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  3. I loved the book trilogy. The show, "not so much". I am already disappointed.
  4. We've watched two decent series on netflix recently: Mystery Science Theater 3000: this latest season (produced by Netflix) is pretty fun. My son especially appreciated the first bad movie, Mac & Me, which I agree was so terrible as to be actually very entertaining. Some of the other flicks are less enjoyably bad. Ken Burn's The Civil War: remastered for HD. This is a really great documentary, which I don't think I had seen since it first came out in 1990 and I was still in college. It's truly shocking to contemplate the scale of the carnage that was acceptable at that time. Thousands dead and wounded at any given battle. That politics could lead to such waste of American lives and resources is a sobering thought these days, with people becoming more and more entrenched in their personal convictions of what America should be. This should be required viewing for everyone this year.
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  6. CAPLS

    My take on PE Surveying. Anybody agree?

    To answer your question the most simple way possible...the California Board provides this exam because 1) the laws require the California Board to do that; and 2), Section 6755.1(b) states that the examination "...shall also include questions to test the applicant's knowledge of seismic principles and engineering surveying principles as defined in Section 6731.1." Section 6731.1 of the Professional Engineer's Act defines what 'surveying' a licensed civil engineer is allowed to practice or offer to practice. Whether that civil engineer actually practices that is not the point. The fact that you are allowed to, is the point. Since the licensed civil engineer is allowed to practice this, that licensee must demonstrate sufficient competency in doing so, all in the name of protecting the public. And for these latter facts, it is assumed that the candidates for licensure as a civil engineer already know how to perform these activities, not simply that it is something one would read up on. If anyone wishes to eliminate this requirement, it's quite simple to resolve. Just lobby a member of the California Legislature to author a bill to remove that requirement. In the meantime, I would recommend that you review the reference list (already posted by someone else) and the test plan specifications for this specific exam which can be found at https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/applicants/plan_civsurvey.pdf
  7. Fissy

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Due to December holidays and several applications received by TBPE, administrative review took 38 days from the date I submitted application. Technical review was just 2 days.
  8. CAPLS

    Reference Form

    Part B, the portion completed by the designated reference, can be handwritten by the reference.
  9. E720

    Selling Civil & Civil Structural Textbooks

  10. Dleg

    Movie thread

    We watched "The Other Guys" on Prime last night. 2010 cop-buddy movie with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Not sure how I missed this one when it originally came out. Pretty funny, and I often can't stand Will Ferrell. The final scene with The Rock and Samuel L Jackson was freaking hilarious.
  11. I recently got placed in a position in my company to help build a Hazardous Location Program through the certification of one product. We are seeking IEC, ATEX, UL, CSA certifications for dust environments. We are new to HazLoc and do not have a program, and when I joined the project, we didn't even have an Accountable representative-- and now I'm that person! I want to be sure we devise our certification documents such that: 1. the product is safe, 2. minimize re-certification fees/costs in the future of the product. Does anyone have experience in developing HazLoc products or Certifying for HazLoc environments and would like to connect?
  12. Snow

    CBT prep

    I'm studying for the CBT exam in spring. This is my third try I have a previous edition of the PE reference manual. I've compared with the newer version and it didn't look much different. If I were you, I would purchase the previous edition to save some money. If you can't bring it in to the exam, I don't think it'll make any difference, but you do want to study with it.
  13. TX HookEM

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Congrats! How long did it take from when everything turned green on the TBPE website before everything was finalized and released?
  14. Fissy

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    It's finally official, waited 40 days to have my Texas PE license # released today... what a rewarding journey!
  15. chino

    CA License Watch Oct. 2018

    Going on 45 days with no number assigned yet... Has anyone else gotten their number beside @santimeng ?
  16. eatsleep

    Organizing Practice exams

    This sounds like a great idea, thanks for sharing
  17. onemanwolfpack

    Passing Lateral without Course

    I had something similar for the Vertical, but do you think this is needed for the Lateral? Whoops sorry, forgot what thread I was in! No, not necessary for the Lateral. If I recall, David Connor's Lateral review book has a page that lists out all of the chapters/sections of AASHTO that have seismic provisions. I found that to be pretty helpful as a quick little reference, instead of looking through every chapter's table of contents.
  18. Coastal Engineer

