (and want).
  15. Thank you too Geo2019. I'm going to be focusing on Hiner and Reza. Appreciate the feedback
  16. Yeah. I’m enjoy a few beers tonight
  17. For the reduced expense ratio of 0.04 to 0.03, it is not worth the time and effort. Mutual funds and ETFs are fundamentally different in that ETFs are bought and sold like stock where you have to buy and sell in shares where a mutual fund has a price that is set at the end of each trading day, so you you can buy and sell fractions of shares. Vanguard has a decent breakdown on their website You cannot just convert them because they are fundamentally different things. I wouldn’t worry about trying to get into ETFs from your index funds with only that small of a difference. Those are some of the same index funds that I have as well. You could start to contribute to an equivalent ETF instead of the index fund going forward, but I wouldn’t worry about trying to make that transition. That is basically the advise that I have been able to discern from financial advisors online and the blogs, newsletters, and webinars from Vanguard that I have seen.
  18. Toe still throbbing. Feels like a bruise but i’m starting to wonder if I broke it.
  19. I'm supposed to be doing my expense reports. So far I made it to the beer fridge, the couch and now EB.
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