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  3. NCEES (version 2018) #122

    Hi @rg1.. Average power made sense when I read it, but I got stuck while solving it. As you had mentioned, The first one will be (25 * 15mins)/ 15mins = 25 ; ((25 +50)*15mins)/30mins =37.5 ; ((50+75-50)*15mins)/ 45mins = ? so i am not getting the desired 62.5; neither 50 ((50 *15)/60). What is it that I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. HVAC&R Practice Problem of the week

  5. MD&M practice problem of the week

    (A) for the buckling problem.
  6. HVAC&R Practice Problem of the week

    Refrigeration Capacity + Power Input = Condenser Heat Of Rejection. 39.1 MBH + 3.22kW x 3412 btu/hr/kW / 1000 btu/hr/MBH = 50.1 MBH (C)
  7. For Test Takers PE Mechanical TFS April 2018

    Nice! Yes we still have lots of time! I just finished my 3rd pass on SlayPE, I finished with about 5hrs, I think thats the fastest I can do with that material. Now currently working on MERM companion again for second pass. Then will repeat all material until Apr. 11! Also now I am summarizing my cheat sheet and giving final touch on tabbing MERM.
  8. For Test Takers PE Mechanical TFS April 2018

    I have a pretty neat update. I completed my first mock NCEES Practice Exam 4 hour - 4 hours today. I completed the morning with a junk ton of time left and only missed 5 questions I completed the afternoon with about 10 minutes to spare (that included writing my letter answers on a separate piece of paper) and missed 13 I know 77.5% is hardly anything to brag about, but considering this was a virgin exam, my MERM only has tabbed appendices, and we have about 3 weeks to go, I think I am in a good spot.
  9. thanks, I thought this forum was moved somewhere else.
  10. MD&M practice problem of the week

    Happy Thursday. Here's the problem of the week; SPOILER ALERT: Try to solve it before scrolling down and reading the discussion.
  11. TFS practice problem of the week...

  12. TFS practice problem of the week...

    I got D.
  13. Yesterday
  14. HVAC&R Practice Problem of the week

    Happy Thursday. Here's this week's problem: SPOILER ALERT: Try to solve it before scrolling down and reading the discussion. The manufacturer table shown below present gross compressor refrigeration capacity (qr) in thousands of Btu/hr (MBtu/hr), the required input power (kW), and the refrigerant mass flow rate (mr) for a hermetic scroll compressor with R-22 refrigerant. A refrigeration system with an evaporating temperature of 40°F and condensing temperature of 120°F uses this compressor. Additionally, there is a 20°F compressor suction superheat and a 15°F liquid subcooling at the condenser discharge. Assuming 100% efficiency for the motor and compressor, the heat rejected at the condenser (MBtu/hr) is most nearly: (A) 39.1 (B) 42.3 (C) 50.1 (D) 75.2
  15. TFS practice problem of the week...

    Happy Thursday, all. Here is your problem for the week: A venturi meter is installed in a 2-in diameter, schedule 40 steel pipe (ID = 2.067 in). The fluid in the pipe is ambient temperature No. 4 fuel oil with a specific gravity SG=0.85. The meter is provided with a U-tube manometer. From past experience with this meter, it is known that for a manometer fluid height h of 8 inches, the oil flow rate is 400 gallons per minute. The average fluid velocity (ft/min) in the pipe just upstream of the meter when the height h is 4 inches is most nearly: (A) 27 (B) 283 (C) 1,225 (D) 1,623
  16. I would appreciate it if somebody could help me with these two problems from the NCEES practice exam. Thanks. PE Problems.pdf
  17. I'd click on "Details" first.
  18. This is why I do all my sexting on LinkedIn

    Can't decide if I should accept this one?
  19. EB Cycling Club

    Found it.
  20. EB Cycling Club

    Can't find my pic of me at the top of Independence, but here's a pic of my bike at the top of McClure Pass, just outside of Carbondale.
  21. NCEES (version 2018) #122

    Even I assumed the area under the curve. Thanks for correcting.
  22. NCEES (version 2018) #122

    Thanks a lot, this made sense.
  23. MERM appendix

    Hello, if this post is still active, I'd greatly appreciate someone sending me a copy as well: tinazhang0330@gmail.com thank you!!
  24. EB Cycling Club

    I'd like to see FLBuffs - probably 12,500' or more? Can't recall what independence pass is... My highest elevation is corona pass (11,500') That's more of a mountain bike trail but it would make for a great EB.com ride one day- just need someone to pick us up from winter park.....
  25. I took the WRE twice. The second time I took the test seemed a lot easier than the first time even though more people passed the first test I took. I had a much better grasp of the material and knew what to expect during the test.
  26. Study Group for April PE Exam

    I would be on board for an HVAC group review
  27. Heat transfer - Thermal Conductivity Values

    The MERM (13ed) has a small list of k values at 32F in the appendix, A-110. There’s also some insulation-specific k values for varying temps on 34-11. It’s been enough to get me through any practice questions, though I’m sure there are more comprehensive lists out there.
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