    Late Bloomer Questions

    I was in a similar position having graduated in 1994 and waiting until 2011 to take my mechanical PE exam. Average student in school, and I took the machine design and materials test. The practice exam from the NCEES was most helpful (to me) in pointing out where I needed to study. I did thumb through the MERM and practice problems in those areas that I knew I was likely weak (like thermos) just in case the morning portion of the test had some HVAC or other long forgotten problem types. I passed first try with what I would characterize as 8 hours of study each weekend for 3 months because I also had a family life to balance out with work. I don't think you'll be at a serious disadvantage in waiting so long to take the test (I don't feel like I was) and the only real challenge I found was finding time to study. For the books I took: * Mechanical Engineering Design: Shigley & Mischke * Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics: Moran & Shapiro * Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery: Mabie & Reinholtz * Materials Science and Engineering (An Introduction): Callister Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics: Munson, Young, Okiishi Durco Pump Engineering Manual MERM * - what I actually used in the test Good luck.
  19. Jbone27 PE

    Movie thread

    Agree 100%. Loved the book. Movie doesn't do it justice. The book had some really cool 80's nostalgia and the characters seemed to appreciate it. Movie they were just in it for the contest. Kinda took the fun out of it for me.
  20. Dexman PE PMP

    Movie thread

    Congo by Michael Crichton back in the 90's. Amazing book, atrocious movie.
  21. Mech_Engineer

    MEP engineering mentors

    Good day, everyone. I'm checking to see if there are any mechanical P.E.'s out there that have ever been mentored/trained on a part-time basis to learn a new engineering skill set. I'm particularly interested in learning and gaining working knowledge in MEP engineering, but I'd want to do it on the side of my full-time job. I'm just curious to see how your experience was, and the process you took to find a mentor. This board is filled with knowledgeable folks, so I thought I'd ask here. I've got an interest in this type of work, but do not have competent, professional experience to offer any type of side consulting. I'm willing to learn and help a current consultant. Of course, I wouldn't expect any compensation for this. I'm located in the West Houston/Katy, TX area. My experience is in the oil and gas compression industry. Interested to hear from anyone who has done this!
  22. LACO48

    Passing Lateral without Course

    I had something similar for the Vertical, but do you think this is needed for the Lateral? Does the Hiner book cover different materials as well? How did you study for material specific Lateral problems?
  23. update: Silicon valley, definitely recommend
  24. JDG Engineer

    Need Construction PE Exam Reference Material

    OSHA and MUTCD can be downloaded for free: (you have to pay for printing out but cheaper than buying): https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=01d7003cf9f9b3cbc2faf2689a5742d7&mc=true&node=pt29.5.1903&rgn=div5 https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/ECFR?page=browse Another option is if you have access to a college library, find an older edition of standard copy data tables.
  25. Binge watching Schitts Creek. Pretty funny.
  26. a4u2fear

    Organizing Practice exams

    Here's what I did the second time I took the exam that I thought worked really well. For both exams, I had a cheat sheet, but I also had highlighted problems in practice exams that I wanted to study and stick out during the exam. But after studying for two exams, I found things that I was so so on the first exam, I knew now. So here's what I did, I went through each practice exam, i.e. say Complex Imaginary, and I went through each and every problem and if I thought I may need it during the exam, I made a list in Microsoft Excel and put what page it was on and what type of question it was. I printed this and put it on the cover of every large book. This way I could reference tha tlist and save myself from scanning through the entire book for that one question.
  27. Titleistguy

    Passing Lateral without Course

    Hiner book + SEAOC vol1. All you need for seismic analysis.
  28. akwooly

    Flu season - who's catching?

    I get a flu shot every year and i have gotten the flu twice, once last year and another about eight years ago. both times they were very "late"in the flu season, May and April.
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