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  2. I found the easiest way to do this problem is to solve for the current and then use S = I x I* x Z to find the real and imaginary components of the power. So in this case the current is the difference between the voltages divided by the impedance, or I = (Va - Vb) / X. Substitute actual variables for I = (500<90 kV- 500 kV) / 50j = 10 + 10j kA. Then the total power is S = I x I* x Z, or S = (10 + 10j)(10 - 10j)(50j)(1000)(1000)= 10000j x 10^6 or 10000 MVAR. All power is imagary, and answer D.
  3. Safety against people who stand up the minute the plane lands.
  4. Why is csb wearing goggles?
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  6. Dleg

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  7. I am working on problem 531 and I personally do not agree with the NCEES answer. Help! The question is asking for the Var losses in a transmission line during the transfer. I used the equations I found to calculate the active power transmitted, done to simply verify that the system did in fact 5,000 MW from System A to System B, using the equation ONE below. Next I calculated the var losses using equation TWO below. Based on the equation to find vars transmitted from A to B I calculate Yet NCEES says the answer is (D) 10,000 MVARS. So what am I missing? It does not seem like we find the vars transmitted from System A to System B as well as from System B to System A which would double. I say this because the problem states 5,000 MW transmitted from A to B. Any help is greatly appreciated. FYI-> I just found a similar equation to the one I used on the NERC website and I would hope they get it correct.
  8. Oh, sorry. CSB needs to have a whisky then. Apparently I should pour myself one right now as well.
  9. I'd still be happier with whisky.
  10. wait, i do look happy. because i'm the blonde with the boob on someone's head. there's even a key plan.
  11. TJ doesn't look happy in that pic. She would be happy if she was holding a whisky though.
  12. txjennah

    WR&E Test / Studying Anxiety

    Hey there! I'm where you're at hours wise and also feeling pretty sick of studying. IMO, I don't see much value studying when I'm mentally drained, so if you need a break, take it. But I do think it's important to do a little every day. Like others have said, if you find yourself feeling drained, cut your session short (maybe spend just 15-30 minutes) and see how many problems you can work on. Or mix up the material. You'll be surprised that if you keep your sessions shorter, you may feel more energized. From someone who has unfortunately taken this test more than once, I personally don't see a ton of value getting a review course this late in the game. I got a review course 5 weeks out the first test attempt and then used that as my primary means of studying...it got me close but wasn't enough to pass. My issue was I relied on watching the videos as a primary way of studying and ran out of time to do problems. I think as long as you work through as many problems as you can, including problems in the practice exams, then you'll be okay. Best of luck.
  13. csb

    PROWAG For OCT 18 Exam

    I anticipate that you should be familiar with this: https://www.access-board.gov/guidelines-and-standards/streets-sidewalks/public-rights-of-way/proposed-rights-of-way-guidelines/chapter-r3-technical-requirements
  14. csb

    WR&E Test / Studying Anxiety

    Switch up what you're doing to study. For instance, if you've been just working problems, switch over to tabbing references or reading through them. Also, it's okay to take a week off.
  15. That book is great. Highly recommended.
  16. Is this like when you have the dental hygienist brushing her boobs over you while she is cleaning your teeth? And no its not the one that you wish was doing that, she is normally in the dental "stall" next to mine #hatethedentist
  17. I have been using the unit conversions book by Lindeburg while studying. It has been very useful while working problems and a time saver.
  18. leggo PE

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because I got the money to fix my bike! And to contribute to a new bike!
  19. leggo PE

    Horse is to stable

  20. leggo PE

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    We engineers really like to count with pictures, but not play other games so much.
  21. leggo PE

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    I didn't know you could do partial picks. I'm impressed you ended up with just one point, RG!
  22. You guys have had some terrible plane experiences. One standout plane experience I had was one time, this guy and girl and I (all strangers) were sharing a row together. We got along really well and exchanged emails at the end of the flight (I'm not sure why we didn't exchange phone numbers? This was a while ago, maybe before smart phones were the norm). Anyway, needless to say, I never talked to either of them again... But like six months after the flight, I got a weird email from some chick who was freaking out at me because she had found a piece of paper with my name and email address on it in her boyfriend's things. She wanted to know who the heck I was, accused me of hooking up with her guy (clearly, she had trust issues), and wanted to know why she had found my info in her boyfriend's stuff. I didn't respond to her, and by then, had lost the guy's info, so couldn't even let him know.
  23. thank you for enhancing my ...life.
  24. Dang it! I forgot to add...arm on each seat and boobs on my head. Those were not complete instructions.
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