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  2. ASHRAE Superheated tables

    i was working on the PPI practice book and it has a solution that simply goes "using super heated table for ammonia.." where is this table? MERM does not have it. And i could not find it on the ASHRAE books (i have all four) any help?
  3. Horse is to stable

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  5. NYS PE Application

    I have been working at one of the architecture/engineering design firms. There are PE around who I work with but my direct supervisor is in architecture. I do engineering for the firm but that is just the organization for the AE firms. Should I ask a PE who is not my supervisor or my supervisor who is not an engineer to endorse me?
  6. NCEES 2016 pro 119

    Thank you again for your help
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  8. Horse is to stable

  9. Ive got $10 on pencil is gonna be black. I have no statistics on it. Just a gut feeling and a picture that popped into my head while doing practice problems. Who's in? If you loose you donate to the boards. Oh yeah..... Im a gambler!!!
  10. Horse is to stable

  11. Horse is to stable

  12. Linked Words Game

    Pedro soccer
  13. Horse is to stable

  14. NCEES 2016 pro 119

    Yes, the sum of friction and minor losses would have to be the same.
  15. Livescan only works in the state in which the entity that requires it resides. This is because the fingerprints are transmitted to that state's Department of Justice and local FBI office for processing and reporting. Going to a LIvescan center outside of California would result in the fingerprints being sent to that state and not California. That is why the hardcopy cards are available. However, processing of the cards can be more time consuming since those are mailed to the applicant, mailed by to BPELSG before delivered to the DOJ/FBI. Nothing that BPELSG can do in regards to DOJ/FBI requirements.
  16. One Week (+1 day) left

    Skip Waffle House the morning of the test. I could not sleep and went their for a hearty meal. Scattered, Smothered, and Covered with 2 pots of coffee was not a wise decision. Eat what you normally eat for breakfast and don't drink more coffee than you are usually drink.
  17. One Week (+1 day) left

    Ladies and gents, take the test serious. It will kick your butt... Fight back, you will prevail
  18. Happy Birthday Ble

    I hope that you simply...had a...wonderful birthday time!
  19. NCEES 2016 pro 119

    Thanks. The head loss in each breach is same. Am I right?
  20. Masonry Pilaster

    Actually for anything masonry NCMA has a lot of great resources: http://ncma-br.org/e-tek-nbs.asp Scroll down on that page to 14-18, and each one has a bunch of pdf guides on different topics.
  21. Masonry Pilaster

    Try these: http://www.ncma-br.org/pdfs/5/TEK 17-04B.pdf https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwij5reGlYDXAhWs5IMKHRgCBukQFgg2MAU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.masonryconstruction.com%2F_view-object%3Fid%3D00000154-2555-db06-a1fe-775dec180000&usg=AOvVaw0fKgauX3vAVrbFiiM__uif
  22. What would you do the last week before the exam?

    Same as what everyone else said above, do your last practice test and problems this weekend and the first few days of the week then give yourself time to unwind and decompress before the exam - you want to walk in with a clear head. I also agree with TehMightyEngineer, take notes in case you don't pass. I did fine on PE and SE Vert. but SE Lat took me two tries and having the notes I took right after the first try made studying for the 2nd attempt much easier - remember they are 6 months or more apart and you aren't likely to remember the previous test as well. One last tip - when you do the morning section run through the exam and do all the problems you know right away first, skipping anything you are at all unsure of, then go back through and do the ones where you had some idea. Rinse and repeat with the ones you have no clue on (hopefully not many) last. This maximizes your time on the ones where you have a better shot at the questions. 2nd last tip - when you get the afternoon exam, before you start really working the problems write out a step by step outline procedure for how you are going to solve the problem. That way even if you run out of time the grader can give you partial credit, and it helps organize your thoughts. Not saying everyone equation, just a bullet list of the big aspects.
  23. Truth of the matter is...

    TOTM is it was a secret that it wasn't a secret!!!
  24. NCEES 2016 pro. 537 (TFS)

    In my experience, it's best to be as accurate as you can quickly because error can add up quickly.
  25. PE Exam References - Transportation

    You don't really need the HSM. If you can get a copy of it from someone and just get the Crash Modification Factors, then you're set. Definitely recommend getting the Roadside Design Guide. Practice using the reference materials (HCM, Greenbook, Roadside Design Guide, Pedestrian to Facilities, MUTCD).
  26. I need an engineer to interview for my POE project

    I'm actually not sure what it stands for myself, but I'm lead to believe it stands for Principles of Engineering.
  27. I need an engineer to interview for my POE project

    Huh? What? My internet connection is breaking up, come again? Huh? What was that? I didn't quite get that. Poor connection...... breaking....... up...... Ok. Even though I have no idea what a POE is, I'll sign up.
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